Written by Harry_22

27 Jul 2012

Friday afternoon and I was not relishing the drive home from South Wales – the M4 is fine, but it is the worst time to be heading west on the M5! Rather than stop for a power nap I figured I would try my luck with a regular playmate.

'What time are you going to work' I text, 'I am in the area.' Her reply told me that there was about an hour before she went to work, she is a receptionist for a hotel chain. 'I shall come round, you up for some fun?'

'Maybe,' she text back, 'you can give me a lift to work too!'

Half an hour later, I knocked on Megan's door, she has a nice apartment near the town centre. She is about 5ft 6, shorter than me and with a nice curvy, size 16 figure. She answered the door with a grin wearing only matching purple knickers and bra. Her hair was pulled back into a bun, her usual look for work.

“Ooh, I had forgotten how good you look in a suit,” she said leading me in by my hand and letting the door swing shut. We chit-chatted a little as she pottered around her kitchen setting a coffee in motion.

I made sure she saw me keeping my eyes glued to her arse and tits, they looked so good in her undies. She reacted to the attention by wiggling her bum as she moved and where possible leaning forwards to show me her tits. I stood up from the stool at her breakfast bar and adjusted my cock in my pants. Megan took the opportunity and stepped around the counter, rubbing my through my trousers.

It was like a starters pistol had gone off, we were all over each other, kissing and groping. I slid my hand to her crotch and felt the heat from her pussy, but she playfully slapped my hand away as I tried to lift the material to get my digits inside.

“Hey, I have work in like 10 minutes!” she laughed. I grabbed her tits instead and squeezed to two juicy handfuls.

“Well, I don't!” I protested, “I thought you said you wanted a lift?” I smiled at her. There was no doubt that we were going to get up to some mischief and if she did not have time for me to make her come that was no problem for me.

“True,” she replied as she reached down to tug down my zip. I undid my belt at the same time so that as she resumed snogging me she had my cock, hard now, in her hand.

My hands roamed over her as she tugged on my cock, it was very sexy. “Let me fuck you,” I asked and she looked up to my face with a broad grin.

She moved me from the stool and turned her back to me, leaning over the stool herself. I rubbed my cock as she pulled down her knickers. I ran my finger down her crease and found her pussy to be very wet, totally contradicting her 'got-to-go-to-work' mood!

My cock is not big, average in length at 6 inches and slim, but that does not take anything away from how tight Meg's pussy is.

“Oh, fuck,” I said as I nudged my way and I knew that this would not take long! I slid in to the hilt and very quickly found a pleasing rhythm to fuck her. She was moaning too, but I knew that she would not come.

“Fuck me,” she said, “Come on!”

“I am,” I replied and remembering that she was just about ready for work added with a smile, “where fo you want it?”

“Right there, baby,” she whispered back to me, “come in my cunt!” Words that seldom need repeating, I took hold of her hips and and banged her hard. Her wetness started to squelch around my pounding shaft and with a cry I shot my load into her.

She moaned hard and I ventured a long reach round to get my finger to her clit. I pressed hard on it while I was still in her and she gasped, but her will power was better than mine would have been; she put her hand to mine and moved it away. She stood up and my cock slipped from her. Swiftly her knickers were pulled up and she vanished.

Knowing she was pressed for time I straightened myself up and when she returned she was fully dressed and ready to go.

We kissed and had a laugh as we headed to the door. It is only a short drive to her work. We pulled up in front and she lithely undid her seat belt and leant over to me kissing me once more, “Thanks Harry,” she said, “and so you know, I am so horny at the thought of your come in my cunt... I can already feel it on my knickers!”

And she went and I headed on home. I had gotten 4 dirty texts from her by the time I made it to the Severn Bridge and I immediately was thinking up reasons to pop back across the river soon!