Written by Ellie

9 Nov 2009

My name is Ellie and i am 28.

I have been bottling inside me a story which took place two weeks ago driving down to Southampton to meet my husband. In desperation to share what happened and confess my shame I though that I could anonymously write my story. We live in London and for the journey I wore a skirt and blouse with white underwear and flesh stockings fastened to a matching suspender belt.

As my husband was at a business convention, he had given me the keys to his lovely red sports car and I made way down the M3 listening to great music and felt on top of the world. Unfortunately, several junctions outside Southampton I hit a long traffic jam and after 20 minutes was suddenly diverted off the motorway. I panicked as I am not the worlds best navigator and Paul gets very angry with me sometimes telling me I am useless at directions but I felt confident that if I follow all the cars in front of me then I would eventually get back onto the motorway.

To my shock, the car stalled and after managing to pull onto the side of a country lane, I called the AA and they said that a mechanic would be with me. To my surprise, 10 minutes later a pick-up truck pulled up behind me and the mechanic hopped out of his cabin. He asked me to lift the bonnet and said that the thermostat had gone. As he leant into my car, I could not help notice how good looking he was and he suggested he would tow the car to his workshop. “Do you wanna hop in my cabin and I will attach the car so I can tow you?” he said to me.

I replied “but the road is so muddy” and with that he opened the car door and lifted me into his arms. I wanted to protest but felt this sudden rush of excitement as I felt his hands on the bare flesh of my thighs above my stockings. I was sure he could feel the suspender straps as his strong arms tossed me into the cabin of his truck. “Where are you off to?” he asked me as we drove along the country lane. “I am supposed to be meeting my husband in Southampton” I replied.

“No problems” he said “My name is Dave and I will have you on your way in to time.”

You will be amazed what we car mechanics can achieve in no time with a bit of grease and lubricant” Aware of the excitement between my legs, I thought to myself you cheeky sod as I considered his double meaning. We arrived at his garage which was a literally a garage with a caravan next to it and he hopped out his side and opened the cabin door for me. He looked up to test my reaction and to my surprise I found myself wanting him to lift me again which he did. “There’s no point in getting those pretty shoes dirty” Dave commented as he held me once again in his arms but this time one of his arms supported my bum and the other just one thigh with his hand coming between and his fingers rested against the wet patch of my thong and as he carried me I felt his finger against the lips.

He kicked open the caravan door and exclaimed “Jonny we have a visitor” and he dropped me down like I was his property! “Can you run the motor up to the suppliers and pick up a new thermostat for me?” Dave said. His brother appeared and said “No probs” catching sight of me and giving Dave a wink in the process. Jonny shut the caravan door behind him and Dave said “Do you want a brew luv?. . . . I am gonna take a quick shower but help yourself”

I found the kettle and filled it and then prepared the two mugs that lay by the sink as I heard the shower turn on and the shower door close and found myself unable to stop taking a few steps back to peer through the door and I could see Dave in the shower cubicle. “Can you hand me a towel?” Dave shouted from under the water and finding it on top of a radiator I threw it to him as he opened the door and I caught a glimpse how his semi erect cock. It was way bigger than Nigel’s which only added to excitement growing between my thighs.

I settled to two mugs on the table and sat myself down on the sofa aware that the tops of my stockings were visible. I had never felt such excitement and decided to leave the hem as it was. “So how long have you been married luv?” Dave said, now standing at the door drying himself and unashamedly displaying his cock. “Just two years I replied” nervously. “Any Kids?” was Dave’s response and I replied “No”. “Huh seems like your husband ain’t doin a very good job if you ask me” Dave responded moving towards me.

“Just dry my back luv” Dave said confidently now as if I was his property and before I could protest found myself still seated rubbing dry his beautiful rear. As I continued he tuned 90 degrees so I could dry the side and then another 90 degrees until his cock was facing me. “This luv is the part that is not working on your motor due to the thermostat. Once we get that working the piston can start to work better” Dave said grinning down at me. I was now so turned on, I was almost lost for words and found myself excitedly playing his game and replied “What happens to the Piston?”

Dave moved closer and I uncrossed my legs to allow him closer. “Well” Dave said, “Once we have changed the thermostat we may need to lubricate the piston first before we can insert it. My hands moved from my lap onto Dave’s thighs and I traced a line up the side of his legs to his hips as an interaction with what he was saying.

“Do you like the piston?” Dave continued and I found myself replying “Yes it’s more beautiful than my husbands”. “Then let me show you how it works” and with that Dave moved it towards my lips and I began to suck his beautiful tool with its angry veins and as I sucked he moved it deeper inside me. I had never deep throated Paul before and felt my mouth lubricate with saliva as it hit the back of my throat. I was so consumed I suddenly felt Dave’s hand sliding back my skirt and he said “You dirty bitch, you should be shameful dressed like this and a married women”

The saliva began to slip out onto Dave’s cock and down which I scooped up and ran over his balls. “That’s it luv, the piston is almost fully lubricated now and ready for inserting!”. His words excited me even more as I felt his fingers sliding my thong to the side and he began to finger me.

With that Dave removed his hard cock and lifted me to me feet and swiveled me still as if I were his property and bent me forward so that my palms rested on the back of the sofa. He flipped my skirt back and moved his wet cock to the entrance of my pussy. I had now lost total control and whimpered to him moaning and asking him to fuck me. He pushed his whole length in side me and I felt filled like never before and found myself responding by moving back to meet his thrusts.

Teasingly he stopped his own motions and I became aware that it was me doing all the work and frantically fucking his cock myself. “You are such a slut” Dave said and he slipped it out quickly and slapped my bum with a sharp smack! “Please” I begged and he began laughing making me more frustrated! As I was about to say another “Please” I felt his cock was in his hands and he was scooping the juices from inside me as if to coat his cock. “What are you doing?” I asked still moaning and short of breath. With that I felt him nudge forward to enter again inside me but this time at a different entrance.

Nigel was my first boyfriend and I had never done anything like that before. As I began to protest to my astonishment I felt it slip in quite easily and felt a pleasant sensation as his hand moved around me and he began to circle my clit. He moved very slowly saying “Yes luv, now you will understand how the piston drives the vehicle” and he began to speed his motions. Dave undid the button of my blouse with his free hand and pulled by breasts free from the bra and grabbed them as if they were his own property squeezing the nipples whilst his other fingers worked on my clit which felt totally exposed between his fingers. He pinched them in response to my moans which were now becoming frantic.

As he said to me “If only your husband knew where you were now” I felt totally impaled and came frantically over his cock, he waited for my first orgasm to subside and then withdrew and turned me back around and moved me back to the chair. I took his cock back into my mouth and pleasured as he said to me taste the piston’s oils and I felt him shoot his seed inside my mouth which seemed to overflow in massive volume.

We rested for a few moments and suddenly I heard the van pull up outside and as I quickly and frantically began to move my skirt down and fasten the buttons of my blouse, Dave said “Don’t worry luv, my little brother Jonny is very open minded. Why don’t you take a shower whilst I go to fix your car.

The rest of this story is for another day

E xxx