Written by franknan

15 Jun 2010

What an Evening – Part 4

We followed her upstairs, eyes focused on her naked rear which swayed invitingly and enticingly, as she led the way into the bedroom.

Tossing her onto the bed, his lips engulfed her pussy almost before her gorgeous arse had touched the bed clothes. She bucked wildly as he found what he was looking for. Sucking greedily, he sent her into raptures, so aroused that he found it difficult to maintain contact with a target which danced uncontrollably as her hips swivelled ceaselessly to the rhythm of her passion, preventing him from holding her legs steady and apart.

‘Keep your legs still he ordered!’ ‘Keep them still or we will tie you down!’ he snapped. She only laughed and said, ‘You daren’t, I wouldn’t let you!’ What she hadn’t realised was that this had been planned and whether she hadn’t noticed, or hadn’t cared, bonds had already been attached to the bed posts. Despite her many protests, she was powerless as we held her down, attaching first one and then a second until all four limbs were stretched akimbo.

Tightening each strap in turn he gazed down at her. ‘Now you are for it, you naughty girl.’ he smirked. ‘Now I’ll teach you not to misbehave.’ The camera wobbled in my trembling hands, this promised to be a night to remember?

With a snarl he fell upon her open thighs, and pressed his tongue flat against her unprotected pulse. Escape was impossible, for now he was in charge with radar like accuracy; she wasn’t going to escape him this time. She bit her lip and squirmed, still desperately trying to avoid his attention, but slowly she succumbed as the pleasure intensified. The tempo increased and she cried with frustration, struggling helplessly at her bonds, before accepting her punishment like a lady in need. His rhythm was soon matched by hers as her hips began to rise and fall.His hands had stretched up and found her pert nipples which now rolled pitilessly in his fingers. As he sucked, and tugged and twisted, ecstatic tingling sensations ravished her whole being. Her vocal protestations had now subsided, and were replaced by sighs and squeals of enjoyment.

Overtaken by a growing desire for more, and with almost breathless abandon she whispered, ’Oh yes!’ over and over again. ‘Don’t stop.’ ‘Please don’t stop.’ Stop he didn’t, he had no intentions to and as I took over the control of her breasts,his fingers moved down and round to her tight little arse which was now drenched in pussy juice which were flowing copiously . Momentarily she froze! Usually she would resist his teasing with even a finger, but this time he couldn’t believe it, was she really encouraging him to go further? Plans were definitely on track so far.

‘May I?’ he implored, but whatever she replied she had little chance of escaping his intentions. She didn’t answer in words, but her actions were clear, she was up for it. His tongue still lapped furiously as first one, and then two fingers invaded her privacy. As he lapped he could feel the pressure of his fingers inside her, pressing upwards against his face. Her anus had always been forbidden territory, yet she appeared so ready at the prospect of what might be. Her cavity was so moist and so receptive that the lubrication which I had passed him made the possibility more of inevitability. His fingers twisted and explored stretching her little by little as I held by breath at the prospect of a rear entry. Was she about to lose her ‘virginity’?

‘Untie my legs please,’ she pleaded. ‘I can’t relax!’ Agreeing, I slipped the Velcro ties on her wrists and legs so she could squirm more freely as ever new sensations invaded her modesty, her buttocks wriggling as his pace became more frenzied. She spread her legs widely to enable him to thrust effortlessly.

We had now reached the moment of which we had often fantasised in her absence, and often disregarded due to his size, ideal to satisfy her insatiability, but not for this more delicate manoeuvre. We both respected her pain threshold, but perhaps the drinks beforehand could be working to our advantage? We had agreed that she need stretching ever so gradually whilst she was highly aroused. She gasped as he removed his fingers and couldn’t hide her disappointment as the pressure relented, only to find them replace by a slender vibrator, narrow at the tip but widening purposefully along its length. Before she could protest, his lips had been replaced by his massive cock, which slid its length with ease as she cooed with pleasure. Raising her legs to his shoulders his piston commenced its well rehearsed motion . Each time he withdrew, she noticeably moved her cunt to envelop him.

I held the vibrator none-threateningly against her anus before, as the vibrator gently began to whirr, I slipped it a little further with each of his powerful thrusts. I mustn’t blow this chance for which we had waited so long. He had lubricated her well, and on each thrust I sprayed the toy anaesthetically hoping to achieve our wicked fantasy. Now stretched to its natural limits I rotated it reassuringly, winding up her ardour as her natural and artificial lubricants gurgling like a whirlpool.

In the meanwhile his incessant pounding heightened her arousal and she bent her knees to her chest exposing all. In one slick movement, the toy was removed and his cock withdrew to tease yet another warm cavity. She didn’t resist as he moved closer so that there was very little between his twitching cock and her prohibited passage. He couldn’t be wrong , was she really allow him to explore her further? He paused only to rub his inflated knob against her tight opening ,whilst she still she held herself available, as though resigned to sharing her guarded possession. Applying gentle pressure, he advanced little by little, spreading her lubricated aperture.

She sobbed as he as he reached the restricting muscle and he paused wondering how to proceed, for this was also something new to him. The pause seemed like an eternity as he throbbed at the entrance to her rear passage., each throb sending a message to every nerve in her body. Shall we stop he asked? Time stood still until...with a shriek of pain she bore down on him, completely swallowing his eager manhood. The initial pain was excruciating but soon the pain was being numbed by an avid curiosity to experience somthing new.

For a few moments they then remained motionless except for her shuddering as each involuntary movement added to their latest experience. ‘Fuck me,’ she whispered, ‘Fuck my arse whilst you have the chance!’ ‘But carefully.’ Her pain was now overcome by an unexpected passin and she was was wracked with an overwhelming desire. Compassionately he initiated the motion which she knew so well, but never there. As their movement intensified her arse strained eagerly to meet each thrust and he felt her tighten on his cock as she arched her back. At last he could not contain himself any longer and began to drive deeper. She yelped with pain , and her cries echoed in our ears before purring like a contented kitten; shrieked then gurgled with excitement as his rod throbbed inside her and his balls slapped like a piston against her arse.

‘I am ready to cum.’ He confessed, hardly able to hold himself back.

’No not yet,’ she begged, ‘wait for me please’

Stretching down , she begn to rub he clitty frantically. Her thighs tossed and twirled, coilded and controted; legs lashed against his body, each movement renewing his excitement as he lodged firmly in her gorgeous hole .

‘Now,’ she screamed. ‘Nowwwww!’ .

She twitched madly as he focused all his energy on but one purpose. She thought he would split her apart as he pounded ruthlessly, his huge manhood searchin upwards and his girth spreading her wider eager to engulf his balls as well.

Climaxing together. Their bodies shook wildly, her pussy poured relentlessly and his body convulsed as his balls emptied inside her. He had never experienced such fulfilment and with every pulse her buttocks rose off the bed, and she voiced her approval befor crashing back to the bed fully spent. She slurped as he withdrew fully; and he smiled as he watched their sperms trickling down her cheeks. They collapsed , exhausted in each other’s arms ; what a delight, and what promise for the future.