2 Jun 2016

A family was moving into an apartment next to Minnie’s. They were three of them – a dark haired man, about 20 years old and his parents, who were supervising the unloading of boxes and furniture and pushing them through the door. The three were speaking so loud, so Minnie, a London escort, knew that the name of the man was Tom. He called his parents Ma and Pa.

Minnie knew instantly that he was her type. When everything had been transferred inside, she went out and walked toward the door of the new neighbors. She wanted to introduce herself and offer them coffee as a nice gesture. She had checked her appearance in her mirror before going out, so she was sure that she looked stunning. Minnie wonders why she’s a bit nervous about meeting Tom; as a blonde escort, she had been very confident with men. Maybe it’s something about the guy.

She knocked, her heart beating a bit faster. It was Tom who opened the door. For seconds, they just stood there, staring at each other. Then Minnie spoke first. “Hi, I’m Minnie. I live next door and I would like to welcome you to this place. May I offer you some coffee?” Tom didn’t think twice, and said “Yes, that would be nice, but let me help you. Wait here.” He shouted to his parents, “Ma, Pa, I’ll get you coffee outside” and the two went off.

Minnie walked ahead of Tom, who closed the door behind them. He was so quiet, so she looked back at him. She saw his eyes that burned fiercely and this made her feel horny too. She went to him and kissed him on the lips and he pulled her body closer to his chest. She felt his erection and wondered whether he would fuck her here in the hall. Tom pushed her against the wall, pulled her top up, kissed her tits and sucked on her nipples.

She undid her jeans’ button and got rid of it. Tom kneeled and licked her pussy with his tongue and the heat pricked Minnie’s skin while the waves of desire continued to build up. Then, Tom stood up and got rid of his denims, displaying his huge and hard cock. She wrapped her long legs around his back and this allowed Tom to insert his penis to her pussy all the way, inside. Minnie groaned with pleasure. He was thrusting so hard, while his hands were on her breasts. She wanted him to push deeper, so she grabbed Tom’s buttocks as a sign.

Her body started to shake violently and Minnie knew that she is nearing climax. She hugged Tom very tight and loudly screamed as her pussy also tightly clenched around his cock. At that time, Tom had also come around and he spurt a load of cum inside her.

And they remembered that the parents were waiting for the coffee. Therefore, they cleared themselves and made it.