Written by Ian and Ali

6 Aug 2007

What is it about a couple of drinks and a bit of sunshine that makes girls behave like sluts? My wife Alison is usually quite reserved in public. Dirty in the bedroom though and as a result we’d always shared our fantasies. She knew I liked the idea of seeing her with another man and although she’d admitted that the thought of two men turned her on she had always been adamant that it had to remain a bedroom fantasy.

Until an afternoon at one of the pubs by the canal near where we live. It was a lovely day. Alison was dressed in a thin summer dress that really showed off her curves. We’d been in there most of the afternoon and probably drank a little more than we should have done. After a couple of hours we’d been joined by Steve a friend of ours. His wife was shopping and he’d sneaked off to the pub. We all chatted out in the sun and I noticed that Steve was being very attentive to Alison. It was only on the way back from the loo that I saw why. With the sun behind her, he could see right through her dress. She wasn’t wearing a bra so it was like she was naked chatting to him in the sun. I glanced around the beer garden and saw that quite a few men had noticed the same thing and were furtively glancing over at my wife. I felt my cock stir and was enjoying the attention she was receiving. Knowing that I’d be stretching her cunt when we got home.

When Steve went to get some drinks I told her about what I’d seen and expected her to want to go home. But she just revelled in the attention, if anything arching her back a little to push out her boobs. After a couple of hours of this and what with the drink. I could tell she was horny. She kept furtively stroking my bulging cock and she was being ruder than I had ever seen my demure wife except in bed. We decided to walk back up the towpath home and Steve insisted that he’d join us. Which was I pain as I’d been hoping to get my hands up her dress on the way home.

We chatted as we walked and I commented that it was as hot as Spain. Steve immediately asked if Alison went topless on the beach. She gave a boozy giggle and said that she did, as she loved to feel the sun on her breasts. “Shame we’re not in Spain” said Steve. “Your right” Alison replied and started undoing the buttons at the front of her dress. Before I knew what was happening, Alison was walking at the side of me with her tits exposed. I looked at her and she smiled as her tits bounced as she walked. Which was really frustrating for Steve, as the towpath was to narrow for him to walk with us and he was having to walk behind, knowing Alison was exposing her tits but not quite being able to see. He was begging her to turn around and let him look but she just teased him by saying that she also sunbathed naked sometimes.

Eventually the path got wider as it entered a little wooded area. Steve wasted no time in getting in front of us and Alison did nothing to hide her tits from him. She looked at the bulge in his shorts and told him he must like what he saw. He told her that he did and then reached out and stroked her breast. I saw her give a little shudder as his hand stroked her naked tit and the nipple sprang to attention. Even now I thought she would scold him and stop it. Instead she slipped a hand into his shorts and took his cock in her hand. I moved in behind her stroking her arse and pushing my erection against her. I whispered in her ear that we should find a little privacy and we made out way into a secluded spot in the wood. She never took her hand from Steve’s cock, almost leading him by it.

Once there we laid her in the grass and we each sucked on a nipple. He slipped his hand in her panties and started to finger her as I groped her arse. After a few moments of this onslaught it was obvious she was cumming over his hand. He dropped his shorts and took his cock in his hand. He took a good long look at my wife’s cunt. Her legs were spread wide waiting for him and then he pushed his cock right up to the balls in my wife’s fanny. I was putting my cock into her waiting mouth and she did her best to suck me off as Steve rammed his manhood into her. As she sucked me and I watched him screw her I felt the sap rising and knew I was going to cum. I warned her, as I know she doesn’t like the taste. But whether she was lost in Steve’s fucking or lost in lust, She just gripped my buttocks and I pumped her mouth full of my hot spunk. I watched her swallow as I moved away ant watched Steve fuck my wife. Eventually he rolled her over and took her doggie style. I watched as her pretty arse shuddered each time he rammed himself into her and saw her tits swinging free and thought how this was what I’d wanted to see. My wife being well screwed by another man. At that moment Steve gripped Alison’s hips and pushed his cock as deep into her cunt as he could. I realised that he was filling my wife’s cunt with his sperm. When he pulled out I saw there mixed fluids running down her leg. Steve thanked us and begged us not to tell his wife. Then he left, leaving my wife exhausted, naked with her legs wide open and a cunt full of his spunk.

We’ve talked over what happened that day and both admitted that it was to be a one off. Next we’re going to try a club .