Written by Dae

30 Mar 2013

(First time writing).

A little about me. I'm 34 years old and recently divorced as my ex-husband turned out to be a complete pig. At a size 12, I'm not the skinniest female ever, but considering I'm about 5ft 7, I can just get away with it. I keep my hair just below my shoulders and have curves in the right places; I'm a 36DD. Anyway...

After the divorce I found myself with a lot of free time on my hands, especially at the weekends (I work during the week, 9 - 3, being an office hermit) so I took the opportunity to go walking in the local woods and generally soak up on nature and the great outdoors. On one such a walk, I was nearly knocked off my feet by a lad about 19 on a mountain bike. One part of the woods is dotted with ramps and all sorts, so it's fairly popular with cyclists. He instantly stopped and apologised for nearly sending me flying. However, I missed what he was saying as I was completely transfixed by his eyes. They were the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen in my life. Such a striking colour of blue with white flecks, and when he smiled they just went straight through me and made my hair stand up on end. That, and he was completely gorgeous. Naturally, we got talking for a while and then carried on our separate ways. Every weekend from then on, I'd often run into him in the woods. One time I caught him without his shirt on, and I was horny instantly just at the sight. I'm not easily aroused, so this was a complete surprise. He was completely toned and all the muscle was obvious, but not in an over-the-top fashion. I was more embarrassed than he was! After that, I really couldn't stop thinking about him. And certainly, that lead to thoughts of seducing him and what he'd feel like, taste like and how he'd excite me. I had many sessions jilling thinking about him doing all sorts to me. After having no sex for a few years, I was raring to go.

One day, as I was wandering, my mind drifted off and I began to imagine the two of us together. Just me findinghim shirtless and running my hands over his chest and back, digging my nails into his skin as he kissed me forcefully. I'd be breathing in the smell of his aftershave and his sweat, begging for him to continue as I felt him harden through his shorts. I leant against a tree, hot and flustered, and without thinking had my hand down my jeans and was rubbing my clit through my knickers. I was soaking wet. I wasn't on the beaten path, so wouldn't be easily seen. I closed my eyes and thought of him slipping a finger up my very wet pussy, my own hand stroking his cock. I shuddered and rubbed myself faster, my nipples aching to be touched...

"You alright?"

... I opened my eyes again in horror, and stared at him stood right there! He was grinning from ear to ear, his hair a tangled mess but those eyes were glimmering with something between mischief and joy. He'd caught me with my hand down my jeans, obviously pleasuring myself and panting heavily. For reasons I'll never understand, I didn't remove my hand, but instead looked him right in the eyes and carried on, breathing huskily and asked; 'Like what you see?'

He smirked and nodded, his eyes wandering over my body towards my hand, still inside my jeans, and still rubbing my clit. I glanced at his crotch and could see something stirring. "Mind if I join you?"

I bit my lip as I slipped the tip of my finger into my pussy, my eyes shutting for just a second. That was all he needed as he took his very hard cock out and began stroking it. Not the biggest cock in the world, but easily about 6 inches. I pulled my jeans and knickes completely down, the wetness in the crotch completely obvious. He stepped forward and caught my hand, kissing my palm and smiling at the smell of my arousal. I put my other hand on his cock as he traced down my stomach, and slowly stroked over my clit with his fingers. I felt myself shudder in delight at his touch, moaning softly as I began to jack him off, slowly at first but increasing the speed. He kept the rhythm on my clit, eventually slipping one, then two fingers into me and silencing my moan of pleasure with a passionate kiss. He tasted so good! I began furiously rubbing my flit with one finger as he fingered me; our tongues swirling around each other. His other hand made it's way to one of my boobs under my top and squeezed harhsly. I felt him brush over my nipple with his thumb. I pressed myself against him, wanking his cock at lightening speed as I came all over his fingers and hand. I bit his bottom lip so hard it bled a little as waves of pleasure washed over me. He kept fingering me as I came, my hips bucking against his hand until I felt my legs go weak. My thighs were soaked.

"Seems like you needed that..." he remarked, pushing both of his fingers as deep as possible for emphasis. I smiled at him and softly licked his upper lip, glancing down at his still hard cock. Without a word, I knelt infront of him and ran my tongue over the head of his cock, tasting his precum and making him groan. I took the head into my mouth, gently cupping his balls with my hand and began to take him into my mouth, sucking gently as I did so. I looked up, and saw him smelling his hand, licking my juices off it. Cupping his balls with one, and wanking him with the other, I carried on sucking his cock. He was thrusting against me, grunting and groaning about how good it felt. I tried to deep throat him, but it made me gag too much, so I just stuck with running my tongue along the underside of his cock and around the head, wanking the entire length of his cock. He began thrusting faster, and it didn't take long before he came in several long spurts. All of them into my mouth (something I'd never done before!). I slowly milked the rest of his cum out, gave his cock one last suck and stood up, smiling cheekily as I stuffed my still wet knickers down the front of his shorts. I pulled on my jeans, gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked off.

I fully plan on running into him again!