Written by Kinkijack

9 Apr 2009

Continuing on from the previous story B had just sent me a message saying we needed to talk.

I thought about it for while then replied, saying that i was free all of today and tomorrow.

she replied fairly quickly telling me that D was back at work tomorrow night at 7 and that she would come round after then.

The next day went by slowly if i had paced the living room any more i would've worn a hole in the carpet, at 10:15 there was a knock at the door, i stopped myself from running to answer, B was stood there, dressed casual but looking as stunning as always. as she kissed me on the cheek a tingle went down my spine. Invited her in and sat down on the sofa in he living room, she joined me sitting next to me.

She started things off by saying that what we did was obviouly wrong, although she had felt neglected as D only really thought of himself, she told me that she had strong feelings for me and these were worsened by alcohol and attention. I then spoke, telling her that though i felt guilty, i didn't regret what had happened the other night, i told her how it was like a dream come true for me, this gorgeous and wonderful lass who i had fancied the pants off for years had actually been intersted in me, i said that i would never see a more perfect moment. while talking i put my hand on her leg and when i finished she grabbed my hand, i realised i hadn't offered her a drink, i asked her if i could get her anything and she replied that there was only one thing she wanted. B leaned over and kissed me, i was not a shocked as i had been the other night but it still took me a second to respond. i removed her top and caressed her perfect tits, less eager then the other night, while still caressing with one hand i reached round with my other and unhooked her bra, after teasing her nipples for only a moment she nelt down on the floor, unziped my jeans and got my semi hard cock out, bringing it to hardness in only seconds she put her mouth around it and began the best blowjob i had ever had, although not wanting to stop this i nelt down to her, kissed her again and sugested we move this upstairs. not being able to resist while walking up the stairs i grabbed her perfect arse, cheaky she responded playfully, the moment wh were in the bedroom we were all over each other again, i pushed her down onto the bed kissing her again then slowly moving down her body,i pulled off her jeans and panties and hungrilly start to lick her pussy. She came after less then a minute of this and screamed that she wanted me to fuck her now, saying D hadn't fucked her in over a month and she wanted me to fuck her hard. obligingly i moved my still rock hard cock to her pussy but paused enough for her to beg me to fuck her, i struggled to squeeze my cock into her tight pussy but when i finally got all my cock in her it was greeted by B cumming Hard! i slowly began to fuck her gradually increasing in speed accompanied by her moans and screams of satisfaction. I do pride myself on my stamina but this horny sight of me franticly fucking this dream girl and her screams of pleasure was taking it's toll, after about 15 minutes i announced that i was about to cum, B didn't care she was enjoying herself too much, i came deep inside of her but continued fucking her for a further 5 minutes until i came again. i collapsed on the bed and B cuddled up to me we both fell asleep, I woke at around 7 to the sight of B franticly getting dressed saying she had to go to work, she kissed me and told me she loved me. so began our short but passionate affair, D was working nights so B would come round when he left for work, it seemed like the perfect arrangement, after 2 weeks when she came round she told me that she had to come clean to D, that she still loved him and she couldn't continue on like this, she kissed me goodbye and left.......

I didn't hear anything for a week then B came round to tell me that she had confessed that she had cheated on D but didn't say who with, D confessed to cheating on her previous to them getting married, B said that it had strengthened their relationship D had stopped the night shifts and they are apending more time together and that their sex life had improved. She kissed me goodbye and thanked me for our time together.