Written by Gayle

26 Jan 2014

Hi my name is Gayle,I'm 35 and divorced and recently I've plucked up the courage to try online dating sites,having met a few different fellas though, I was beginning to lose heart with the whole thing,some of the chaps I met seemed to have real issues,others were just not my type at all,imagine how my eyes rolled then to find my profile had been checked by a man in his late 60's.It was to be one of the best things that have happened for me.

A man called George had checked my profile and the next day had posted a really long message to my inbox,it was very well written and very charming,George explained that he was a widower with grown up children and that he was looking for friendship,he also complimented me on the photos on my profile,this made me blush a little as one of them was taken during a holiday to mexico in which I was wearing a white summer dress that showed off my boobs more than I intended,I have rather large breasts in fact,a g cup.

Now at this stage I was thinking...This guy has to be kidding,he's twice my age,he'd do better trying his patter with someone a bit older,well a lot older,but there was something so nice about him,he had a kindly,looking face in his profile photo,a mop of grey/white hair that made him look distinguished,and a caring almost paternal way of expressing himself.

I don't know why till this day,but I replied to his mail.

Well we must have exchanged a dozen mails before we met and I felt I was beginin.g to be quite fond of George,though not (so I thought then) in that special way,I hoped we wanted the same thing.

When we first met at a nice local pub,I was a bundle of nerves,but George soon put me at ease with his easy going and unassuming manner,he had dressed quite smartly but casually,and I wore a cream suit with a blouse,it was the first of many dates that saw George taking both me and the kids on some lovely days out,unassuming as ever,and always charming and funny.

As time went on George began to give me little cuddles;I enjoyed the comforting feeling of his strong arm around me and his big hand on my shoulder,George is quite a big,strong looking man for his age,very manly in fact,he always makes me feel protected and safe.

It went along like this until the night George came to visit,the night the kids were at their grandparents.

I knew George was going to pop by,I was curled up on the sofa watching the soaps wearing my silky pink pyjamas (I felt comfortable enough with George for this).After George arrived we sat together on the sofa chatting and watching tv,I remember I wanted a cuddle and I was soon snuggled up to George,and his protective arm was around me.

I must have been a little sleepy,and I wasn't sure if I was dreaming when I felt Georges hand gently move from my shoulder,down my curled side and he began to caress my bottom!

I was a little shocked,but,I admit,thrilled.

George stayed silend as he gently groped and patted my bum,occa,sionally he traced his finger along the divide between my buttocks,it was very tickly,and made me flinch a little,eventually he spoke.

"You have a lovely backside Gayle,so full and womanly,just like those beautiful big breasts of yours".

I was stunned,but I allowed him to kiss me,and felt his big capable hands find my big breasts and my very erect nipples,the canoodling went on some time,and yes,it ended in the bedroom.

It was when George undressed that I got my big surprise,George was lean and quite muscular and covered in white hair that made him look a little like a polar bear,but my shock came when I saw the size of his big penis,very thick and angry looking with a big purple head,it must have been (in fact I know it is)all of eight inches long.

George smiled reassuringly as I watched him undress from the bed "It'll be ok I promise Gayle" he said.

And it was more than ok,George took his time and we kissed and cuddled for sometime,while George gently took my hand and placed it on his great big thing.

I have never had an orgasm as intense as the one George gave me that night.

Well, George and I married last year,of course everyone I know was surprised and baffled,but on the other hand many have commented on how happy and content I am now,and how well George is liked by my teenage boys.

George,with all his 67 years of experience has certainly helped me to open up and enjoy a full and varied sex life,I have never had a better lover,my ex husband was useless.

George makes me want to give myself,as he is such a kind and giving man himself.

I have even let George do the thing I always swore I'd never do,how can I put this?

George likes to put his big penis up my bottom sometimes,he finds it very exciting...Of course he is always very considerate,but the thought of that big thing of his still gives me butterflies.