Written by Collins

15 Jul 2012

It has been sometime since I heard from Averil but on a trip to the UK last month I decided I would pay her a call.

I knocked on the door to be greeted by Averil.She asked me in and I had hardly got through the door when she threw herself upon me. Her lips were hard against mine ,her tongue searching and her hips grinding against my hardening cock. We slid down the wall against which she had pushed me and lay groping on the hall carpet.

I slid my hand up her skirt and felt her warm dampening pantie covered mound while she undid my belt and zip and freed my rampant cock. I eased her panties to one side and pushed a finger into her cunt she groaned with pleasure and eased herself on top of me. My cock replaced my finger inside her and she rode me like a maniac. It was not long before we both reached our climaxes and lay breathing heavily on the floor.

Wow! What a welcome!

We got up rearranged our clothing and she took me into the lounge. She fetched some glasses and a bottle of wine and she told me that Steve had left her six months ago and was living in London with his 22 year old secretary. She was so embarrassed that she hardly went out and I was the first person she had told about it.

I took her in my arms on the sofa and slowly removed all her clothes. Starting with her toes I kissed my way up her legs to her cunt. I found her clit and brought her off with my tongue. I parted her labia an licked into her cunt, her juices tasted delicious. I moved on upwards kissing her navel and then nibbling each nipple in turn. As my tongue ran up her neck she orgasmed violently and her lips sought mine and our tongues entwined.

I slipped out of my clothes and she went down on my cock. Her lips wrapped round it and her tongue licking my bell. I knew if she continued this I would soon shoot my load, so I removed her head and lay her on her back.

Slinging her long legs over my shoulder I kissed each of her small breasts and slid my cock deep into her.As usual I was all but plugged into her cervix. She squealed her delight and I began thrusting slowly in and out. Her nails gouged my back as she climaxed once more.I increased my speed and slammed into her hard. She grunted with each thrust.Our breathing became heavy and with one final thrust I came. Four or five large strings shot from me and I felt her heat surround my cock.

I pulled out and watched our combined juices run from her.

She smiled at me and said 'How long can you stay?'

I smiled back and I said 'Forever.'