Written by lovelycpl

4 Feb 2007

hi sexy thought i would send u this ,wen we got into the room the other night he started taking his shirt off ,so stepped upto him and started to undo his belt kissing each other all the time god my juices started flowing then ,i undid his trousers and slipped my hand inside them stroking his cock through his shorts he was hard already which got me flowing some more,we layed on the bed and he took them off all together.we layed together kissing exploring each others mouths with our tongues licking each other mmmmmmmm very nice he slipped his finger between my moist lips and felt how wet i was he groaned with pleasure as his finger slipped inside and so did i it felt beautiful he started to suck on my nipples calling me a dirty horny bitch as he did this , then told me he wanted to suck my wet pussy so we swapped positions and i took his cock into my mouth as he licked and sucked my hot pussy fukinhell it was very nice to feel his probing tongue darting in and out of my hot juices mmmmmmmmm,eventuall he turned me over and slipped his hard cock into me i groaned with welcomed pleasure as he lifted my legs up and fucked me hard making me groan with pain and pleasure,god ican still feel him now reaching my depths with his hard cock,we swapped a few positions and all the time he was very hard and each time we swapped he took my clit into his mouth while i took his cock into mine sucking licking ,stroking his juice covered balls with my tongue everytime i did that his cock hardened some more ,he was loving it because he was very hard for me ,eventually we calmed down a bit but not b4 giving me a strong orgasm ,kissing me all the time and sucking my tits ,we layed down beside each other kissing each other passionatly while he stroked his cock to an orgasm an i lifted up so he could suck my tits while he came ,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wot a time to remember it gets me wet everytime i think of it but the best part is wen all 3 of us was in the room an i was stroking her pussy with the vibe ,i get wet thinking about wen we kissed and sucked each others nipples she has nice nipples to suck i cant wait to get her alone so we can have a proper session and try our toys out on each other stroking each others pussies with them shoving them all the way in while sucking each others tits and nipples kissing each other mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fukinhell im wet now thinking about all wots happened especially wot is going to happen i hope ,cant wit to taste my 1st hot wet pussy on my tongue hot juices flowing down onto it mmmmmmmmmmmmm fukinhell jesus cant wait for that to happen either mrs rothers of purples either way im gonna suck their clit and lick that juice slipping my finger in an out of that juice flowing hot horny pussy jesus im wet now babe hope ur not late tonight from pool so u can slip ur hard cock into me as i think about putting my tongue onto either mrs rothers or purples hot juice flowing pussy mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cant wait babe for it to happen fukin lovely hot juice on my tongue while ur fucking me from behind hard so i have pain and ultimate pleasure at the same time, i hope mrs rothers takes u right into her throat and sucks u hard while i lick and suck her clit nice if she wants it that way mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm c ya soon u horny hard cock sexy ass from ur horny wet hot juiced pussy xoxoxoxoxoxoxox