Written by RishZara

28 Nov 2013

My wife and I, first met each other in the first year of university. We both started our undergraduate degrees, mine in finance and my wife's in business. She had spotted me as the 'tall, cute guy' on enrolment day as we both enrolled for out respective course in the same hall. By the end of the first semester, we ended up being in a circle of friends and had many of the same fiends, and I gradually got to like her more and more. Eventually by the end of the first year we had got close but were not yet 'together'. Over the holidays we kept in contact with one another over text and phone conversations, yet we didn't meet one another. Due to our religion we tried to not to show our family and distant friends in public, we were getting close and really liked each other. Our close fiends knew we liked each other.

At the start of the second semester, I plucked up the courage to ask Zara out and our first date was an adventurous one as we had a meal at a plush restaurant and then kissed under the fireworks. This was big deal to us both, more Zara, as I was her first boyfriend and Zara was my first serious girlfriend (junior school relationships did not count to me). Furthermore, our religion and our families did not permit dating so we kept a low profile and saw each other in random places. At first we met up in the car, we used to kiss passionately for ages and every week, our hearts wanted more. Then we started to touch each other in places that we had never explored before. Then this led to us borrowing a friends university accommodation rooms whilst they went home on the weekend so we could spent more time with each other on a Saturday, under the pretext of work. Whilst spending weekends in university accommodation, we began to become more sexually active, kissing became, stripping clothes off, then fingering Zara then oral sex performed by us both. We were scared young, naive and scared of getting ourself in a pickle with pregnancy so we always used condoms incase something crazy happened. Sexual intercourse before marriage is a grave sin in our religion so we assumed if we didn't cross that line, before marriage, we would be ok. We would just go close and close before marriage without having intercourse and that would be fine. We knew we were getting close and each time we met, we did acts of more sexual nature prompting us to both want more. After three months, the 'deed' happened.

It was Zara's birthday and I decided to go somewhere different as oppose to university accommodation so we could spend time together and go out where we wouldn't be recognised by family. I booked a night at the Hilton hotel in Leicester. When we got to Leicester we changed into more formal attire, I wore a trousers with a waistcoat and shirt whilst Zara wore a sexy short dress with something sexy underneath. She had promised me a surprise for her birthday for me treating her to this, I knew it was the sexy black underwear from La Senza we had seen together a few weeks earlier. We ate, but all the time I couldn't stop staring at her cleavage as she kept bending down to take sips of her soup and her sexy legs. I couldn't wait to go back to our room and have dessert. After the meal it was late, we went back to our room, both excited to indulge in each other. Our sexual energy was high as we hadn't seen each other for a fortnight due to exams. I looked at Zara up and down and then kissed her passionately, our tongues fighting in our mouths. Then I started to nibble on Zara's neck leading me to her cleavage, I removed her dress by undoing the zip from the back and was excited to see her wearing the most sexiest black lingerie. My penis was bulging and wanted to cum instantly. Zara jumped back on our king sized bed and I followed her, jumping like a hungry lion sucking her bra, I removed her bra and started to suck on her nipples slowly. She was moaning gently, shuddering each time I bit on her nipple. She then pushed me back and and ripped of my trousers and shirt, she could see my penis making its way out of my underwear, she removed my underwear and started to lick the head of my penis, I was in heaven! She started to lick lower and lower, with each tongue stroke she gave me a glance that made me want to have intercourse with her. I knew that she may not agree to have sex as she had always been the level headed one in our relationship, she always advised me, when we were close, to wait till our marriage. I knew I had to get her in the mood before we could have intercourse. I had an Idea that I knew she loved, I rolled over her, pushed her back and pulled over her black thong and removed her black heels. I stuck my tongue in her vagina, making motions of 8, she started to groan, then I put my tongue in fully and went in and out like a sledgehammer smashing something. She groaned louder and louder and asked me to 'fuck me with your fingers'. I put one finger in, I could tell she wanted to fuck me but I knew I could push her to say it. She groaned louder and louder, her head tilted back, she was pulling her hair in sheer frustration and whilst being in ecstasy. One finger soon became two, then three then four and then I popped the question, 'Zara, shall we?'. She knew what I was asking, she was on the verge of going crazy that she spluttered the words out that confirmed we would both be doing the 'deed', she said 'Just fuck me senseless!'. I quickly went to our overnight bag and pulled out a pack of durex condoms, in the excitement it took a while to put on as my hands were excited yet nervous. I then approached her, her sexy yet petite frame were waiting for me, her legs wide open. I levelled me rock hard penis with her vagina that was oozing with juices and pushed myself in, wanting to cause her no pain. She moaned louder as I went deeper and eventually I thumped myself into her. I asked her if she was ok, to which she replied 'just fuck me, rish', I rammed into her slowly at first then faster and faster, until I orgasmed so hard into her. Our sweaty bodies thundered into each other and lay flat next to one another on our gigantic bed. We felt in heaven, like a newly married couple. We did not stop there though and continued to have intercourse two more times during the night, in between periods of sleep, one doggy style and the other Zara on top. We felt like we were on another level in the morning, we had done an act that is disapproved by our religion, families and communities yet we felt happy within ourself, at peace..

We continued to make love during our two more years at university, exploring new positions.. Four years later we are happily married and do not regret one bit what we did at university together. Our sexual life is always on the up and nowadays Zara and I are even recording ourselves on our iPads and maybe will show them to our SH friends soon! ;)