Written by Harry_22

5 Mar 2015

Annie and I hooked up nearly every couple of days after that first hook up, but it was still what it was, easy sex for a pair of highly sexed individuals. She was not on the swinging scene at all, but she understood a lot of the protocol. We had had a long chat about not being committed to each other and making sure we were happy with that – which we both were. Annie brought up other people first saying that she wanted to keep on with her single life and in case there was any doubt she added how the rules had to be that we would always play safe. I just smiled saying that I always did and she giggled saying her too.

“Mind you,” she said blushing, “there was a guy last year,” she broke off as she saw me looking at her, “oh I got checked out!” she said, “I am on the pill anyhow, or the implant I should say! He was clean, I didn’t get anything and he never did it again.”

“Did what? I asked with intrigue.

“Well, I met him through a pal,” she began, “he was 64 or so and he just liked some female company for an afternoon walk every now and then!” I smirked at the naivety of scenario and she nodded her agreement. She drove them up to the common and he lead the way, talking loosely and turning to sex-lives. Knowing what I know of Annie now, it was not a surprise to me that she got horny at this. It turns out that his ‘last time he had done it’ tale was in the very same spot in the woods where they now walked. She said that she did not really know how it came about, but she was soon leaning against a tree with his hand up her dress and in her knickers.

“This is fucking horny,” I told her and I moved to the seat next to her, keen to reenact my hand in her pants as she carried on. She moved to let me get access and she pushed her jeans all the way off her legs. I rubbed her wet lips up and down as she continued.

“I came,” she told me, “but he did not stop playing with me, he turned me round, rubbing my arse cheeks and reaching round to rub my tits. I swear,” she breathed heavily, “he was about to make me come again!” She moaned on through the retelling. He kissed her neck and without any words he moved her to the side a little and bent her forwards. She had not even been aware that he was hard (though I was not surprised!!) let alone that he had his cock out. He nudged the tip to her wet lips and pushed his head into her. She was going to protest, but he felt so good in her. He fucked her slowly for ten minutes and she was lost in orgasm as she put it! She wobbled where she stood, quivering from straining her legs and body as the pleasure rippled though her. Then he held her hips tightly and she felt his fingers pinch into her. She came hard she said as he pumped her hard and then he shot his load in her. He held her in place as she felt pulse after pulse of come fire into her. She described the warmth that built up in her and I abandoned fingering her pussy long enough to open my jeans and pull my own hard cock out. She giggled.

“It was sexy too,” she carried on as she stroked my hard on, “When he pulled out… I felt come run down my leg a little and then, quick as you like, he grabbed my knickers up ad pulled them back over my bum. I turned and kissed him and his cock was still poking me in my hip, but he was done then and tucked it away.” She leaned over and kissed me, tugging on me, we were both feverish from her tale and she stood briefly, letting me lift my bum and pull my jeans and boxers down. The garments got as far as my knees and she sat back down on my lap, she kissed me and I grabbed her waist, pulling her lips hard onto mine. She shifted her hips right up and stiff cock was pinned down by her crotch.

“I did not know that story was going to turn me on so much,” she confessed.

I could only laugh lightly back at her, “I pretty much knew it would turn me on,” I said, “Especially knowing how much you like spunk!” She ground herself on me and I could tell from the look in her eye that she was focusing on that thin layer of knicker material, the only thing stopping my cock being able to slide into her right then and there. Her grinding hardened and the friction built up on my shaft, warmth was soon turning to irritation until she clamped a hold on my shoulders and body froze while she let out her orgasm in tight gasps of breath, he head falling back with her eyes shut.

My phone rang in the pocket of my jeans and she jumped slightly as its vibrating ticked her leg. I glanced at the click on the wall.

“Shit, I am late!” I complained.

“You aren’t going anywhere yet!” Annie told me and she slid off my legs to the floor, “I have been thinking about this for days…” She pulled my jeans further down, but they got stuck at my feet due to my shoes still being on. “That will work,” she said and leant forward to sink her mouth over the tip of my cock. Her wet tongue lapped around my shaft as she took me in, and then heat enveloped me as she closed her lips and slid her head up and down me. Her finger tips trailed around my legs, leading her hand all over my thighs and under to cup me and then her hand held my cock up against my stomach and her tongue flicked out to gently lick my balls. She moaned on them and the vibrations tingled into my body. Without warning she leant back and with one easy lift, hoisted my jeans and so my ankles high into the air. She sucked on my balls making a chupping noise as she pulled back off each one. Next, to my delight, I felt her lap right under them, each lap venturing further south until at last wet warmth met my arsehole.

I moaned as soon as she made contact and she repeated the move. Her hand flailed round my leg, reaching back in between them to get a hold of my dick once. It did not look comfortable for her, but I did not care at that point. Instinctively her tongue was working on my hole and she was expertly changing shape to both lick it and get it wet and then making it hard and shaped to be able to poke onto my entrance. I was excited at the onslaught of sensations and my noised changed to let her know I was ready to come.

She moved back form me once more and she nearly caught a size nine in the head as my feet fell back down. She slid alongside my legs and as she put her mouth back to my cock so she slid her hand between my legs. I yelped as her finger tips pushed in tight. I wondered if she knew what she was doing as her finger touched my arsehole. The answer seemed to be no as she did not move it any more. So with a wanton lust I moaned out loud and reached for her hand, pulling it to me. She got the hint straight away and I let go of her wrist as she applied her own force. A purey theatrical cry came out my mouth as he digit pushed into me, and as I clenched down on her so my come rose in my cock. Annie pumped my dick twice more and then held still as my body did the rest. I felt her tongue licking me behind her lips as my come filled her mouth. She swallowed my load and then sucked up and down my shaft until I near pushed her off.

“Oh stop, stop,” I laughed as the super sensitivity took over. My chest heaved up and down as I watched her from the sofa. She had a ‘butter would not melt’ look as she pulled my boxers and jeans back up for me. When we both stood I could not resist rubbing her nipples, proud as they were under her tee shirt. She never wore a tee shirt when I was around unless we were with our mates. I quickly freshened up in her downstairs loo wishing I had more time on my hands. She saw me to the door in her tee shirt and knickers, she looked good enough to fuck.

“You are leaving me sooo horny!” she teased.

“I reckon you will do fine,” I told her, “You can go upstairs and abuse one or some of your toys!?” She laughed from round the back of her door, keen to not let any passers by see her half dressed.

“Fucking right,” she shout/whispered at me as I made my way up the path, “And if you are lucky, I will tell you all about it!”