Written by Arlington_49

15 Aug 2014

Over a month ago I promised to post the results of Judi’s participation at the Winthrop real estate conference (I changed venue name for obvious reason.) It’s taken some time to get feedback…most of my colleagues familiar with the event weren’t forthcoming. It took the wife of one of Judi’s RE colleagues to share detail. She had her own motivations…she’s NOT a friend to Judi. In fact, she’s more than annoyed…she suspects her hubby has been occasionally involved with my wife. So, she was more than willing to share “the news!”

A 3-day conference, the attendees arrived evening before. I knew that one of her colleagues, Raymond, arranged his suite adjacent Judi’s. (I witnessed Ray’s involvement with my wife one evening at home and knew of their scheduling…) Judi was presenting the 1st day of the conference, so respectfully Ray did NOT engage her their first evening at the hotel. The 2nd night…totally different situation…! Charlotte told me Ray instructed Judi to keep their connecting suite doors unlocked…Judi obediently followed instructions. Details not much past that, other than Ray and 2 colleagues ‘visited’ my wife for several hours. I have enough imagination to paint that picture…;) However, what followed the next morning was even more interesting.

Judi didn’t show up for breakfast. In fact, Judi was absent for the morning business session. At the breakfast table where Ray’s two colleagues sat, a little commotion developed. One of the lads displayed an attractive, gold belly chain with several dangling coins. It was Judi’s belly chain…she’s lately taken habit to wear various types of body jewelry when she’s anticipating play time. One of the lads removed the chain…and kept it. Now, that chain became a ‘public display’ of what “intimated” went on in Judi’s room. There was a fair amount of conversation around the chain…and I’m sure much “gossip” about Judi’s activities with the lads. That proved to be inspiration for some of the lads later that evening.

Judi participated in the afternoon session…attended the group dinner…and excused herself after dinner. Charlotte said it appeared she was not interested…or in shape…to again engage that night. BUT, like any intention, sometimes matters take a different course. Charlotte told me that shortly after Judi retired to her room…around 9:30…Room Service delivered her a bottle of champagne…and one glass with message expressing…”Enjoy…you’ve earned it…and more to come…”

Charlotte learned that about an hour after delivery of the champagne, three of the real estate participants…all lads…showed up at Judi’s room and announced themselves…as “Personal Room Services”…! Apparently, Judi opened her door anticipating a hotel staff member. As her door opened, the three gentlemen made their way into her suite…and closed the door. Charlotte said the door was locked…according to the feedback her colleague provided.

The next morning, breakfast, those same gentlemen were at the table with several other colleagues who apparently were in on the ‘activities’ the night before…. One of them…according to Charlotte…asked the others…”Well, did you “xxxx”…….her right…? I bet no complaints…”…with lots of table laughter. Another added…”I don’t see her this morning…bet after last night…she’ll just return home…”…and again, more laughter.

Char went quiet… I asked her…”Are you suggesting…the lads forced their way into her room…? Likely Judi consumed the champagne, and became their willing partner…? OR…is there some hint here…Judi was forced into having sex…? Was she raped…??” I wanted Charlotte’s awareness of what went on in my wife’s room.

Charlotte said the table conversation suggested Judi was ripe and ready to be done…she was ready to play. However, there was enough “humor” shared to ALSO suggest, the men’s way with my wife was less than voluntary on her… NO question, Judi wasn’t expecting to fuck that 2nd night. However, Ray and his two colleagues had their fun the night before. Only logical, when some of the other lads learned what transpired, they wanted their ‘share’ of Judi’s pleasures… One way or another, they did Judi…! I’ll never really know the full truth or circumstances. The evening doesn’t change my wife’s reputation among her close RE colleagues. In fact, the evening probably enhanced her “availability” by and large to the younger men in her circle…