Written by Chrissie

28 Aug 2017

The night before, they'd danced and she had seduced him. She'd worn her pretty lingerie and petticoats for half their love-making. They had slept so well.

She woke feeling so hungry - but sexy. After she'd showered and done makeup and perfume. he was still asleep, so she put on suspenders and stockings and a ravishing pair of sheer silky nylon knickers, that felt so lovely brushing her pussy. They were prettily embroidered and lavishly lacy over her suspenders. They were so sheer that there was no attempt to hide her beautiful pussy under their silkiness. Her full slip, flared and full, exactly matched her French knickers. It was deliciously silky and so sheer that she could still see her pussy through two layers of heavenly nylon when she had allowed the lace at its hem to cascade down over her, whispering against her stockings. She wore no bra and the lace at her breasts and lower on her sensational nylon slip could be seen through the lovely silky pastel chiffon dress she put on. Her outfit spelt out - HOTEL SEX. She put on six-inch stilettos and then went and stood by him, gently waking him by stroking his hair.

As he emerged from slumber, he sleepily said, 'I was having such a sexy dream ... oh my goodness ...!' and he saw his amazing sexy wife. Gently, she pulled back the covers and released his enormous erection. He sat up, leaning back on the bed-head. She had already undone the buttons of her dress and pulled one strap of her lacy slip down so that he could suck her nipple -which he greedily did. Kneeling over him, she allowed him to find his way under the skirt of her petticoat and the loose lacy leg of her knickers. As he entered her, she managed only to whisper, 'Do you like my sexy slip ...' before she began to come, noisily and gloriously, as spurt after spurt of his semen jetted into her. They missed breakfast.