Written by franknan

13 Jun 2010

What an Evening – PART 3

The hot tub had left her skin receptive to the oils he applied with care and understanding, knowing by now her likes and dislikes, and what turned her on. She purred like a kitten as he massaged her buttocks, and she flinched as his fingers teased her more intimate parts, just enough to prepared her for undoubted pleasures to follow. She slowly drifted in and out of perfect relaxation as his hands glided over her body. On turning she couldn’t wait for him to arouse her as he had done so many times before. But each time she expected his hands to arouse her; he found other parts of her body to explore.

She mumbled in submission as he eventually found her breasts and kneaded them expertly until her nipples begged for his lips. Knowingly, he rolled first one and then the other, his tongue crushing her exquisitely against the roof of his mouth. Her limbs strained and her toes began to twitch like a divining rod, anticipating boundless pleasures. Not disappointed, she felt his hand sliding downwards towards her treasure, tantalisingly close but frustratingly far. She raised her hips to unite with his fingers but the teasing went on, missing, fleetingly glancing. As her buttocks lowered to the couch he drew his fingers lightly across her vaginal portals, how could he not notice the juices moistening and gleaming on her lips; how could he miss those murmurs of approval as she anticipated the promised assault on her jewel.

His fingers probed and searched, sending her whole body into exquisite convulsion. Her arousal was in need of attention so that her smouldering could be transformed into a raging inferno. She felt the warmth of his breath momentarily before his tongue flicked, her hands fought their way downwards and stretched her clammy folds to liberate what they both needed. Like a volcano waiting to emit its hidden rewards her swollen clitty emerged proudly boasting ‘look at me, here I am.’ Like a hawk he pounced, his lips engulfing her maidenhead. He savagely set about her demise showing little mercy nor clemency.

Her scream was music to his ears! ‘No, no!’ she begged, (repositioning her pussy so he didn’t lose the contact) and the volume of her pleasure intensified with every moment. Whimpers became drawn out moans; her breathing became heavy and guttural and her hips began to writhe beneath the welcome onslaught. She tried to close her thighs and free her clitty, but his focus was now magnetic and he had no intention of letting her ardour diminish. In spite of her pleading for respite, he drove his hand between her thighs, searching with first one then more , then driving his fingers deeper and upwards, searching for her most sensitive spot , whilst his lips and teeth relentlessly tore at her button.

Her moans and cries built to a crescendo as her whole body twisted and thrashed unremitting, hands first clenched, then clutched to her face, as she drifted into sheer abandon. She begged for an end, and an end it was that soon engulfed her desire. Her body stiffened, arched and her thighs left the couch almost breaking his rhythmic probing, as she experienced an orgasm, the likes of which she had never before. With a shriek which resounded from the echoing walls, her whole being exploded with shattering effect , a climax which shook her like a rag doll, made her eyes roll and made her feel as though her inside was being ripped out . The volcano had indeed erupted and her juices spurted like a fountain of desire. Expertly he collected them in his mouth, sweet, warm and musky, leaving other to bathe his face and her straining thighs.

Finally, she lay limply in his arms, whispering in his ear, ‘Thank you darling, now take me upstairs!’