Written by Harry_22

5 Jan 2015

Having bumped into her again recently (and an adventure or two has stemmed from that!) here is the recounting of an old hook up.

Jackie and I used to work together which was how we met originally and, before the term got really popular, we were fuck buddies for about a year. Coincidentally our last meeting was at a Christmas party, Jackie had actually met some one about a month prior and was settling down, but he was working away and ‘one last hookup’ seemed an obvious choice. We each had room mates at the hotel that night. We were making out on her bed, my hands in her knickers and fingers in her snatch when the loo flushed and we were shocked to find that her room mate was already back, albeit being ill in the bathroom. In record time her clothes were straightened and we faked looking for after hours booze to our other colleague. We joked about how we could have carried on where were, so bad was the state of her room mate, but elected to go back to my room instead anyhow. Colleagues were everywhere and to my dismay when we finally made it to my room, my room mate was there already though at least he was fast asleep on his bed. I turned to Jackie in the small hallway of the room looking for ideas and she wordlessly pulled me into the bathroom and shut the door behind us.

Instantly our hands were all over each other and then we kissed long and hard. She squeezed my hard on through my suit trousers (it was a black tie event we were at) and fumbled my zip open. I pushed her back from me and turned her round so I could pull her back on to me. My hard on poked out my trousers now and I pressed it into her bum, hugging he tight and reaching round to grope her tits. The bathroom was compact, had a long counter running opposite the bath with a basin sunk into it. At the end of the narrow room was the toilet. Where we stood now she faced the large mirror above the basin and from over her shoulder I watched my hands roam her front and play with her neat B cups. Under the material I could make out her nipples perking up and drifted my hand down to tug and lift on the hem of her dress. First to be revealed were her stocking tops, she always wore stocking instead of tights and had long shapely legs that held them in place – she preferred hold ups due to being less hassle. I moved my hands down her sides so I could rub her smooth skin and brush my hands on to he sheer nylon. Watching her from the side now I saw how she watched my hands intently, nibbling on her lips as she did. Lifting her dress higher I revealed her knickers now, shiny and triangular with a red stitching around the edge, I moved my hand straight to the front and gently stroked the soft cushion of her pubes beneath. She moaned and with a little pressure I pressed down and felt the warmth and dampness left from the earlier brief attention. Rising up again she tuned her head to me and kissed me over her shoulder as I pulled her upright and moved her forwards. As soon as she was free from leaning on me the back of her dress rode up too over the cute roundness of her bum, the same black material covering her cheeks in a bigger triangle, joined to the front by narrow strings at the top. I unclipped my button and she bent forwards and from underneath I saw her fingers reach and pull the gusset aside. I needed no more invitation and pushed my tip to her juicy lips. I pushed in about half way when I met some resistance and pulled back slightly to let her wet pussy shift on my cock. When I resumed my push I sunk in all the way so I bounced off her bum and she grunted, in the mirror I saw her mouth hang open and her eyes closed as she savoured me being all in her.

I grabbed at her arse and hips as I pumped her from behind, loving the sight of her face in the mirror as she took it hard and bit her lip as her orgasm rose in her. Her wetness seeped onto my balls and the heat and sporadic clenching on my cock told me how close she was. I pulled her tight to me once more and fucked her in shallow thrusts from my hips. This allowed me to reach fully round her and with a stretch I got my finger down to her clit. No sooner had I made contact did she gasp and her whole body clenched, I pressed and rubbed a little and with her tell-tale gasps she came. I held my cock deep in her as she held her breath until she had to let it go, her face reddened and her nipples pushed proudly out as her breath heaved back into action. Finally she bent harder so she was flat on the counter, the movement releasing her clit from my reach. Her breathing slowed down too as I gently bounced off her bum again, fucking my hard on in and out of her squelchy hole. The noise level had been kept low due to my sleeping colleague, we had hardly said a word since we left her room. She whispered something as she turned, pulling her self off my cock, but I could not make it out over the extractor fan. I realised she was complaining about the heat and it occurred to me at that point as well how hot it was this comparatively confined space.

“So undress,” I whispered to her with a cheeky grin on my face, peeling my shirt off over my head. As I pushed my trousers down she moved to help, dropping to her knees she pulled them down and then moved so that she brushed her face over my cock as I stepped out of them. I leant on the door with a hand as she knelt back up, meeting my cock at eye level before engulfing it between her lips. A couple of times we had met for a threesome and she had always enjoyed eating girls out. She loved the taste of pussy, her own included as she proved now as he licked and sucked me. She bobbed her head back and forth on me, pulling away every now and then so she could lift to get access to my balls. I held her hair in would-be bunches and moved it for her, on and off, on and off feeling my own come approaching.

“Not yet,” I whispered and she looked up at me, her mouth still locked on my member. Such a sexy sight.

“Oh good,” she giggled. She got back to her feet and pulled at the dress under her arm. This opened a zip so that with a shimmy it fell from her shoulders to the floor. Her bra was unclipped at the front, I thought I had dislodged it earlier, and she shrugged this off as well. I leaned in to kiss her tits, nibbling onto her erect nipples and making her giggle some more as she wriggled out of her knickers too. She looked amazing naked, although slender, she had enough shape to be curvy. In the position we were in I lucky to be able to survey the front and back thanks to the mirror. Her arse was ripe for grabbing which was exactly what I did as we kissed, lifting her slightly to position her on the counter. I shifted my lips from her mouth to her cheek to her collar bone and down, Jackie let out long moans as I went. I cradled her boobs in each hand, kneading them as I lowered to her nipples and then my hands scouted on once more to her waist before my mouth caught up to kiss her tummy. I glanced my eyes up in time to see her head fall back and smiled as it thudded lightly onto the mirrored panel. I carried on due south and her legs parted on cue, her knees lifting up to offer herself completely. I buried my face in her mound with no hesitation, instantly ravenous for her taste and smell. Her clit reacted to the flick of my tongue and then press of my nose as I pushed it as far in her as I could. I used my fingers to rub the insides of her thighs as I ate her, feeling her muscles quivering under my touch encouraged me on and made my cock throb to get back inside her too. My focus on her was interrupted by the arrival of her own fingers around my face, they played around my head and cheeks and as the pressed on I relaxed my neck to let her move them between me and her snatch. I licked at the digits as I heard her gasp and felt her tense as she moved over her clit. Taking this as an unspoken cue, I moved further back so that only the tip of my rigid tongue played over her, flicking at her wetness and pushing in and around her. She was ready for my next move which in no way took the edge off it, I went lower yet and felt her legs spread that little bit more to let me get to her arse. I licked at her puckered hole and as she gasped more and more I made it as wet as I could and ventured it further, firmer into her. The tight grip she had me was exquisite and I could hear gasped whispers from her once more, but could not make out the words still.

This time though, it mattered much less, I knew what I wanted and could tell that she wanted it too. I stood up and slathered as much saliva as I could onto my cock. Jackie stared intently into my eyes and wriggled as near the edge as she could get. Squelching in my hand, I pushed my foreskin forward to help with entry and rose on tip toes to line it up with her. He arsehole was tight and she winced as my tip pushed in and then gasped as with a familiar feel, my helmet edged past the seal and my shaft followed it in. Her eyes closed and her face flushed bright red again. She breathed in long sharp gasps as I slid gently out then back in. I dribbled down to my cock to help lube it a little and then a I eased into a steady rhythm. As if in a trance, Jackie just gasped on and then changed the gentle rubbing of her clit to a fevered strumming. Tight as she was already I felt her gripping me more and more and with a start my own orgasm sprung forth. My gentle pace became a more erratic jerk motion as I swallowed down hard, keen to not make any noise. Jackie came hard as I felt the heat swell around my cock inside her, a heat that just seemed to keep on building until in a sweaty embrace we held each other tight, the pulsing clenches of her tight ring helping my cock to softness much quicker than usual. I slid from her as we held each other and our breathing slowed back to a normal rate. We stayed like that for a while until she stood up and pulled her dress back on. We opened the door a crack and the loud snoring told us that my room mate was still nicely out of it. She kissed me good night and then slid out of the room.