Written by Nellies

29 Mar 2011

This is a story about how my wife went dogging alone and got well and truly sorted out.

We had spoken for quite some time about my wife getting fucked without me there and coming home to tell me all about it but she was never up for going out dogging and meeting a stranger. She had got talking to a bloke on a swinging site and we had expressed interest in meeting as a threesome or four some with his partner. While at work one evening she texted me to say she was horny and what would i like to do? We arranged to go dogging and she would pick me up from work. I was so turned on thinking about what would happen all evening that the end of my shift just couldn`t come quick enough.

She picked me up and to my surprise she suggested meeting this man alone so she would drop me off and i could wait for her. I was nervoous but said ok and let her go off . After what seemed like hours of wondering what might be happening she returned and i was eager to hear all the details.

When she met up with him she was nervous but they got chatting and slowly began to get closer before kissing. He ran his hands over her body feeling her gorgeous big tits through the sexy little black dress she had on. Running his hand up her thigh he found no knickers and a sopping wet pussy which he started to finger . After a short while the mrs was eager to feel his cock so she undid his trousers and released it before bending to take him in her mouth. Sucking hard on his shaft he was in heaven but he wanted to fuck her so he turned her round and lent her against the car before entering her from behind and fucking her hard and fast until he shot his hot load up her waiting pussy.

There is more to tell but i`ll wait and see what reaction i get before ending the story.