Written by partygirllez5

26 Jul 2012


Dave leant over the formica table and prised her lips open with his snake like tongue and immediately she felt her panties getting moist, again!

“Well, darling,” he said “another successful business trip! Thanks for alleviating the boredom of the board meeting. You shouldn’t have told me you weren’t wearing any knickers in there, you always get me horny when you do that!”

Dave and Crimson were sitting at a coffee shop in the airport after having landed early at Heathrow, and were waiting for their drivers to pick them up to take them to their respective homes.

Dave was in his early 40’s and was the typical bad boy made good. He was from the East End of London and had been one of the original employees of the organisation when it had started up with just 10 people. He’d joined as a salesman and had worked his way up to Managing Director of a company with over 600 employees now. Some might say he’d been in the right place at the right time but he could charm the pants off anyone (including Crimson!) and that was part of the secret of his success. He was good with people and everyone loved him. He had the usual trappings of success: big house, fast cars, a motorbike, a gold Rolex and always wore the best designer label suits, shirts and brightly coloured silk ties. Put simply, he took pride in his appearance. Although he wasn’t what you would call classically good looking he had a sex appeal which shone through and he was definitely young at heart. He could be one of the lads and enjoyed a practical joke with the best of them, but when the chips were down he could be ruthless and invariably got what he wanted.

Crimson, on the other hand, had been working for the same company for just over 3 years, having joined the organisation after a rigorous interview process, culminating with a final interview with Dave. She had all the right legal credentials, having previously worked in the City at a top firm of solicitors where she had got a reputation as a firm but fair negotiator with a sharp mind and but a pleasant demeanour. Part of her trade mark reputation was that she always shook hands and had a drink with the negotiator on the other side whenever a deal completed. She had now decided to develop her legal experience by working in house for a real company. She was a driven business woman, who had done well at University and had gone to one of the best Law Schools in the country.

She also had all the right physical attributes, a pretty face, an hour glass figure, long shapely legs and shoulder length dark brown hair which she always wore tied back in a neat chignon at work. She made sure that the clothes she wore at work were well fitted and business like, only hinting at the sensuous woman who lurked beneath them. The only thing missing from her life was a full time partner, and up until now she just hadn’t had the time or the energy to spend finding one, being married to her job. That is until she met Dave!

The mention of the meeting the day before brought it all back to Crimson. After the meeting all the dirctors had been taken to a French manor house, now a top restaurant, just outside of Paris, a place only a native Parisian would know, in order to cement Anglo-French relations. They’d drunk oodles of Moet & Chandon Champagne before the meal and fine wines during it, complementing each course. As a result, Crimson had got pretty drunk. She was the only woman round the table, she wasn’t a director but was there as she was the Company Solicitor. She always enjoyed the Gallic charm of the French men, even if most of them were old enough to be her father and she was aware that they had been ogling her ample breasts through most of the meal!

Half way through the evening, Crimson made her excuses and went to powder her nose, winking at Dave as she exited and Dave followed her out to the Ladies Powder Room a few minutes later.

“You’re a horny bitch, aren’t you?” he said, nuzzling into her neck with his nose and simultaneously pushing her hard up against the toilet cubicle wall. “I saw you, flirting with those French guys! You shouldn’t lead them on, like that. You know it’s only me you need to keep happy. And if you’re not careful you’re going to give them all a heart attack with that fabulous cleavage of yours!”

He knelt down in front of her, not caring that his Armani suit trousers were now wiping the toilet floor and slowly pushed his strong smooth fingers firmly up her legs.

“Mmmmm, you wore the stockings and suspenders I bought you. I love this little bit of skin just above your stockings. It’s so smooth.” he said stroking her inner thigh with his rough thumbs.

Her love juices were flowing freely now. He always seemed to be able to do that to her, just one sideways look and she would melt. .

”Oh, what’s this, you’re leaking all the way down your gorgeous thighs! That’ll teach you for not wearing knickers, you naughty girl!”

He licked the soft skin from her stocking tops all the way up to her pussy, hoovering up her snail trail of love juices and then breathing in the sexy female aroma coming from her pubic mound.

“And you smell like a bitch on heat!”

He stuck his long tongue out and licked her pussy lips slowly from back to front, his nose pushing firmly against her clitoris as he did so. Then he peeled her vaginal lips apart to uncover her inner sanctum. She could feel an orgasm building already.

“God, I love the taste of your cunt when you’re hot and horny, you dirty cow!”

He started to push his stiffened tongue up her love tunnel and brought his thumbs up to her clitoris and started to rub it gently in little circles.

“Oh Dave, fuck me with your tongue! Fuck me!” Crimson cried.

As Crimson was on the brink of orgasm, he pulled away.

“Oh no you don’t you little minx!” he said as he got up, unzipping his flies, “Get your lips around that!”

His long thin uncircumcised cock boomeranged out of his trousers, as stiff as a board, and as Crimson slowly bent down, Dave placed both of his hands over her head and pushed her roughly down to the floor in front of him.

“Suck it, you dirty whore. You know you want to!”

Crimson loved it when he talked dirty to her. Having to maintain such a prim and proper reputation in her legal work life, Crimson found it so erotic when she was treated like a tart in her sexual relationships. Crimson opened her mouth and took his hard prick into her warm mouth, tasting his pre cum immediately. She ran her wet tongue around the helmet while she held the base of his dick with her hand and slowly started to move it up and down the root. As Dave started to moan, the door of the Ladies Room squeaked open and she could hear a waitress calling her name.

“Mademoiselle Shepherd, vous etes ici? Telefon!”

Crimson looked up at Dave, his hard cock still in her mouth, and he rolled his eyes and mouthed at her “Later, you dirty bitch.”

They’d been having an affair for about 2 years now. For Crimson, he was “the one”. She was just about to hit 36 and knew that time was running out for her to meet a guy to settle down with. Dave was funny, charismatic, and extremely sexy. He was the golden boy, loved by the whole company, and particularly by the French shareholders and she felt so lucky that he was even interested in her. The fact that they both needed to attend Board meetings in Paris meant that they’d been enjoying an all expenses paid international affair on the company for months.

It had started about 6 months after she’d started at the company. Dave flirted with her, coming to her office at every opportunity asking her about spurious legal issues which she was working on. She knew they were just an excuse to see her rather than any interest in the work she was doing. Even so, she got flustered when he came into the room and the sexual tension between them was clear to anyone who was in their presence.

A few months after the flirting had started, Dave had come to her office, late one night when everyone else had gone home, and Crimson was pouring over an important contract for a million pound deal which was completing the next day. Realising she was feeling tense, he stood behind her and started massaging her shoulders with his strong hands. His touch had felt so sensual and the fact that it was happening at work in her office really turned her on. As the massage progressed, so Dave’s hands had progressed down her chest to massage her soft billowy tits through her thin cream silk blouse. She could feel her nipples becoming as hard as walnuts and as she wriggled in her chair to get some purchase on her clitoris, her pencil skirt started to ride up her legs, bringing her stocking tops into Dave’s full view. As Dave had bent to kiss her neck and ears, a move guaranteed to turn Crimson to jelly, they both heard the click of a door security access card at the same time. It was the security guard doing his evening rounds and they only just had enough time to make themselves respectable before he entered Crimson’s office to check everything was in order.

Then, at the first Paris board meeting Crimson attended, Dave had come to her hotel room in the wee small hours, and she had taken him happily into her warm bed and her heart. The fact that he was already living with his girlfriend, the Head of Marketing at the same company, was a minor detail. He had assured her that he was not happy in his relationship and that he loved her, it would just take a little time for him to extract himself from her clutches.

Coming back to the present, Crimson thought about what had happened the night before. Sometime after midnight, Crimson had returned to the quaint little French hotel they were all staying in and had a warm shower to rid herself of all traces and thoughts of the working day. It had been her last board meeting for the company and although she was feeling slightly melancholy about it, she was enthusiastic about what the future held with her new job in the City.

She had been booked into a large suite with a huge sumptuous bed, a waste really for just one person. The sheets were white Egyptian cotton, perfectly starched and cold to the touch as she slipped under the covers. Dave had still been drinking with the rest of the English directors down in the small lobby bar when she had made her excuses to come up to her room. They had been celebrating the continued support of the French parent company. Being the life and soul of the party, it looked like Dave would be there for hours yet, and tonight Crimson didn’t feel like being a side show. Based on past experience, when Dave was on a roll with his work colleagues, it was unlikely that she would see him again that evening.

Still wide awake, she flicked through the hotel TV channels and came across the usual hotel porn. There were a couple of glamour girls in a sixty nine position, the busty brunette pushing her index finger deep into the pussy of the skinny blonde, whilst the blonde licked the shaved cunt of the brunette hungrily, both of them moaning loudly. As she quickly attempted to find the volume button to turn it down for fear of being heard by guests in adjoining rooms, the picture scrambled and she was left with a notice asking her to agree to pay to see the rest. What the hell, she thought. She entered her credit card details and the picture flashed back on. A male porn star, hung like a stallion, had now joined the two girls and they were running their tongues up either side of his huge cock, whilst he fingered them both.

Crimson dropped the remote and pulled back the sheets. She slowly pulled up her purple silk negligee until her nipples were exposed and she shivered slightly as the cold air touched her body. Her nipples hardened. She spat on her fingers and she rubbed the spit slowly onto each nipple, pushing the moisture over the surface of her needle hard brown tips.

“Mmmmm”, she moaned as she watched the well hung guy in the porn movie imagining she was on the set. He had now moved behind the brunette actress and as he pushed his finger into her tight arse hole he rubbed his dick over her wet flange. She was bent over completely now and was licking her blonde girlfriend’s twat as she lay, legs wide open, in front of the dark haired girl on the sofa.

“Crimson, Crimson, are you still up? Open the door, it’s me!”

It was Dave, speaking in a stage whisper outside her hotel room door, obviously the party had finished early but Dave was still raring to go. She got out of bed, quickly smoothed down her silk negligee, pinching her nipples hard to make them stand out under their silk covering and went to open the door.

“Hi darling, fancy some of this?” he asked.

He was swaying slightly and in one hand had a half drunk bottle of Crimson’s favourite champagne and was rubbing his dick through his trousers with the other. She wasn’t sure which he was offering, but Crimson knew that even though he was three sheets to the wind he would still be able to perform!

“Let’s party!” he said.

He stepped over the threshold, swept her into his arms and started French kissing her pushing his tongue into her mouth and his semi hard dick into her groin and kicked the door closed with his foot behind him. His attention was drawn to the moans coming from the TV. He released her, kicked his shoes off and jumped onto the bed.

“You are an extremely dirty cow, aren’t you? I bet you’ve been lying here frigging yourself watching this, haven’t you! What say we have our own little porn show, darling? I want to see you strip for me!”

Crimson was unsure exactly what she should do. She wasn’t very self confident and had never done a strip tease. She walked slowly over to the bed and bent over almost touching her toes, facing him. She slowly ran her hands over her smooth legs from her ankles, up her thighs. He could see her breasts almost spilling out of her violet chemise as she raised her head and looked at him, running her tongue over her lips. Her hands continued moving up past her thighs and slightly rouched up the silky material so Dave could see her hairy pussy come into focus. Her clitoris was just peeping out and as she ran a finger between her pussy lips he could see the glistening moisture on her finger, the tell tale sign that she was ready for him. She bent across the bed to him and rubbed her finger across the skin between his lips and nose so that he could smell her erotic juice and then slid her finger in his mouth. As he bit her finger and swirled his tongue over the tip, he tried to grab her body but she pulled away, too quick for him.

This time Crimson started working on her top half. She played with the shoe string thin straps of her chemise, hooked her thumbs under each of them and slowly let them slip down her arms until the whole garment slid off her body in to a purple pool on the floor. She put her hands under both of her tits and raised them in turn to her lips and sucked hard on her own nipples until they were sticking out about half an inch, now a rich dark maroon colour from the blood which she had just sucked to the tips.

By this time Dave had unzipped his flies and was slowly wanking his dick enjoying the show.

“Come and sit on my face baby, I’m hungry!” he said.

That was music to Crimson’s ears! He slid down the bed so that he was lying completely vertical. She straddled his head, facing his cock and pulled her cunt lips wide apart so that he could see the delicious dish he would soon be enjoying. He let his dick go, and pulled her down so firmly that his hands left imprints on her buttocks. He forced her to rotate her hips, rubbing her fanny juice all over his face. He breathed deeply and then it started, the prickly volcanic feeling building inside Crimson, gently at first with small feather strokes of his tongue, just tickling her, sweeping across her whole pussy, and blowing gently on her inner lips. He knew exactly what she liked. Then applying more pressure, as he stiffened his tongue, he lapped up her juices as fast as she could make them. He manoeuvred his hand and stuck one finger deep inside her. At the same time he captured her clitoris in his mouth and started gently sucking.

“Put another finger inside me!” Crimson breathed “Another one, Dave!”

She loved to feel completely stuffed with his fingers and he knew just where to stroke her, bending his fingers inside her to hit her hot spot. With three fingers fucking her, she bent forward towards his feet and took his hard cock into her mouth, holding it firmly at the base and using short quick wanking motions with her hand. As her mouth travelled up and down his cock, her hand met her mouth on each stroke. Coming closer to her own orgasm, she sucked harder and moved her mouth and hand quicker and further down his prick, her stifled moans getting louder. Her internal muscles began contracting harder and faster against the pressure of his fingers on her pussy.

“I’m coming, Dave, I’m coming!” Crimson screamed

As she lifted her mouth off his prick to shout, he sprayed his jism all over her open mouth, hair and face.

“God, I love it when you give me a facial, Dave,” Crimson said smiling as she rolled off him, globules of spunk running from her lips.

She started wiping his come off her face with her fingertips, licking each one carefully not wanting to miss a drop as she did so.

“And I love you babe” he said, and with that he shut his eyes and fell into a drunken sleep. Typical she thought, he gets me aroused and then leaves me hanging!

At about 4am, Crimson awoke with the most glorious feeling between her legs. She was sprawled across the bed, naked, her legs wide open, and as she sleepily opened one eye she could see that Dave was kneeling on the bed in front of her his bare arse in the air, slowly licking her fanny again. When he could see that she was getting wet, he moved up the bed kissing her smooth tanned belly all the way up to her breasts. He swirled his tongue around each nipple, which became hard and aroused immediately on contact. Then feeling with his fingers, he located her vagina, fingered it a couple of times then shoved his hard dick inside her.

“I love fucking you, you horny bitch” he whispered in her ear, “you’re always wet and ready for me!” and he pumped hard and fast until he spewed his come deep inside her.

She was still in the place between wake and dream, but was aware of the physical sensation of wet sperm seeping out of her fanny and down her thighs. Dave quietly got up, slipped his clothes on, planted a peck on her forehead and was gone out of the door back to his own hotel room.