4 Jul 2018

For the benefit of those that have not read any of the previous 'Granddad' stories, I would like to make it clear that there is no family connection between John Smith (Granddad) and Anja. See 'Granddad' for further information. No underage sex takes place or is implied.


“Yes, Sweetheart?”

“Can I take my dress off now?”

We’d arrived at the apartment after two further stops. After the first Anja had put an audio story on, hoping I would enjoy a little nonsense while driving. Terry Prattchet’s ‘Going Postal’ was just the ticket. Anja seemed to doze, if not sleep most of the time but somehow managed to chuckle at the more comical observations. At the second stop I made two coffees and ended up drinking both myself. At the third we both had a coffee and a comfort break, arriving just after eleven.

Three trips for me and four for Anja, ‘I'm younger and have slept a bit’ she had informed me when she went down for the last trip. Everything was near enough sorted.

“Of course Sweetheart, would you like a hand?”

“Yes please, Granddad, if you wouldn’t mind?”

As if. . . .

“Come and stand in front of the mirror so I can enjoy both sides at once.”

She stood in front of me, facing the mirror. The moment I'd been waiting for had arrived. Anticipation is a wonderful aphrodisiac. At last I could take a proper look at the beauty that was with me for the next two weeks.

I could very nearly rest my chin on the top of her head. I’m just over six feet so she must be five four? Four and a half? I know how important these little halves are to ladies. Dainty little feet, pretty ankles followed by the most delicious legs imaginable. There’s legs and there’s legs and Anja’s legs were the legs that a lot of women would kill for, beautifully toned, the muscles nicely defined yet with a very attractive softness to the edges.

Once upon a time, before ‘politically correct’ reared it’s ugly head, Pretty Polly, stocking manufacturers (they probably made tights as well but I refuse to talk about them) held competitions all over the regions with the finals in London, to find the legs for ‘next years’ publicly materials. Anja’s legs would have made the finals in London but, like Vera’s, they wouldn’t have made the top three. They were too short! Legs that advertised stockings had to be looong.

The little hook and zip presented no problems, I've never had problems when undressing beautiful women, but I unzipped her slowly. With the zip down to her waist we came to the moment of the unveiling. She placed her arms loosely down at her sides. I stepped in close behind her, placing my hands gently on her shoulders.

“Ready?” I whispered in her ear.

“Ummmmm,” she replied turning slightly so that I could kiss her cheek.

I watched her reactions in the mirror as I eased the thin straps off her shoulders and down her arms. She smiled lovingly at me and moved her arms slightly outwards so that the dress was free to fall down her body when I let go the straps. I held them carefully, exposing her beautiful breasts little by little. The material hooked up on her erect nipples and we both laughed. She reached up to release them.

“Uh Rrrr, my job!” I told her, hooking my pinkies through the straps and easing the light material off the obstructions with my big fingers.

Making sure the material didn't move beyond the areola without my consent I stood and enjoyed the view of the, beautiful, partially exposed breasts in the mirror. Anja smiled happily back at me. I kissed her neck before working the dress down to expose the full breasts. I stopped again and enjoyed the view and smiled inwardly on seeing that Anja was clearly enjoying the moment, together with enjoying my moments of enjoyment.

Her breasts were/are magnificent! There is no other word for them. When I first saw them, at eye level, in the opticians, they were beautiful orbs of delight and pleasure and I didn’t make any attempt to hide my enjoyment from her. I’d guessed ‘EE’ if not ‘FF’ under her rather severe uniform. Now, seeing them naked for the first time and also how very slim she really is I’m thinking ‘DD’ maybe E’s? On a 28” or 30” figure they were truly magnificent! They swelled out invitingly when she breathed deeply and I let my gaze enjoy them for some time. With the fitness and youth of the proud possessor there was no sag whatsoever but a single smooth curve from her smooth upper belly to the nipple on each side. Another fulsome, convex curve to her upper chest completed the image of utter perfection. I cotinued my detailed inspection with her flawless neck and her happy smiling face and topped it all off with her sparkling hazel eyes. I drank in the sight for a long time while Anja stood and watched my obvious enjoyment contentedly.

I continued to ease her light dress down slowly over her belly to pause before the full exposure of her beauty. She widened her stance, slightly.

“Thank you,” I murmured.

Her smooth pussy revealed itself fully when I let go the thin straps and the light dress pooled at her feet. She smiled back at me while I drank in her absolutely glorious beauty. She stood there, totally content to let me look at her, and smiled serenely.

Ho-lee-Moses! Not only were her legs perfectly proportioned but her body was a work of art.

The apex of her legs didn’t form a tight ‘V’ but a nice soft ‘U’ leaving plenty of room for the delicious camel-toe that was so clearly visible without the enhanced effect of tight panties or bikini bottom. Her vulva were invitingly swollen and the clitoris peeked out from under the protective hood. Her mount of Venus was fabulously prominent emphasising her sexual beauty to perfection. To cap it all everything was perfectly smooth to which my tongue will happily attest.

Her stomach was flat, rippled with defined abdominal muscles. Her hips were very gently rounded leading to a slim waist. She was slim. She was fit. Extremely fit, with the body of a trained athlete.

Her long, pale brown/dark blonde hair, which I’d first seen in a severe bun, now hung loose to the middle of her back with two braids forming a perfect, long pony tail. My mind dwelt at length on the possibility of holding onto that tail while she knelt in front of me. Her entire body appeared totally without blemish or man made markings. Perfect skin on a perfect body.

“Do they look as good as you imagined when you first saw them in the shop?” she asked mischievously.

“Argh, you noticed then. Thought I might have just got away with that.”

“Noticed? Men clocking my tits is something I’ve grown up with! Somehow you were different though. You looked at them but you did so quite openly and directly. It wasn’t furtive in any way but appreciatively. Afterwards you looked straight into my eyes, as if say 'thank you and they’re beautiful'. There wasn’t any sort of dirty leer. You’d looked and appreciated and wanted me to know. You were honest, that was the second thing I noticed about you.”

“The second?”

“The first was your Paul Newman eyes with an added twinkle of mischief and fun. I instantly knew that you were going to be fun to know and I don’t believe I was wrong. The past, what ten days?, have proved that I think.”

“As good as expected? My immediate thought,” I started, “was that I hadn’t held anything quite so beautiful in my arms for over fifty years. Then I realised I was in error, that I had never held anything or anybody quite as beautiful as you before. So, in answer to your question, no, they are not as good, they are infinitely better and I’ll be writing to your employer insisting that he or she changes the uniform so that it suits you better. Do you make all your own clothes?”

She grinned at me in the mirror.

“You are observant, Granddad. What do you think of my own designer label?”

“Moi!? Very chic. Who makes your clothes? Me!, nice touch. Preference or necessity?” I asked registering the difference in required sizes to accommodate her slim body and …

“Bit of both, really. My tits are too big, much more than a handful and my legs are too short. I have to get bras from a specialist shop that caters for the bigger girl, obviously. Normal tops? I can get by with big girl’s blouses etc.. the rest of me I can usually get into child sizes. So, it’s easier, if I want a dress, to make it myself. I’ve worked out about a dozen patterns and can run one up in evening or two, if I have to. I made three to bring with me. I hope you like them.”

“Turn sideways for me, pretty please,” I asked. She turned obligingly.

“Right,” I started, “from what I see, your tits are just perfect. Personally I’m a bit greedy, I like more than a handful and my hands are a bit bigger than most, I think.”

“Well, you’ve got a good couple of hands full with mine, even with your big hands,” She rudely interrupted before I could finish.

“Yeah, well, like I was saying, I think they’re perfect. As for your legs being too short. Let’s first take a look at your bum. How many accidents a week do you cause when you're walking along the street? Cars veering off the road. Guys walking into lampposts? Sort of thing. Dozens, I’ll bet. And those legs are exactly the right length. They start right where they should, right on your beautiful hips, placing your bum at the perfect height for easy observation. At the other end they end exactly where your ankles begin. Like I said, perfect!”

“Granddad, nobody has ever looked at me like you did. You really looked and appreciated. Other guys have just looked, smiled and dragged me off to bed. Not that I was kicking and screaming against it, I'll admit.

“More fool them,” I told her, “How do you keep so perfectly fit? Can I touch?”

“Too right! I didn’t bring this lot with me just so you can look at it in a mirror! You never need to ask, ever again. That would just be wasting valuable touching time. Help yourself pretty please.”

I turned her to face the mirror again and enjoyed watching my hands explore her delicious, naked body. I nuzzled her ear and kissed her neck while one hand caressed her breasts and the other played across her flat tummy and down towards the apex of her glorious legs, which parted without prompting. She was wet, her clitoris totally engorged. Her nipples were erect. She sighed contentedly as I played happily. Eventually she answered my other question.

“Remember the physical jerk of a husband that didn’t exist? Well that’s me, really. I run for an hour each day. Go to the gym three times a week. I do yoga each day at home and Zumba when I’ve got too much energy left at the end of the day. My mum’s a yoga teacher and I’ve been doing yoga ever since I was able to copy her. I’m a qualified yoga teacher myself and can also take Zumba classes although I prefer just to do both at home.”

“You didn’t go for a run after work yesterday, surely?” I asked in astonishment.

“No, silly. I went at half past five yesterday morning. I always run in the early morning, nobody’s about to watch my tits bounce all over the shop.”

“You don’t wear a sports bra?”

“I do, but when your tits are a big as mine, if I wear a bra tight enough to hold ‘em still I can’t breathe.”

“Will you run tomorrow morning,” I asked hoping for a negative response.

“I’m hoping that for the next few mornings at least we can find much more exciting ways of spending an hour. And in the evenings, and maybe at times during the day? If you’re up to it?” This last being said with a seriously wicked grin.

“What about the yoga? Need anything special for that?”

I would have no problems watching her exercise at all.

“Well if you don’t mind me bending and stretching in the nude I just need a bit of space.”

“I think I can put up with you exercising while being naked, if it’s for health reasons of course. What about a mat? And Zumba, do you you need anything for that?”

“No problem. A mat just extends the scope of movement I can do. As for the Zumba, I have all the music on my iPhone and yes, I usually do it naked at home, for health reasons, you understand?”

“I understand perfectly and of course, should you need any massage services after your workout I’m your man. I’m Professionally trained, lots of hands on experience.”

“You’re a trained masseur? That’s perfect, I’ve got the constant need for some attention just here,” she exclaimed rubbing her clitty urgently.

“Can you think of a easier way for a horny male to get his hands on beautiful women? Just about here?” I suggested, sliding my finger deftly across her wet pussy lips and up to her swollen clitty.

“Ooooh, Granddad, I can tell you have lots of experience. That’s it, just there.”

I happily demonstrated my massage skills until she reached her conclusion.

After far too short a time in my arms and reflected in the mirror she turned in to face me.

“My turn now, you've seen mine now I want to see yours.” she observed starting to undo my shirt, “ummm, Granddad, I like your smooth chest. Flat tummy, decent abs and pecs! Not at all what I was expecting. You’re so tall and slim I was expecting you to be skinny.”

She slipped off my shirt while I glowed inwardly. Kneeling at my feet and looked up into my eyes and started to unfasten my belt.

“I’ve always wanted to know if what they said about a Man with big hands and feet was true,” she said impishly as she started to ease my trousers down.

I wasn’t sticking out like a flagpole. I’m far too old to get a massive stalk on just looking at a naked woman but in my defence, I wasn’t totally asleep either. I stepped out of my trousers when instructed and she returned for my boxers. I waited.

Moving around so she was kneeling behind me, she teased! Holding the bottom she carefully worked the material down millimetre by millimetre, rocking first the left side down a little then the right. We both watched the results as they unfolded, in the mirror. I felt the wide elastic band resting on the root of my cock. She worked the material down slower, dragging out the moment of exposure. I waited as more of my semi-limp cock was uncovered. After about six inches were uncovered she looked into the mirror and into my eyes with a delighted look of surprise on her face. Another inch or so and I could see the beginning of the swelling of my glans, under the foreskin, begin to make itself known. Another inch and the uncut head was just peeping shyly out from under the foreskin at her, all nice and shiny with my lubricant, ready to ease my passage into her.

She licked her lips.

“My God! Granddad, where did you get this from?” She asked wrapping her fingers around it lovingly.

“Picked it up at a ‘bring and buy sale’” I explained with a laugh.

“Well!” She exclaimed happily, “if you buyed this what did you bringed?”

She moved around to kneel in front of me.

“Oh, just a couple of golf balls and a rounders bat. Figured exchange was no robbery.”

But by the time I’d finished my nonsense she’d rolled the foreskin back and sucked the knob end into her mouth. This effectively eliminated further silly banter as she played quite expertly with my cock. The purple head fully exposed itself from under the foreskin maxing out my length so it had to get fatter given her excellent technique.

“Bloody ‘ell, Granddad, ‘scuse my French, I thought you were joking about the rounders bat! I can’t even get my fingers and thumb to touch any more and it’s still growing! No wonder Gladys couldn’t wait to get you 'ome!”

“Sweetheart, I’ve told you a million times, don’t exaggerate. And if you continue with what you’re doing I’ll not have the energy to show you around. I’m thinking we show you around, get some lunch, let me show you off then we can come back here, shower and go to bed until we wake up. Does that make sense?”

“You promise this isn’t a once in a lifetime occurrence?” She asked shaking my stiffy.

“Promise,” I promised, “in fact I’ll probably be walking around with a stiffy for the rest of the afternoon!”

“Now that I’d love to see! You’re going to be naked like me, I hope?” She grinned kissing my cock and reluctantly letting it free.

“Will I do, Granddad?” She asked quietly as we were getting ready to leave.

“Pardon me? Will you do? What kind of daft question is that? You’ll do perfectly. The most beautiful girl in the Village! Will you do indeed, whatever makes you think otherwise?”

“People will look at me and look at you and see me as holding your hand with one hand and your credit card with the other,” she said sadly, “you know that’s not true, don’t you, Granddad?”

I looked at her aghast at her suggestion .

“‘How does that old boy pull a beauty like that? By the minute!’ You don’t think I’d think that, do you? I know you’re not. You know you’re not. Do either of us give a damn what anybody else thinks? I don’t and I hope you don’t.”

“Thanks, Granddad.” She said throwing her arms around me and hugging me close, “It’s just that I’m kinda getting used to that sort of treatment, what with preferring older men. ‘s why I moved south, actually. A woman found my number in her husband’s mobile, rang me up and created a hell of a stink. Apparently it was my fault that her husband was cheating. Accused me of being a cheap whore, only after his money! He’d bought me a couple of sandwiches and a few coffees, total! That was a year ago and I swore off older men forever. Until I saw the sparkle in your eye that is. I’ve been celibate for a year so I might be a bit greedy, hope you don’t mind?”

“Ummm, if you’re feeling in need of a good fucking I’d better take you over to No. 42 before we do anything else,” I told her, “leave everything, we’ll pick anything we need up later. C’mon, time to fuck!”

“No.42? The answer to life, the universe and everything?”

“Yep! And a damn good fucking. It’s where I take all my lady friends that need a good seeing to. Actually I never bring them here. You’re the only woman that has actually been here. Others know I live here but they've called but never been invited inside. We go to 42 to fuck. It's the first apartment here that I purchased. I keep it as a party/games place now. My agent wants to talk to me about it, sometime. You ready? NeedAWee?”

No.42 wasn’t the actual number just an identity for those in the know. It keeps people who overhear plans for a party, gate crashing. It was in one of the noisier blocks. Most of which was rented out on a weekly basis. It was a bit of a walk to get there so I walked us along the beach. Anja was surprised how quiet it was and delighted. Not many people were looking at her but plenty had as we walked through the little bit of the village to get to the beach. She didn’t seem overly bothered, she just hooked her arm into mine and looked around and enjoyed as we walked through. I didn’t specifically show her anything, by way of pointing it out, just let her look and soak in as much as she could. Allowing her to form her own thoughts on what she was seeing. After visiting No.42 and when she had recovered, I planned on doing the tour guide bit on the way back to the apartment.

“You’ve never fucked a woman in your apartment?” she asked once we had reached the quietness of the beach.

“No, never. It’s my quiet place. My sanctuary. Where I go to be myself. And before you ask, I honestly don’t really know, I just know I want you to be there with me. Felt it back in the shop.”

She gave me a hug a kiss and a whispered, “You're a mind reader, I had visions of us spending most of our time at 42. Thank you!” She never it mentioned again.

“What on earth is that?” She asked pointing, almost before I had closed the door to No.42.

“Oh, that? That’s a fucking chair,” I told her keenly awaiting her response.

“Granddad!” She admonished stamping her foot in pretend infuriation, “I thought Gladys told you never to use the good words in a bad way!”

“I’m not,” I responded, delighted at the way she reacted, “take a look at it, tell me what you see.”

“Well, there’s a sort of squarish saddle, a bit like a bike saddle with a short square end and it seems to be adjustable. The back seems adjustable also. Then this kinda pole, thingy goes up behind it. That seems adjustable also. Ummmm, is this a head or neck rest? It looks as if it can slide up and down and pivot. So, I could perch on the saddle lean back and have somewhere to rest my head in a bit of comfort, ahrrr, these straps hanging down. I suppose that’s where my feet could go and they adjust up and down and swing left and right. OK, so given the height is set correctly and the back is at the right angle and my legs are held in the right position you could stand in front of me and just slide your cock in without any problems, yes? Like you said a fucking chair! I wanna try it!”

“And so you shall. It’s always a favourite with the ladies at our parties. They just sit there and wait, a bit like anglerfish. Waiting for cock, fingers or a tongue. I’m sure you’d be very popular. If you took the chair at a party.”

“I’d like to try it with just you and me first,” she responded looking just a bit anxious, “not that I’m against lots of cock but I would rather have yours a few times at least before trying others. Like in that lay-by. I was horny enough to take on both of you, to be honest, but I don't want any other cock until I've had yours more than a few times. Do you mind? What are you laughing at?”

“I’m just delighted. You say all the right things. Want to hop up and we can try it for size?” I said pushing the little stool forward, “it’s based on a similar chair I saw in a caveman museum in the Dordogne years ago. I dragged it into the modern era by adding hydraulic rams to position the bits more easily. Right get yourself comfy on the seat. I’ll adjust the back first. Tell me when it feels OK. OK? Rest your arms on the rests to make sure you feel stable. I’m going to raise the seat until your pussy is about cock height.”

“Under the circumstances, Granddad, I think it is probably a cunt, this time. After all it is being lined up in a prehistoric dentists chair to get well and truly fucked and I'm sure one or other of us will use at least some strong language!” she laughed, “I don’t think prehistoric’s worried about pussy’s unless they were sabre toothed tigers.”

My turn to chortle. The girl was just amazing! Beautiful, clever, funny what more could a guy want? Oh yeah! Nice tits too.

“OK, your cunt’s roughly lined up with my cock. Relax into the back. I’m going to tilt you back so your hips rotate. That gives me a straight line of penetration which I can fine tune when required. Oh, sorry forgot. Too much excitement. Put your feet in the stirrups first, for balance, at the moment.”

“Only at the moment?”

“Well once you are nicely positioned I can put them anywhere I want, within reason,” I gave her a filthy grin.

“Ohhhhh, goody!” Came the instant response.

“How’s that? Comfy?”

“Surprisingly yes, and wonderfully exposed. I’m almost on the verge already and that’s just anticipation.”

“Great. Don’t go away, I’ll just get some lube.”

“Don’t go away, he says! I darn’t even move!”

“Right,” I said returning with the lube and dribbling a little onto my cock head, “just wait a while while I get Mr. Thomas ready.”

“Granddad, I’m ashamed of you! You should have got me to do that first then put me in your fucking chair! Now we both have to wait.”

“Ahrrr, but you can watch me getting my cock ready for your cunt, which will make you even more ready for it. Me, I can look at your beautiful, naked body. Your open cunt just dripping with your need. Your delicious tits firm and ripe with painfully erect nipples just begging to be chewed. You can watch my cock grow and I can watch your cunt prepare for it. There, I’m ready and it looks as if you are as well.”

“I’m ready Granddad, fuck me, pleeeese.”

My adjustments were nearly perfect. My cock rested against her open lips and I eased the cock head forward gently. There was a look of concentration on her face as I eased the first inch in.

“Oh my God, Granddad, That’s tight! Be gentle with me. I’ll be wanting lots more tonight!”

I reached for the lube, removed my cock from her cunt and dribbled more onto my cock head and shaft, rubbing it on being careful not to miss anywhere. I then dribbled more around the entrance to her cunt and worked some inside with a couple of fingers. I could feel her delicious tightness gripping my fingers. I reintroduced my cock to the lips of her cunt.



I tenderly eased more cock into her tightness. It was a great pleasure to feel how tight she was. I promised myself that I’d treat her carefully until she demanded a good hard fucking. With the length that she could take, comfortably, I paused and waited for her to acclimatise to being penetrated deeper than she was used to and stretched more than she had been before. Gladys taught me that years ago. A lesson I’ve never forgotten. She was still concentrating hard by the look on her face. I withdrew carefully and added more lube before returning to her still eager cunt.

That penetration felt easier but it still wasn’t the comfortable entry required. I waited until she relaxed a bit then eased out once more. I could almost feel the walls of her pussy sucking the lube off my cock as it passed. I applied more to my cock then to the lips of her cunt before putting a big blob onto the end of my finger and working it as deep into her cunt as possible, watching her face the whole time. She seemed relieved. With a big blob dribbled onto my cock head for luck I worked it back into her. It felt much better. Not perfect but then she was tight.

I left it to settle with as much as I judged she could manage while she relaxed. She smiled.


“I feel full! Nicely full.” she smiled back at me.

I started to withdraw carefully but felt she was still trying to hold on, almost sticking to the skin of my cock. Another, more plentiful application of lube before I returned my throbbing cock to her cunt. That was better! Much better. No sticktion, just a nice smooth entry. So smooth that I had to quickly check myself and not enter too hard or fast. She smiled up at me.

“Gladys did teach you well, Granddad. Something tells me that you’ll have to carry me back to the apartment tonight.”

I fed her cock, back and forth, slow and steady with continued applications of lube whenever I felt she was in need. Her first climax came quite quickly after I’d finally started to fuck her properly. After the first they came more frequently. After her fifth I tried a little more length. She felt it, sighed, pulled a little face and smiled.

“Yes please. I want it all.”

With all the lube inside her and on my cock there was little risk of her getting too sore to fuck. To be certain I applied a significant amount extra then started to get her used to my length and girth. We both lost count of how many orgasms she had on the way to taking my entire length but we both smiled contentedly when my shaft was fully buried in her cunt.

“Is that all of it, Granddad?” She asked happily.

“It is, Sweetheart, all I’ve got in this position.”

“Fuck me Granddad, fuck me until I scream for mercy!”

And I fucked her and fucked her until she thought she could take no more. Then I made a slight adjustment to the angle of penetration and fucked her some more until her screaming changed to sobs of exhaustion and she finally begged for mercy.

I left her positioned exactly as she was and knelt on the slide out mat beneath the unit. I started to kiss her better and better and better until she again begged for mercy. I let her rest and while the coffee machine did its business I organised the main room for the next session, put the little circular tray attachments that usually held a small dish of condoms and a dispenser of lube, on the fucking chair ready for our coffees.

“Jeeeez Granddad, you’re evil! The devil incarnate! This fucking chair should come with a lust warning! Have you got one at home we can use? I feel totally, utterly fucked. I could say comprehensively fucked and I still want more. After a couple of hours uninterrupted sleep that is. Have you thought of marketing this beast? You’d make a fortune.”

“Ummm, I get the feeling you enjoyed your introduction to the further joys of sex. Drink your coffee, the day is not yet over and I have more delights to try on you before we eat. As to one at home. Yes, it is the prototype so needs tidying a bit. Marketing? Have you considered the ‘elf an’ safety aspects? They’d have a whale of a time creating new standards alone. Not to mention the feminist movement.”


“I said not to mention them!” I remonstrated with her.

“You did Granddad, sorry Granddad. But you have got one at home we can use soon?”

“I’ll have it fully operational within the week of getting home, promise.”

She chuckled, grinned then, when the import of what I had actually said registered, she beamed happily but said nothing.

“Drink your coffee!” I instructed firmly.

##### #####

“What’s that?” she exclaimed as I guided her into the play room proper.

“That’s a St. Andrew’s Cross, you’re not ready for that yet. That’s the doggy bench. Which we’ll get to later. That’s the paddle bench which you might like to try before we go home. Up to you. Will that workout mat do you for yoga?”

“Blimey Granddad, it’s a proper hedonists heaven, if that’s not an oxymoron? That’ll be perfect, what’s the triangular lump in the middle?”

“That, young lady, is your next fucking point. Possibly the simplest, most effective and ridiculously expensive for what it is, sex aid. A wedge shaped piece of hard foam. Assume the position, if you will. On your back and bum on the lower side of the wedge.”

She got into position while I returned to the fucking chair for the lube. I’d forgotten it. Well, I had a lot on my mind!


She was lying with her feet nicely parted. I knelt between them and lifted them onto my shoulders.

“Keeping your feet on my shoulders lift your bum and back off the mat.” I instructed.

She did as she was told and I slid the wedge further back so her cunt was level with the edge nearest to me.

“Hang onto the high side of the wedge,” I said, “as I fuck you there will be a tendency for you to slip back down the slope. Every now and then I’ll need to haul back up to the top. If you can hang on, it just makes it less frequent, OK?”

I lubed the entrance to her cunt while stroking my cock to bring it back to working strength again. I didn’t want it rampant, just hard enough to penetrate so she could feel it grow as we fucked. Having lubed my cock I shuffled forward until the cock-head nuzzled the pussy lips apart. Her eyes closed as our intimate parts touched together. Placing her legs in the crook of my arms and my hands across her thighs to stop her moving too much I eased my cock into her cunt.

Using the same carefulness as I had when determining her depth while on the fucking chair I set about feeding my cock into her cunt little by little, applying more lube as my cock grew inside her. Something that Gladys had taught me. Women liked to feel that a man’s cock was responding to her cunt.

“Granddad, I can feel your cock growing in my cunt,” she said bang on cue, “it feels bigger this time!” She made a small grimace as I reached her limit. “Wow! I thought I’d taken it all in the chair. Has the coffee made it grow? Can I get you another cup?” she suggested cheekily.

“Greedy bitch,” I replied humorously, hoping she wouldn’t be too offended.

“Aren’t I just!” She agreed cheerfully.

I continued her preparation using more lube despite the ease with which my cock was moving in and out. The total lack of friction made it easier for her to focus on the depth of penetration and for me to ensure that I didn’t shoot my load into her. No.42 was designed, primarily, for women’s pleasures. That men also enjoyed women having pleasure was a enjoyable advantage.

When she stopped registering the effect of the extra inch she was getting I set about the delightful task of properly fucking her.

The new position gave me the ability to give her the extra inch as her thighs were higher. I could also move her legs back, forth, closer and further apart. All of which altered angles and the position of my cock head as it slipped gently in and out.

Once she was getting my full length it was very little time before she started to demand more, harder or faster.

“Fuck me Granddad. Pound your greedy bitch’s hungry cunt with your big, fat cock until she screams. Make her yours Granddad! Claim my hungry cunt for yourself!”

I fucked her, hard. Stopping to jerk her forcibly back to the top of the ramp or apply more lube as required. When her demands reduced to sighs of contentment then sobs of sheer pleasure I eased off a little and slipped my cock out. Her eyes flicked open, almost in alarm. She smiled as she saw me bending down to use my mouth on her dripping cunt. She wriggled and squirmed as I licked and sucked then eased a finger, then two into her. Lifting my head I knelt up straight and shuffled forward. With my cock head hard up against the entrance to her cunt I thrust forward hard driving my cock-head hard against the wall of her womb. She gasped with the ferocity of my attack, smiled and started to drive up to meet each thrust. We’d stopped fucking. We were making love. Hard, energetic love each working to bring the other to climax. I won. I had science on my side… loads of lube. When she exploded with her orgasm I thrust deep one last time and stayed deep until she had finished. I collapsed beside her, dragging air into my lungs by the bucket full.

“You OK Granddad?”

“Yeah! Will be, soon. You OK Sweetheart?”

“Will be, eventually. Think I’ve had nine months fucking in less than two hours!” she murmured contentedly.

“Well, another hour should see us up to date then!” I suggested naughtily.

“Yeah? OK, but we both need a good rest first and you’re not to have any more coffee. I’m sure I can’t take another millimetre of cock, ever!” She said cuddling up and kissing me.

“We’ll see. You’d be surprised what a greedy cunt can manage when it’s offered.”

She didn’t respond. I think she was already asleep. I quickly followed.

#### #### ####