Written by Juliette

15 May 2007

We run upstairs and abandon our clothes. Falling into bed together, I wrap my body around yours. Your cock is rock hard already grinding against me. We kiss deeply, exploring each other’s mouths and I’m immensely horny and aroused.

You caress and suck my tits, making my nipples hard instantly. You roll them between your fingers and the pleasures are transferred straight to my clit. You pull away slightly and work your way down my body with your tongue, stopping when you reach my pussy. You lick and suck my clit rhythmically, stimulating every fibre of my body. I feel like I’m on fire. My breathing races out of control and the sensations are sending me into a drunken frenzy.

Just when I think I can’t take any more of this delicious torture, without passing out, I realise orgasm is imminent. The already incredible sensations intensify and my body tightens and then that beautiful moment happens. I feel like I’m exploding and wave after wave of pure pleasure pulses through me. I smile and you chuckle, contentedly. Gradually my body relaxes and we kiss tenderly.

I sit astride you and take your beautiful cock into my mouth and start to suck and lick, massaging it with my mouth. I run my lips all the way to the base where it meets your balls, which I’m stroking at the same time. My lips move up and down, up and down the full length of your cock. I take you deep down into my throat and feel you rubbing against it. I kiss and lick around the rim with the lightest of lips, then I work my way up and down again rhythmically, gaining momentum. Varying the pressure, I keep the sucking motion going, enjoying the silky texture. You taste gorgeous. I can smell spunk and I go faster and faster. You thrust towards me, lost in your own world. I love to watch your face, sneakily glancing up from between your legs. I’m loving being in control and knowing I’m giving you pleasure. I feel you getting bigger and harder as you get closer to coming. I know you want to come in my mouth and I want you to. I love that warm feeling when your spunk fills my mouth and throat and I taste the glorious essence of your masculinity. I love your trust in me and your submission.

This time though, I deny us both that pleasure. I need fucking. I need you to spunk in my pussy. You know what I need and you plunge your cock in deep and fuck me hard. The pleasure is indescribable. I grasp your bum and pull you closer to me while you pump in and out. We both watch as your cock goes all the way in, to its full length. You withdraw it and plunge it back in again. It turns us on so much. Your legs straddle my legs and you keep on fucking me. I come in seconds. My pussy feels well fucked and my clit is satisfied.

It’s your turn now. To highten your senses, I gently place a silk scarf over your eyes. You are a little surprised, but compliant. I lightly tie your wrists to the headboard with another silk scarf. You’re not sure what I am going to do. I kiss you and run my lips over your body, before lowering the warm, soft, wetness of my pussy onto your cock. I start fucking you, bouncing up and down. My tits bounce around in time. I get faster and faster and you thrust in time with me. I pause briefly to untie your wrists and uncover your gorgeous, deep, dark eyes. Sexy eyes. You grab my bum and pull me down on you, harder. You start to guide the rhythm of your thrusting cock, thrusting deeply into my pussy. We’re in ecstasy. My pussy feels tight, soft and very wet, to your cock. We keep the same rhythm for a while, with the glorious sensations building. I feel euphoric, like I could hold this moment forever. We build momentum and your body tenses and then it happens. With a final thrust we reach the moment when you come. Your spunk shoots deep inside my pussy, like champagne being released from a bottle that has been shaken. The waves of pleasure run through you as you come, and you pump your beautiful spunk. Your body arches and I watch your face. You’re in your own world, lost in orgasmic bliss. The pleasure pulses continue, and I, once again wrap my lips around your still hard cock. I gently suck every drop of precious spunk, until your balls are empty.

Then, we hold each other close, and kiss and stroke until we drift off, in one another’s arms. Our breathing is slow. We are fulfilled.