Written by 007cfc

29 Jul 2016

The wifes 3rd adventure came in two parts.

She got to know a guy online, and we agreed that I would take her to him.

We had coffee, and then he took my wife upstairs to his bed.

I was sitting directly below them, and it wasn't long before I could here bed springs and headboards banging, what a strangely horny feeling sitting in a guys house, watching his tv, with the sound of him fucking my wife just above me!

We will cut this story dead, as he also lost the ability to perform!.

We chatted for a week or so , and agreed to meet again, only this time as ac3some (yay!).

We drove to him, and upon arrival,we sat my wife in the middle of us on the sofa.

I encouraged them to kiss,which didn't take long to see him with his tongue in my wife's mouth, and his hand feeling her tits.

At a loose end, I undid her belt, unzipped her jeans, and pulled her jeans and knickers down just enough to reveal her shaven cunt and clit.

I just pulled her knickers to one side and used my fingers to spread her cunt lips.

He soon noticed this and his hand quickly found her cunt.

What a site to see his tongue in her mouth and his fingers sliding between her cunt lips.

We soon found ourself naked and standing in his bedroom, him in front, me behind, with my wife grinning as she held both cocks.

I can't remember how, but my wife was soon on her back in his bed( I remember thinking " so this is where he fucked you first time").

He set about spreading her legs to eat her cunt, so I guided my cock into her mouth and enjoyed the site( remember I'd never seen her with another man).

Before too long he was moving up and guiding his cock into my wife's cunt, and he started to fuck her.

I was mesmerised to see another mans cock thrusting balls deep into my wife.

He then out her legs over his shoulders and started to fuck her so hard, every thrust pushing her body 4/5 inches up the bed, and making her head knock against the headboard.

I was a bit panicky at this point,he was slamming into my wife with such force, fucking her like some cheap slut he had dragged home from the pub!

I asked her if she was ok, to which she managed to get out a ' yes', so I just stood there watching him fuck her like a good little slut, watching each thrust of his cock slam into her spread open cunt.

We moved her on all 4s, I went first at fucking her from behind, whilst watching him with his both hands holding her head as he fucked her mouth.

We then swapped , so I had a great view of him gripping her arse cheeks as his cock ploughed in and out of her cunt.

He then gripped her arse tight , let out an almighty groan , and shot his load of cum deep inside her cunt.

She was soon in her knees , probably not sure what to do about his cum inside her,,but I soon put her on her back, and as I was about to enter her she said" Hun!, you do know he just came inside me!"... I smiled and shoved my cock balls deep inside her and just fucked her, with the other guy giving it " yeah, fuck her, fuck the slut, fill her up dude!".

God she felt great, I'd never tried seconds before, but she felt hot, wet , silky smooth,and already well fucked!, I didn't take long to pump a second load in her!.

We lay chatting for a few minutes, then I told them I'd go for a smoke whilst they got dressed etc,

I walked up the stairs after the ciggy, but I was pretty shocked as I got near the doorway to find my wife on top of him , with a clear view of her slamming her cunt up and down his hard cock, with both our cum dripping out of her , and covering his cock.

I didn't really know what to do, I was spent,so I waited downstairs until they finished fucking.

It was a 30 mile drive home, so we had lots of time to relive it all, even unzipping her to finger her still cum filled cunt, I had to make sure that really did just happen, as after the event it all feels like a dream , and a little sad that such a great experience is already consigned to history.