Written by Nadine

7 Sep 2010

Andrew spent a lot of time working in Denmark. He arrived home last Thursday announcing that I should pack some bags as we were going off to Copenhagen for a long weekend – he’d accumulated sufficient air miles with SAS to cover the cost of two return flights, business class no less, and two nights in the SAS Radisson Blu Scandinavian which is where he stayed when there on business.

“What about the children?” I enquired. “I’ve arranged to drop them off at your Mum’s on the way to the airport Nadine. Now, pack your bags because we fly at 10.15 in the morning, so it’ll be an early start.”

I packed lightly – jeans, couple of t-shirts and some clean knickers. I was looking forward to a quiet relaxed weekend, just the two of us. Now 34 and with a decent figure having recovered from carrying our two children who are eight and six, I rarely bother with a bra (my boobs are only B cup, so have stayed nice and firm). Andrew is five years my senior and at six foot looks down on my petite five foot frame. He’s blonde and I’m brunette with really long hair.

All went according to plan and having landed 1.15 local time, we checked into the hotel about 2.30 and headed to the bar for a beer and a snack. After lunch we went to the room which was palatial. As I unpacked Andrew was fiddling with the TV controls and surprise, surprise, he found one of the porn channels. “You wanker” I goaded him. “Come here you” he said scampering after me. We fell together onto the bed, kissing, tongues entangled and fumbling to undress each other. Naked, we lay together on the bed, Andrew propped up on pillows watching the TV as I sucked on his cock. I like Andrew’s cock, only six inches but thick, quite a mouth full. I could sense he was getting particularly excited, so adjusted my position so that I could see the film. On screen a petite brunette was servicing three men with her husband sat watching. “Bastard!” I shouted slamming his rigid prick against his thigh and flouncing off to the bathroom.

Andrew has been trying for years to get me to agree to shag other men whilst he watches but I just don’t fancy the idea. He’s all I need – and people he’s suggested and those we’ve even met didn’t turn me on in the slightest. I told him years ago, “I’ll never be unfaithful unless a gorgeous black man knocks on the door!”

He protested, “I didn’t know the story line Nadine. Anyway, she’s like you – reluctant. He lost at cards and she’s paying them off. Looks like she’s enjoying it now she’s into it though.”

“What don’t you understand about “No”?”

“You have such a high sex drive Nadine, I know you’d love it if you’d just let yourself go a bit.” We kissed and made up – only I made him go down on me this time. He’s so good with fingers and tongue, slowly bringing me to massive orgasms and I was determined to enjoy this one. And boy, did I! I fell asleep and woke to the sensation of being gently rocked to and fro – And was inside me as we lay “spooning”. It was nice but I wanted more, so I pushed off him announcing he should book a nice restaurant for supper whilst I showered. Thwarted and frustrated, he did my bidding before showering himself and we walked down to the harbour to the sea food restaurant he’d booked. We talked and laughed – even spoke about our fantasies – And’s I knew and still refused to consider it. Mine was to be taken by force by a really attractive (and gentle!!) black man. Or to be paid for sex by a really attractive black man. He suggested “How about I pay you to have sex with a gorgeous black man whilst I watch?” “Nooooooooooooo!” I laughed.

We wandered back through the harbour and on past Tivoli walking arm in arm, And telling me what he used to do during the evenings when in Copenhagen on business. We had a drink of “Chris’ Spunk” in the Spunk Bar, amongst other hostelries as we strolled through the darkening streets. And pointed out a basement door which was lit up and told me he used to visit during the week – it was a porn cinema, not that you would have noticed. It looked like a basement flat in a row of pretty terraced properties. Feeling like I’d been mean to him earlier and now a bit pissed, I suggested that we go in. “No, we can watch a movie back at the hotel” he protested. But I was down the steps and ringing the door bell.

The door was opened by a lady wearing a basque, stockings and no knickers. I looked at And muttering “You bastard” as we were invited in. “NO, let’s go” And said. “No chance Andrew, I want to see what you get up to when I’m not here,” turned and marched in. Inside the woman went behind a bar and asked for 300DK. I fished about in my purse and handed over the money. We were offered a free beer and taken on a tour of the establishment. There were three rooms – the first a large room with a massive circular bed – on it a woman being frantically fucked whilst another sat on her face having her pussy sucked – around the bed numerous couples in various states of undress watching the performance, cuddling and stroking each other. Two smaller rooms had mattresses on the floor – one was for “couples only” and one for “greedy girls” our hostess explained. The last area we saw was the cinema – rows of seats with good leg room lined the room with a small cinema screen at the front. I’d guess it may have seated a hundred. Back at the bar we were shown the sweet jars which contained condoms and had the dress code explained. “Sexy underwear or towels which are provided”. “Come on Nadine, let’s go” persisted And. But I was still livid with him. If this was what he wanted, this is what he would have!

I went to the changing rooms and stripped out of my jeans, panties, cowboy boots and t-shirt, wrapped a towel around me and went and sat in the cinema. And joined me minutes later. On screen three couples were enjoying a dinner party and over the next 20 minutes we saw two of the girls go off together and make out in the kitchen. One chap took someone else’s wife in the toilet – and the three left behind had sex on the dining room table. All rather predictable. My left arm was holding my towel to my bust but throughout my right hand has laid in Andrew’s lap. Only when the girl lay on the dining table taking a cock in the mouth and one in her pussy did his dick get hard. Cross, I pulled my hand away and went into the big playroom. And followed. Minutes later, a very attractive blonde came into the room wearing stockings and some beautiful panties and half cup bra. And was looking at her – and her at him. “That’s it, I’ve had enough, time to go!” Dressed, I marched back to the hotel with And striding beside me. In the room I played it cool, undressed, thanked him for a lovely dinner but told him I was too tiered for any of that when he crept over to my side of the bed. During the night I plotted and next morning was up and dressed as And woke up. “I’m off out for a couple of hours. You do what you like this morning but I want to go to Tivoli Garden this afternoon,” and off I went.

On returning to the hotel with my purchases, I saw And in the bar. Quickly I went up to our room and put them in our suitcase and locked it, returning to the bar in time to join And with a beer. “Nice wank this morning?” I asked smiling. He smiled back and kissed me saying “If you haven’t help me unload by tomorrow morning I’ll have to resort to that!” We had a pleasant afternoon and ate on the way back to, the hotel. Once in our room I told And to shower first and quietly unlocked the case. I took out the four sets of handcuffs I bought, and stripped down to my panties. I put the TV on and searched through for the porn channels and found a film showing some group activity. And came out of the shower with a towel around him – I motioned him to the bed and he lay down, eyes fixed on the TV. His towels started to develop a protrusion as his cock hardened. I straddled him, obscuring his view of the screen, reached under the pillow for the handcuffs and said I wanted to play dirty. He smiled and hardly noticed as I handcuffed each hand to the bedstead – and repeated the performance with his ankles. I lay next to him and unfastened his towel. I took hold of his cock and gentle wanked him. I could feel his prick tensing, so I stopped. “Go on” he pleaded. I put the kettle on and sat at the end of the bed watching the movie. The yummy mummy was being pounded by a big cock in her pussy and she was slurping on another whilst trying to wank a third. An older guy sat watching, cock in hand. Having had my drink I climbed back on the bed and took Andrew’s throbbing meat in my mouth. I circled its head with my tongue and then swallowed him until I gagged and came up for air. He was as hard as concrete – a sure sign that any more stimulation would result in instant massive orgasm. I stopped and pulled of my panties. I walked to the side of the bed and straddled his face. “Do I need a shave?” I asked. I stepped off the bed and went into the bathroom, showered and shaved my legs and pussy and emerged glowing. I deliberately stood in front of the TV as I covered myself in body lotion. My skin looked good and I was enjoying my own touch. I then sat and put on my make up – more heavily and in brighter colours than usual. Satisfied with the tarty look, I stood and carried the case putting it on the bed between Andrew’s legs, opened it and took out the shear black panties and bra, putting them on slowly and turning to admire my firm figure in the mirror. Next, the fishnet stockings which have a shiny rubberised elasticated top. I then pulled out a short black pleated skirt, black silk blouse and black patent stilettos. Dressed, I topped it off with a black shiny PVC mac and handbag. I turned to And and he asked “Where do you think you are going?”

I told him. Back to the club we had left abruptly the previous evening. I was going to have fun, shagging who I wanted, for me not him, so he couldn’t come along to watch. He could just lie on the bed, watching his porn – and behave himself whist awaiting my return. Or I’d call room service!

With that I left the room and jumped into a taxi outside the hotel showing the driver the card I had picked up at the club the previous evening. I felt really, really horny. But really, really nervous too. The butterflies in my tummy were looping the loop and the closer we got to the club, the less likely I was to go through with my plan. It only took five minutes before the driver pulled up outside. I wasn’t ready, so I told him to take me back to the hotel. He gave me a puzzled look but as he dropped me off I gave him a large tip as I mumbled an apology. I went to the bar, took off my coat and perched on a bar stool, legs crossed. I felt fed up at my own stupidity, ordered a large G & T and sat with legs crossed watching the world go by. There was no way I was returning to our room yet! After a couple more drinks I needed the loo – the large mirrors showed someone I did not recognise. I could see my nipples through the silk and shear material of my bra. The fishnets and bright lippy made me look quite the tart and it took a moment to register I was looking at myself. Back at the bar there was a drink waiting for me, sent by the kind gent at the other end of the bar as the barman explained. I was a bit pissed but not so much so that I had forgotten my manners, so I slipped off the stool and went over to thank him. He was a large black man in his mid to late fifties, his skin greasy looking. He was smartly dressed and his English was good. He was a Ugandan business man who went by the name of Joshua and was over in Copenhagen with a delegation looking to develop relations throughout Europe. Far from being black and gorgeous, he had more the look of Idi Amin! He bought me another couple of drinks and I was certainly well on the way to being drunk when a couple of his party returned. They were young good looking Ugandans. I stood to leave and rather clumsily provided anyone around me with a good look up my skirt. I bid them “Goodnight” and teetered off to the lift on my high heels. I pressed the button and then Joshua and his two young bucks were beside me, one of them handing me my coat which I had left at the bar. “Why not join us for a night cap?” one of them asked. “No, I really must get to bed, it’s really late” I replied. “It’s only half past nine” one of them said. I looked at my watch – I’d only been out for an hour and a half. “Just one then” I slurred.

Joshua open the door to the suite – I though our room was nice but this was palatial. “Please Nadine, take a seat” and he motioned to a sofa which sat at an angle looking towards the full wall of glass over looking Copenhagen. Lights twinkled everywhere. “Allow me to get you a drink Nadine, Aquavit?” As he opened the drinks cabinet, he said “I should introduce Lutalo” he pointed at the largest (and I mean muscled) lads “And Akiki” pointing at the smaller of the two, “Meet Nadine” he said nodding in my direction. The two sat opposite me on a second large sofa. Joshua brought me my drink and as I sat forward and uncrossed my legs to take it from him I could see the two opposite me staring at my stocking tops. The laughed and said something I didn’t understand. “English only please“, Joshua remanded them. “Excuse me for a moment” and he left the room. When he returned moments later he picked up his drink and came and sat next to me. He handed me an envelope, saying “I am delighted that we are able to do some business this evening Nadine. I hope that is sufficient for your needs.” I was somewhat confused. I opened the envelope and saw a wad of 1000DK notes. “I think we have a misunderstanding here” I spluttered. “No misunderstanding” Joshua beamed back at me. I asked for a cigarette which one of the boys gave to me. I stood and went over to the door and out onto the terrace. We were on the top floor of the building and I was scarred. What had I got myself into? How would I escape this situation. But I fancied both Akiki and Lutalo. Should I just go with the flow?

I walked unsteadily but now completely sober back into the room. I bent forward to pick up my drink from the table that sat between the sofas, looked at the two lads and swallowed the drink in one. They stood and came towards me, Lutalo putting his strong arm around me and pulling me to him, he forced his tongue in my mouth and roughly fondled my boob through the two layers of thin material. “Not so bad”, I thought. He stopped and stood back to remove his tie and jacket – Akiki was stripped to the waist and took over where Lutalo had left off. I felt hands now undoing the buttons on my blouse – it was soon on the floor followed by my bra. From behind I felt thick stubby fingers under my skirt pulling at my panties which were reluctant to part from my wet pussy. Eventually I was stepping out of them as I kissed one mouth and cradled a head which was sucking at my bosom. The next thing I knew was That I was being led over to the side of one of the sofas. Lutalo pulled his trousers and pants around his ankles in one, sat down and guided my head onto his shaft. He was circumcised, his balls massive and his cock oh so big! Quite how I managed to get my lips around it I shall never know. Akiki was at my side, fondling my boobs while wanking his much smaller cock and slapping it against my face. Suddenly I was aware that my skirt was being lifted, I felt large sausage like fingers parting my pussy and then felt an even thicker sausage being rammed inside me. I nearly bit down on Lutalo’s cock but managed to control myself. Desperately I reached under my skirts and felt the cock pounding into me and sure enough, it was clad in a condom. I started to relax and only then did it occur to me that the guy behind me was the repulsive fat Joshua. But I was past caring, I was so horny not from any care and attention these guys had taken over me but by the complete naughtiness of the situation.

I needed a break from Lutalo’s weapon, I was close to gagging and puking all over his lap, so I stood, pulled a condom from my stocking top and rolled it down his massive meat – Joshua’s stubby cock came out of me as I stood, I straddled Lutalo, slowly sinking onto his cock which I held as I guided him inside me. I doubted anything would satisfy me again. I grabbed Akiki’s little black number (I say little but that was just in comparison to the prick I was now bouncing on – it was still much bigger than Andrew’s) and took it in my mouth. Joshua stood on my right hand side and took my hand and guided it onto his cock. He’d been behind me and now I was facing away from him so I wasn’t faced with his repulsiveness. Akiki reached down to my stocking top and pulled out another condom – I’d made Andrew watch as I had put five beneath the elasticated tops of each stocking top – “I want to fuck you now please Nadine” he said. I eased myself off Lutalo and he swapped places with Akiki. I could hardly feel him and so clamped down with all my might of his rigid member, relieved that I could still control my pussy muscles. But every time I was focused on sucking Lutalo and wanking Joshua, I got in a muddle (you try rubbing your chest, patting your head whilst hopping on one leg!) and poor Akiki couldn’t feel me. I took hold of his cock and stood up and off him, “Try this for size” I said and gently sat down guiding his cock into my bum hole. He seemed happier. All this was too much for Joshua – “I must fuck you now” he spat. He pushed me back so I was now lying on poor Akiki who valiantly thrust his prick in and out of my bottom and Joshua knelt in front of me pushing his short but thick dick into my cunt. He was thrusting fast and furiously, his revolting fat wobbling all over the place. He had my skirt lifted up so he could see his black cock pounding my white cunt, lips now swollen in pleasure, sweat was dripping all over me but it wasn’t for long. He pulled out of me, ripped off the condom and showered spunk all over my legs and skirt, using his right hand whilst squeezing the hell out of my tits with his other hand.

All was still for a moment or two and Lutalo took Joshua’s position. His toned and thick muscles were a joy. He bent forward to kiss me as he thrust his massive cock inside me, one hand propping his weight off me, the other holding my breast, his fingers playing with my nipples – Akiki was now able to move as well and I was in heaven! My cunt was stretched around the biggest cock I’d ever imagined let alone seen. Joshua was watching and he told Lutalo “Throw your seed all over the white bitch!” I felt a dramatic void as he pulled out of me, condom off, I reached down and moved his skin back and forth ever so slowly, the force of the first spurt took me by surprise as his spunk flew against my belly and all over my black skirt. He seemed to spurt for ages. Akiki was ready and I carefully held his condom in place as I helped him out of my anus, my sphincter contracting hard around him as he withdrew. He turned me so that I was lying on the sofa and he straddled my face asking me to lick his balls as he wanked himself to fruition, lhis face above my swollen juicy cunt and spunk splattered skirt. I sensed his testicles tighten and he groaned as his cock spat forth, his cum joining that of the other two on the inside of my skirt and above my pubic bone.

I stood and smiled at them but they had spent their energies. The white slut had sated them. Joshua threw mw my underwear and blouse – I asked where the bathroom was and he told me to dress and leave – I could use the hotel bathroom on the ground floor. I did as I was told as there was a degree of tension in the air now. As I let the skirt drop I felt their cold sperm as the material touched my legs. I picked up the envelope, handbag and mac left their suite and headed for the lift. I was horny as hell. I’d been paid to service these blokes and needless to say, they had little interest in making me come. But I needed to, I ached for an orgasm right down in the root of my stomach.

Back in our room, Andrew was where I’d left him. His cock was limp and he was desperate for the toilet. I undid the handcuffs and he ran off to the loo, bounding back seconds later, turned off the TV sat on the bed, “So tell me all!”

I told him about the aborted trip to the club. I stood and removed my blouse and bra. My nipples were red raw and erect. He looked at them quizzically. I undid my skirt and it slipped down my legs and I stepped out of it. “I can smell spunk Nadine. Tell me what you’ve been up to.”

“it’ll be that you can smell” I said throwing the skirt at him. It was still soaking. As he saw the white damp stains on the inside of the garment, his cock stood to attention. I kicked off my uncomfortable shoes and pulled my panties down. He looked at me, eyes fixed on my pussy. “Come here Nadine”. I went to him. He forced my legs apart. “Your pussy’s all swollen – tell me who you fucked Nadine.”

“I’ll tell you all about it Andrew, whilst you lick me, finger me and fuck me oh so slowly”……………..

I came with massive intensity three times. We counted the money in the envelope – there were ten 1000DK notes which equated to just over £1000. I binned the skirt and the stockings and we went out and bought new – and a few more things to enjoy together back in England. Including a couple of saucy DVD’s of wives taking on a few guys with husbands watching. You never know, I may yet agree to indulge Andrew’s fantasy now that mine has become a reality