Written by pnw

14 Jul 2014

my wife and i got a invite for a meal n night out with a old friend{well he used to live next to us}we had not seen him in ages..i told my wife to go as she knew him better..so the friday night came and she looked hot a low cut top just covering her 36dd tits and a very short skirt..if she bent over u got a very good eye full..i ordered a taxi for her to go have a good time and catch up..taxi came and off she went about 8pm..nothing was planned for sex or anything..every so often i got a text saying things were good meal great and catching up with him was good..as the time was gettin on i texted her asking when she would be home as she was up early for work..about midnight i got a reply wont be long and she was very horny..still nothing to say she had had fun so fort nothing off it..well about 1am i was laid in bed and in she came alittle flushed in the face and no thongs on..i asked if she enjoyed her night and she replyed just wait n see..she got undressed ad laid next to me havin a cuddle and now and then feelin my cock..this is what i was told by her...

she enjoyed the meal had a great time and about 10 ish they left and headed to his place..they had afew drinks and the chat turned to sex talk..she said to me her pussy was wet and she wanted to fuck..anyway he started rubbing her leg and they shared a long kiss both his hands were all over her tits and her hand strokeing his hard cock in his pants..after a while he sat on the floor and moved her to the egde off the sofa removed her damp thongs and started to finger n lick her wet pussy both his fingers and tongue doin a great job making her even wetter till she screamed out and creamed his fingers..he stood up and she undid his pants and his hard cock was bout 8inches very thick rubbing and sucking for awhile teaseing the tip and slowly taking all in her mouth...then her started rubbing his cock on her clit which she truely loves till he thrusted hard and in one go she took the lot..his thrustin got faster and harder she moaned n screamed loving it this went on about 15 mins...then he told her to get on all fours on the floor..he got behind and fucked her harder n harder till she could take no more she told me she came hard but he carried on thrusting he started getting very fast till the moaned n let out a big grunt and he started filling her pussy up with alot off spunk very thick and creamy..they cleaned up chatted and he dropped her off...

hearing this i was rock hard she climbed on top and started to fuck her pussy was very wet very sticky but i wasnt complaining we fucked hard like this about 30mins her cummin 3 times then i let out a loud grunt and added my spunk into her already used pussy...she loved the whole night kissed me and we fell asleep.. we woke up by texts sayin thanks for a great night in n out...she thanked me for not getting mad which i never do cos i love her cummin home filled up when shes out alone.