Written by 5fingers

18 Jun 2008

My first husband and I had 20 pretty good years together and when we parted it was on friendly terms. His job had taken us from town to town across the country and we left the grownup kids behind on the last move. I found an interesting job and treated it more seriously than before. This time it wasn;t a part-time job for the cash but something to do for myself. Most of the people I got to know in the new town were colleagues and my then boss seemed to appreciate me. That helped a lot as my home life was almost non-existent. The kids weren;t there and hubby was working late or away or in his own world.

Looking back I see how pure and simple my life used to be, and I was pure and simple as well. I wasn;t bored or unhappy, just ignorant of all I was missing. How things have changed! Nothing happened quickly. My boss was always polite, reasonable and he let us all know what he wanted, made sure we were getting the work done and thanked us for doing it. It was a happy place and I grew to like him. His flirting didn;t even seem like flirting. He told me when he liked my hair, makeup or clothes, so I made an effort to please him. When he said how my clothes showed off my body I thanked him. When he winked and looked down my cleavage I smiled my thanks at his compliment. I probably flirted with him more obviously. I remembered to dab some perfume in my cleavage;for him; every morning. I bought tighter or shorter skirts with him in mind. The hair dresser styled my hair to get his compliments. I wasn;t surprised but delighted when he said at the end of the day that he was going to go home and dream of me. So the next morning I made sure we were alone and I could ask him if he had dreamt of me? He casually replied that thoughts of me had kept him awake, thank you! I found butterflies in my stomach and my knees weakening.

Thoughts of him sent me off to sleep after that.

The flirting took off after that. We spent more time together than work required. I;d break away saying, ;well I;d better go and get some work done;. He;d say that he;d forgotten that;s what we were here for. Standing next to him at his desk one day and holding each other;s gaze he said Oh my God look what you;re doing to me and held on to the bulge in his trousers. I blushed but didn;t move away. He stood up and kissed me. I felt like some Mills and Boon lady swooning as his erection pressed into my stomach. We broke apart without speaking and I tried to walk calmly out of his office. At the end of the afternoon he called me into his office and gave me a large bouquet of flowers and reduced me to a quivering wreck by telling me how special I was. Back home my husband seemed to be a stranger inhabiting the same house.

Next day the boss asked me to lunch with him and talk over the new project. What new project I asked. I;ll tell you over lunch he replied. The new project was us! He told me very properly that his interest in me was now un-professional and he wanted to make sure he wasn;t taking advantage of me. I was so giddy at this I answered that he could take me any way he liked. He reached out to hold my hand and licked his lips. After work I waited until everyone else had left and went into his office and asked if there was anything more I could do for him with a broad grin on my face. Where do I start? was his reply as he walked across and took me in his arms. We kissed like teenagers learning how to. Then he took me back to his chair, sat down and pulled me onto his lap. Snogging turned to petting as he cupped one of my breasts and lightly rubbed my nipple with his thumb. I was lost in the moment. When he whispered in my ear I want to make love to you here and now on my desk I just said Yes please. We stood and undressed each other, kissing and stroking, then carefully cleared his desk and I popped onto it, lay down and spread my legs longing for him to take me. As soon as he was above me I pulled his face to mine and we kissed as his cock slipped right into me. My orgasm started there and then as the warmth of his cock filled my belly and made my nipples tingle and my whole body shook with pleasure. When he rocked to and fro I just clung to him and groaned with pleasure. His orgasm was a mixture of deep groans and grunts as his cock pulsed inside me before his hips pivoted fully forward to propel it further into me and unload his juice, squirt after squirt into me. We lay there warm, wet and connected whilst our hearts stopped racing and his cock softened and shrank. Then we started kissing again and his cock filled and hardened. His cock felt so good in me. It felt like it was mine. All I had to do was kiss him deeply and I could command it to fill me. My nipples seemed on fire as they were stroked by the hairs on his chest. Our stomachs were lubricated by our sweat and we rocked together again slowly building up to another orgasm, or rather orgasms for me.

Had we made love twice or just continuously for an hour? The desk was as slippery as we were. It took a box of tissues before we could get dressed and leave the room. He offered to drive me home, but I had my own car there. We both found it difficult to believe we had to part, but we needed to get down to earth and would be back at work again tomorrow. Even if things would never be the same again.