Written by lickandsucker

26 Dec 2009

He walked in and she was not suprised to see him.

The tension was clear as they both wanted to fuck each other but there was no "lets go" it was still a case of who makes the first move.

With that the usual Cup of tea remark comes out and he nods but asks to use the bathroom first. she senses it could be all over and thinks she must get him hard........ easy.. she walks into the living room and puts porn on the tv and takes off her clothes and starts playing with herself moving her hand down and tounching and stroking her lovely pussy to make it nice and wet.

He stands in the bathroom and thinks what shall I do........ there is no other way and strips naked and figures he could just walk in to the kitchen with his proud cock standing upright and in need of a lick and suck. As he gets undressed he hears the TV going on and thinks better be quick as she is loosing intrest.

Nothing more for it as he walks out and into the the kitchen but hears the TV in the other room, he walks in happy to see porn on the tv as he knows she has not changed her mind as he looks round he sees her on the sofa playing with the lovely pussy he dreams of daily. Without word he drops to his knees and moves his face up to her pussy, she has been playing with herself and it is already wet. He admires the lips the smoothness of the lips and sees them shimmer in the light due to her juices, words are not spoken as he goes to say something she simply says "Dont just look at it... lick it"

With that he takes his tounge and slowly runs it up her wet pussy lips she is playing with her breasts and simply leaving him to explore her........ he takes no time at all to get his tounge running up and down the juciy lips. He tickles them with his tounge as he runs up and down the full length of her lips he senses them becoming wetter as he puts a little more force into his tougne lick and parts her juciy lips using his tounge and tastes her wet juices, it does not take him long to find her warm and very wet pussy as he moves his fingers in to part those lovely lips and darets hsi tounge inside her and moves his tounge inside her lips and tastes her juices. She moves her hands down and holds her lovely lips apart allowing him to use his tounge to massage her clit which is swelling by the sec. he sucks gently on it and then puts his mouth over all of it alowing the whole clit to be in his mouth as he french kisses it with a tounge lashing around and sucking for all his worth. She is moaning and he is hard, he enjoys licking her and moves a finger then two inside her as he lets his fingers wonder inside her. He is now licking her clit and fingering her very wet pussy as he feels her moving around as she enjoys the feeling of being licked and fingered slowly then quickly then deep then shallow. His fingers now move out as he licks his way up to take her nipplpe in his mouth he continues to run his fingers around her clit and move them up and down her wetness making sure he rubs hard and soft against her clit. He then moves up onto the the sofa and kisses her passionatly as his fingers makes her vitually in heaven, she is unable to respond as she feels she wants to cum. he quickly moves her and himself so he is sitting on the floor with his head back on the seat of the sofa she kneels either side and holds on to the back of the sofa as he asks her to lower onto his tounge she then moves one hand in to play with herself to get herself to come but using his tounge as well which is licking frantically at her pussy above she moves her hips and lets his tounge lap at her pussy and clit whilst she works herself up and makes herself cum letting her juices flow down into her lovers face as he laps up and tounges her wet soaking pussy.

As she recovers and her breathing returns to normal he moves from under her, she goes to move to as he stops her, keeps her im the doggy postiion holding onto the sofa. He stands directly behind her using his hands to move up and down her lower back massaging out any tension as he moves his hands all over her body he wants her to relax but she wants him to fuck her... with soft words she looks over her shoulder with a glint in her eye... don't teast it just fuck it and fuck me hard...........

Being told is all he needs as his cock hard from the pussy licking and even harder having seen her pussy infont, standing proud behind her he moves in with the tip of his cock, she is moving around in need of this cock as he moves closer he gently taps the tip of his helemt on her pussy lips and moves his head up and down her lips which are soaking wet his hard helmet soon glimers too as she soaks his cock which is moving up and down her wetness. The rounded shape of his cock sliding around her lips and he feels himself getting harder he moves to slowly push it inside her she lets out a moan as he cruley only gives an inch just inside then pulls out of her just when she was liking the feeling of a hard cock inside her, sh looks round as he moves his hands from her body as his focus turns to simply pushing his cock inside her without her feeling anything other than his cock. He pushes and she takes it moving herself back onto it as she becomes in more need as he teases himself into her 1inch then 2 inch then deeper with 3 inch he waits for her to turn her head round he shakes his head and puts his hands up as he thrusts without her knowing as he slides his hard shaven smooth dick all the way into her wet pussy the quickness takes her by suprise as he slams in deep as it will go and grabs her hips and grinds his cock in deep then without pulling out moves his hips round in circles allowing his big cock helmet to move around the inside of her pussy. her legs shaking in the position as he now pulls his cock out and again back in. this time his movements are quick and short his cock only finding its way into the first 4 inches and out again shallow thrusting but at quick pace his helemet being felt as if it will pop out her pussy but before it slides effortlesly back inside. The pace picks up after a few more frantic shallow fucks then again he pushes deep inside her to the moans she holds onto the back of the sofa as he now gets his into his stride she is kneeling on the sofa her lovely ass to him as he is standing and now starting to truly fuck this lovely pussy his cock fucking hard and deep inside her full length thrusting at a quick pace then slowing to a more shallow and slow pace then moving up to being faster and faster. he now moves his hand around and starts playing and stroking his pussy lips and clit as his cock is being pushed deeper inside of her he senses he may cum as this is the fantasy he longed for he fucks her hard and fast as she lets out screams and moans he approaches he does not know if she has cum or not but before he he pulls out and she turns round sits herself infront of him he moves near as she grasps the cock in her hand and quickly swollows his helemt and lets it out and in her mouth he looks down as he watches feeling dizzy from the shear delight of her tounge wrapping round his shaft and helmet he can not take it anymore and when she moves her other hand up to tweak his nipple he cums and cums again.........