15 Jul 2015

My friend has been married for many years and has a good sex with her husband but has a much higher sex drive than him.

She is also bisexual and about 10 years ago she met a woman at the gym and got to know her over time. They went out socially and soon they were getting closer and got into a romantic relationship slowly as they both got on well.

Then about 8 years ago my friend met a man when out with friends and they were getting on well that night and wanted to meet again. They started dating/courting and things got more serious as time went on.

So now the pressure is off her husband sexually and he does not mind her having sex with her boy/girlfriend. She admits to him that she loves them all and her husband gets excited about it. Her other lovers know she is married.

She loves experimenting with all her lovers and even more with her girlfriend and going to sex shops and Ann Summers with her partners and even wants to go to amsterdam. She loves anal with her boyfriend and loves using condoms and loves buying them and other toys etc. She loves sex in cars and some dogging and loves showing off with her partners in public like pubs etc.