27 Dec 2016

Just a quick Meeting.

I was working xmas eve and finished at 2200. As I drove down the A2 I thought about the dogging layby at higham just off the A2.

Should I, shouldnt I, it was xmas eve and the wife was at home waiting for me. She has not been up for sex much at all recently. I knew I would not get any when I got home, so I pulled off the A2.

There were 2 other cars in the layby, I switched my interior light on and off. I unzipped got my cock out and started wanking, I had a bottle of poppers in my pocket and undid them and took a little sniff. No one moved from the other cars. I switched my light on and off again and waited and wanked. Poppers make me brave and naughty so I got out and walked passed the 2 cars, with my hand in my zipper wanking myself as I walked passed. No one got out or made any motion to come closer so I went back to my car, I wanked for a few more minutes and then switched on the engine to drive home.

There is one more location to try on the way home so I drove through the medway tunnel and pulled into the strand car park on the way home.I drove round slowly checking each of the 3 parking areas then parked up just to finish off my hard on as I was feeling the need to cum.

A small car drove in parked up near me flashed the interior light. Wow my luck was in after all. ( I hoped for a horny female or couple, but thats as rare as seeing Santa) I got out of my car and walked up to the window which was down. the guy had put his seat back and had taken his top off. he was rubbing his cock through some silky panties.

I put my arm in and began rubbing his cock for him. I wanked myself as I rubbed him. he was getting very excited. He gestured he wanted to get out, he opened his car door and got out and bent over and took my cock in his mouth. Just what I needed. I took out my poppers and gave them a sniff. I was in heaven, he sucked and slurped and he shot his load in his panties as i was rubbing his cock.

Sometimes the other person coming will end the fun, but he obviously wanted a sackful on xmas eve.

I began to shoot my load and he sucked and sucked till he had every drop. He swallowed it all down. He got up said thanks, got back in his car and drove away. I made my way back to my car.

I drove home sucking an extra strong mint just to remove any trace of poppers from my breathe. When I got home I was still feeling horny, I suggested some bedroom fun to the mrs and she said she was to tired. I thought to myself I am glad I stopped on the way home or it would have been some bathroom time for me and my cock.

Merry Xmas and happy new year to you all.