Written by BelindaF

22 Oct 2007

From deep inside my wet pussy

You are lost and cannot win

I play with your sexy body

You get hard as my hand strokes your skin

I want your huge cock inside me

And you know you cannot resist

Your emotions are really reeling

I am here to be fucked, licked and kissed

My mouth tells a million stories

Your manhood throbs and leaks as it slips

I soon bring you right to the edge, with my tongue

And you disappear between my soft lips

Enclosed in our dreamy world I slurp and suck

And I marvel at your width and size

Lust and tremors take over our pleasure

Your manly power and strength is no surprise

Like beautiful, lingering literature

I loose myself in the pattern of your charms

These are echoing like waves through my body

As I shake with excitement in your arms

You ride my cunt with your hardness

And take me in a rhythmical motion

I am yours and it's totally toe curling

Sailing my boat in your erotic deep ocean

Silhouettes dancing in the moonlight

As you spurt you hot seed in my cunt

Baby you really are the man of my dreams

Where did I find you with your naughty name...Mike Hunt!