Written by PC 49

22 Sep 2009

Julie and I spent the weekend at an exhibition. She came with her parents, and was staying with them, I was working so was in accommodation paid for by the organisers. Because I was part of the stage crew, I was able to get them into the organiser’s party on Friday night. Julie was wearing a really attractive patterned dress, black and green, and I was thrilled to have her on my arm.

We chatted to people, made small talk and flirted. At the end of the evening, her Mum and Dad went off to their hotel and told her, half jokingly, not to be in after 11! I had noticed them eyeball my wedding ring, but they had not referred to it. After we had seen them into a taxi, Julie and I walked to my car and went for a drive, finding a secluded beauty spot/look out type place. We parked and started kissing and hugging. I put my hand inside her knickers and felt that she was soaking wet, as we carried on snogging, I felt her breasts, rolled her nipples between my thumb and finger, her hands found my erection through my trousers and stroked it…We stopped and looked at each other, giggling, as we looked at the stars, talking about everything and nothing….Julie then apologised for her hands being so cold and asked me to open my flies, I undid my trousers and slipped my pants down. Her cool hand on my hard hot shaft felt amazing, and we kissed hard again, and then she leant over and took my cock in her mouth…Her lips felt wonderful, moist, hot, and as she bobbed her head up and down a car pulled into the parking area, flooding the interior for light momentarily, but she carried on….I felt myself starting to get close and started to buck my hips back at her, she pushed her mouth further down on me, meeting my thrusts and then held herself still as I came, 5, 6 spurts, swallowing all of it…she then licked all around my cock head and sat back up, smiling, meeting my gaze. We kissed, deeply, and hugged. Still talking, and then I drove her back to her parents hotel. Kissing and speaking of the Saturday’s party, I left her and returned to my room.

When I met her for the party she looked amazing, evening dress, hair just “so” make-up, all wonderful. We chatted to people, sat, listened to speeches, enjoyed the entertainment, keeping the façade up of not being “too close” a pair of friends. I did manage to touch her thigh under the table, and she was stroking mine throughout, at one point I stroked her labia through her knickers as she poured a drink – she so nearly spilled the lot! Once the dancing commenced we want as if to join in, but instead headed for the exit and into the car again. We drove for 10 minutes and found a secluded field entrance. I pulled off the road and we were kissing like teenagers. Giggling at the pretence, and copping good feels of each other. After a while I said

“I want to take you out of this car and fuck you”

Julie replied:-

“Oohhhh – I know you do! You naughty man!”

Laughing the more we got out of the car and I leant her against the five bar gate in front of us. As cars drove past us, no more than 30 feet away, and their lights illuminated our scene momentarily, I pulled her wonderful big breasts from her ball gown top and grabbed them, hard. She squealed but pushed back at me. I lifted her dress’s skirts and dropped my own trousers, lifting the hem of my boxers over my hard on, and using it to push my balls forward. I leant into her and entered her sopping pussy. She said “Yes…please…yes…” ad I started to rock back and forth, deeper each thrust. I leant back a little and in my poshest voice said:-

“You are a dirty slut aren’t you?”

She tensed, I know she likes being abused and my using a posh voice

“Yes, I am,….tell me why I am..?”

“You are a slut, you sucked my cock last night and swallowed all my spunk, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did….I’m a bad girl…”

He breathing got harder and I upped my pace, and smacked her right arse cheek, hard.

“And now you are letting me fuck you here in the open, you NAUGHTY bitch!”

“Ahhhhrreeee..” She started to cum, and I felt her tighten as I could not hold back any more and joined her. Spunking deep inside her, again, we used no condoms…We held onto each other as we regained our breath. She pulling her knickers back up, me fastening my trousers. Holding her close and kissing her hair and face we smiled, whispering…I drove her back.

I received a text from her the next day:-

“Thank you for a truly fabulous evening. You are amazing. I still have your cum dripping from me. Love it x”

I am staying at her place again next week, and suspect she will be seeing her other man in between. If you like these tales, leave a comment.

Thank you.