Written by LovingHusband

27 Oct 2014

Confessions 1 - The First Time

My wife is now 81 and starting to slow down on her sexual exploits now, but when we were married - nearly 40 years ago - she was a different kettle of fish !

We had known each other as friends for a while when the attraction started to turn into a bit more - lust in her case. At the time I was still in my late teens and a bit of a rooky as far as sex was concerned and certainly a virgin ! On the occasion when I first kissed her it was as if a switch had been flicked and she went straight for my jewel in my jeans ! Within minutes we were heavily snogging and she soon had my jeans around my knees. Despite being in the kitchen around midday, she encouraged me to slide my hands up her skirt and yank down her knickers which I noticed had a large damp patch in them. Before I hardly knew what was happening my virginity was a thing of the past as she humped up & down on my inexperienced cock which was soon spurting cum up her sloppy pussy. "You dirty sod" she scalded me "get down there and clean up that mess". I was not sure what she was on about but she just pushed my head down between her legs and into the mess pouring from her juicy cunt. What a great taste - I was hooked ! Just as well, as there has hardly been an occasion since when she has taken a filling without me cleaning up afterwards ! That special occasion still holds a unique place in my memory.