Written by Chrissie

3 Nov 2017

Poppy is in love with being a girl, and all those undies of pretty lace and sensuously silky nylon feeling achingly erotic to wear …All her lingerie ... soft, silky and deliciously lacy. Each day, her petticoats and knickers are of wonderful sensuous nylon adorned with tantalizing lace …

She's arrayed now in the prettiest undies for you, but her own senses are also always aroused by all the lovely delicate slips and petticoats and panties and camisoles and baby-dolls she wears, because they leave her feeling so pretty, so feminine ... and so special …

And of course, she loves what her sheer panties and delicate lacy petticoats do to you …That’s why now, beneath her lovely full skirt, she wears lacy chiffon, very full, beautiful and spread out around her on the sofa. The silken layers are so transparent that each puff of silky nylon chiffon shows off the pretty lace beneath. She also wears a completely sheer and very silky white chiffon blouse, its full sleeves so feminine. Beneath it, and very visible is an exquisitely lacy camisole. She wears elbow-length silken nylon gloves, sheer and fascinating.The delicacy of all the lovely white lace and the silkiness of her nylon and chiffon, and her elegant high-heeled shoes say to you, ‘I’m a lovely sexy woman,’ and ‘I love you.’

Now she whispers, ‘… I love to wear lace and perfume and so much silken lingerie for you, Tony ...’

And with her silken fingers, she gently lifts her gossamer skirt, and you can see a tantalizing petticoat, in which twelve inch tiers of shining, very fine and sensual nylon chiffon alternate again and again with three inch bands of breathtakingly pretty lace. The fullness of the petticoat – four dreamy layers – lifts and puffs up her lovely skirt, a feast of sensation for both eyes and hands. This lovely girl delights in having her senses, and yours, aroused in this way. Everything she has on makes her feel girly. She is very aware, under her petticoat, of her so, so delicate and very silky loose French knickers, white and laden with lace, and beneath those, her suspenders, so lacy and pretty, stretching the lace and sheer ivory nylon of her exquisite sheer stockings, so that the brush of her petticoats feels so exciting both now, and also when she walks on her pretty girly heels.

'Please come and love me,' she says to you.