Written by Julie P

7 Jun 2014

What do you give the man who has everything? It was coming up to my husband, John’s 50th Birthday and I so wanted to give him something special, something that would blow his mind. It wasn’t easy to think of something new. We’ve been swinging for a good few years now and we managed to fulfil most of each other’s fantasies.

I’ve noticed as we’ve progressed that the thing that turns my John on the most is when I do something that shocks him, something that he doesn’t expect. Like the time we were at a house party with some other like minded couples and a few single guys. I got bored while he was talking to a friend of ours about football! At a swingers party! So I found a single man took him upstairs and let him fuck me. I had him finish off by wanking over my tits. Then I went back down stairs in just my panties with the stranger’s spunk shining on my skin and told him what I’d done.

I thought he’d be mad and tell me off but it was just the opposite. He loved it. He wanted every detail and asked me to tell him again later as he fucked me hard. I told him how I just picked a random man. I’d not even asked his name just if he wanted to “go upstairs.” I told him how salty the man’s cock had tasted as I sucked it. Then how it had felt when he’d pushed his stiff cock inside me.

John fucked me so hard as a told him then later he explained that he loved the idea of me with other men. I’d always known that from when we’d swapped but what had really got to him was me taking control and doing just what I wanted. He explained how not knowing what I was going to do or who with or even if I’d let him join in turned him on more than anything else. Even fucking another woman as I watched didn’t get him as hot.

I love my husband and I like to make him happy so from then on I’ve always tried shock and surprise him. Some of the best things I’ve done, things he’s really loved have been real spare of the moment things. Like when I was the only girl out with John and three of his “vanilla” friends I was in a thin white top and I went to the loo and took off my bra knowing that my nipples would be visible through the thin material. The boys couldn’t take their eyes off me, which got me very wet and it really turned my lovely hubby on.

Then there was the time I we had a builder round for some repairs. John dared me to flash him and was watching from our conservatory (which has a window that looks into our kitchen). I was in the shortest silky dressing gown I had and the poor guy was sweating as I bent and showed off my arse for him. But it was Johns turn to sweat and wank when I sucked the guys cock. I still don’t know his name.

So what could I do to top what I’d already done? Then it came to me I’d make him a movie. I wondered whether I should ask a few of our friends from the scene but I decided against that. After all I wanted a treat to and John had already seen them fuck me anyway. Then I thought about finding a few strangers online. I do like to play with a stranger. Nothing turns me on more than allowing a man to fuck me without even knowing his name. It makes me feel very naughty. I wanted to be in control of the movie though and I wasn't sure I could trust strangers. So in the end I decided to be very, very naughty.

I decided to ask three of John’s oldest friends to make the video with me. None of them know we were swingers but I’d always fancied them.

How do you ask your husband’s mates if they’d like to shag you while you film it for him? To make matters worse two of them are married. However I thought I’d give it a go. The first I chose to try was Sean. Sean’s a bit chubby but he’s a really funny guy who always makes me laugh and I’ve caught him eyeing me up quite a few times over the years. His wife Deb treats him like her servant whenever were at theirs, but Sean loves her and I thought he’d be the hardest to get on board. I arranged to meet him for a coffee to discuss John’s birthday surprise. To say he was surprised at what I wanted to do was an understatement. But I’d deliberately worn a very low cut top and a lacy push up bra and when I assured him that Deb would never find out he was in.

Next was Dave who is also a little overweight but has a cute face and a naughty smile. John doesn’t know it but Dave had already had a feel of my breasts and even touched my slit through my knickers. I’d bumped into him on a girl’s night out and let him snog me and have a bit of a grope when I was a bit drunk. I’d have probably let him fuck me but we’d been disturbed by a policeman who told us move on and then it had started pouring with rain and that was that. Dave’s married to Sue but I didn’t think that would put him off and I was right. He just thought John was one lucky guy that I’d do this for him as he said he’d love Sue to do something similar but that it would never happen.

Finally there was Steve. Steve is single balding and wears glasses. He’s John oldest friend and they went to school together. He’s known my husband for over forty years and he was the toughest to talk into my little scheme. However when I finally convinced him that John would still be his mate once he’d seen the video he reluctantly agreed to join in.

The married men arranged their alibis and I booked a nice hotel room in town. I took a couple of bottles of champagne, our camcorder, and some condoms then waited for the boys to arrive. They had met in a pub close by and had a little dutch courage and they knocked on the door right on time.

I opened the door wearing a black basque, tiny matching lacy panties; hold up stockings and my favourite black thigh boots. The gasp from the boys was audible and their eyes all over my body started to get me damp. I sat them down and gave them the rules and a handful of condoms.

“Rule one everything that happens gets filmed, there will be no fun off camera. Rule two if it goes in my pussy you put a condom on, Only John fills my pussy. Rule three warn me when you’re going to cum as I want it filmed and you can come anywhere over me. Now shall we begin?”

The guys looked nervous I think they were all happy for me to see them naked but they had never stripped in front of their mates before and it took a few glasses of champagne and Dave to break the ice by agreeing to start with a little idea I’d had.

We started with me filming the guys in turn wishing John a happy fiftieth birthday as they stripped naked. Then Steve filmed as I knelt between Sean and Dave and sucked their cocks in turn. I licked their hard shafts and sucked on their balls Sean was very hairy but Dave had shaved his balls and they felt like velvet in my mouth. Then they filmed as Sean pulled down my panties I was so wet they had to virtually peel them out of my slit. Sean then sat me on the bed, parted my legs and started licking my pussy.

I forgot the camera and even that this was my husband’s very married friend and allowed the pleasure to wash over me. Steve and Dave knelt on either side of me (with Steve still filming) and fed me their dicks. Sean certainly knew what he was doing and I actually thought Debs a lucky girl to be getting this every night. As he licked me and started to finger me my body stated to shudder and I couldn’t help but moan as he made me orgasm.

“I hope you can fuck like you lick” I gasped as I slowly recovered. Before I could properly get my breath back I was stood up.

“Time we saw those lovely tits” said Dave and he undid my basque. Then he had me do a little twirl as the boys took in every inch of me in just hold ups and boots. I look at the guys as I turned and each one has his hard dick in his hand. I felt like such a slut and I loved it. I held out my hand to Steve my husband’s oldest friend and asked in my sweetest little voice,

“So Stevie honey would you like to fuck me?”

I lay on the bed as they filmed and Steve slipped on his condom and then I allowed this balding 50 year old man to push his thick, hairy cock inside me. Partly because I’d always wondered what he’d be like in bed but mainly for the look I’d see on my husband’s face when he watched me fucking him. The others let Steve have me to himself and he nibbled my nipples and spread me wide as his shaft slipped in and out of me. He took his time clearly making the most of this once in a lifetime chance. Finally, but before I came he pulled out his cock clambered up me and his seed spurted all over my heaving breasts.

He kissed me and cleaned me up before taking over camera duties. I’d been left hanging and I wanted more,

“Let’s have a threesome this time.” I said to Dave and Sean and they were over at the bed in a second. They placed me on all fours and Dave fed me his cock while Sean entered me. Sean fucked me properly and I was again thinking Deb was a lucky girl as he made me cum on his cock. As I panted they changed places and before I even had time to speak Dave was fucking me as Sean rammed his lovely dick into my mouth.

Dave slapped my arse hard as he fucked me and called me a whore, slut and any other filthy name he could think of. I loved it and I was soon cumming hard as he rammed his manhood inside me. When he stopped for a moment and rolled me on to my back he looked up at Sean and said,

“Let’s cum on the bitches face.”

I wasn’t going to stop them and they stood on either side of me. At first I took turns letting them fuck my mouth then they both masturbated furiously inches from my face. Then Sean spunk spurted from his straining penis and was hot as it spattered over my face and mouth. It must have pushed Dave over the edge to as moment’s later gout of semen shot from his cock and cover my cheek, chin and mouth. As Steve zoomed in I licked my lips and tasted their combined sperm.

I didn’t bother cleaning my face and now there work was done Sean and Dave dressed, gave me a quick thanks and were off home to their wives with a memory they’d never forget. Once they’d left Steve offered to clean up my face.

He was still naked and his hairy cock was flaccid and looked small between his legs. He bent over me and gently cleaned his friend’s seed from my face. I don’t know why but I reached out and took hold of his soft cock and started to slowly pull the skin back and forth on his shaft. I felt him start to stiffen in my hand and I bent forward and took him in my mouth. As I sucked his salty cock I felt him stiffen in my mouth until he was rock hard.

“What about the camera?” He said,

“Fuck the camera,” I replied “Now fuck me”

“There’s no condom” he said nervously

“I said fuck me!” I ordered.

And with that he pushed me back and pushed his unprotected cock inside me. I love to be fucked bareback but it’s a guilty treat as John doesn’t allow it (if he knew how often I allow it he’d go nuts). Steve fucked me for ages. Cumming earlier meant he could hold back now. He started slow fucking my sopping pussy with long slow strokes as he looked at my naked body. It was like he couldn’t believe what he was doing, or even if he should be, after all I was his best mates wife. I looked in his eyes relishing each thrust from his stiff cock. Finally I said,

“Fuck me! Fuck me harder you dirty bastard.”

He Looked shocked for a moment then all reserve was gone and he started slamming his cock into my well used cunt. He held my leg close to his body for leverage and fucked me fast and hard as I’d wanted. He had much more stamina than I’d expected and I was virtually begging him to cum after he’d fucked me through a huge orgasm that soaked the sheets. At last he grunted pushed himself deep inside me and ejaculated, filling me up with his semen.

When he pulled his glistening cock from my sopping hole he actually said sorry for being too rough.

“Don’t apologise” I said “I liked that a lot”

I let him stay the night and then sent him on his way in the morning having emptied him one last time, this time with my mouth. I didn’t really fancy him much but he had a lovely cock and it seemed a shame to waste it.

I teased John all through his birthday about his present. We had a small party for him and at the end of the evening the three guys sat in our front room with John and me.

“She still hasn’t given me a present” John moaned to his mates.

“Well what would you like?” I asked “something naughty?”

“Mmm that would be nice” He grinned

“How would you like to watch me fuck all three of your friends?” I said and indicated the boys with my glass.

“You might have the bottle but they wouldn’t” he laughed and I noted the boys looking sheepish.

“You didn’t answer my question” I said “would you like to see it?” He smiled at his friends, took a large swig of his drink and said,

“God yeah”

I smiled at him and pushed play on the DVD player. He looked confused at first as each of his mates wished him happy birthday on the screen then stripped naked as he watched. Then the scene cut to me kneeling and sucking on their cocks. John watched open mouthed. The guys were clearly worried how he’d react but I knew my hubby and I knew he was turned on.

“Oh god you horny bitch” he said as he watched them fuck me like a porn star. When the DVD finished I looked at my husband and in my sweetest voice I said,

“Did you like your present darling?” He looked at his friends and shook his head with a big grin on his face.

“I loved it” he said giving me a huge hug and kissing my lips.

“Would you like to see it in the flesh?” He froze a moment as my words sank in. Did he want to sit and watch his friends fucking me.

“Yes” he said in a horse voice and I stood stripped naked and then sat him in his favourite chair, with a glass of his favourite whisky and I allowed his friends to fuck me as he watched and wanked.