Written by Kathy T

6 Feb 2013

Janitor at Work

Hi. My names Kathy. I was 28 years old(5 ft 6, brown hair and blue eyes, 116lbs, and told I’m really pretty with girl next door looks) at the time this took place. I was living with my boyfriend Dave and he introduced me to things I never even thought about. To be honest, he brought out the slut in me. It took a while, but I’m glad he did. The kink we loved most was BBC, so I have had some experiences. This happened at work. I was an office manager with a shipping company. We had a warehouse full of hot young studs that Dave and I would fantasize with and soon I was teasing and flirting with them all and playing with Dave all night discussing it. Unfortunately, none of them were black.

Sometimes the flirting got me so hot and turned on, that I would have to go to the restroom and please myself. It was a single person restroom, so I could lock the door and be safe. One late afternoon, I was in that restroom pleasing myself when I heard a thump that startled me. I pulled up my panties and slacks and went to investigate what it could have been. After a bit of searching, I found a concealed hole in the wall. Could it be? No way. I quickly went to see what was on the other side of that wall. As I exited the restroom I saw our old black janitor Larry exiting the storage room. I still couldn’t believe it. I waited till the day was over and went to the storage room for more investigating. My stomach was full of kinky butterflies thinking that our old black janitor had seen my naughtiness (and for how long?). I snooped around and found the hole that indeed, had a full view of the restroom. I was already hot and bothered, but when I looked against the wall and on the floor, it looked like there was some dried cum! My gosh! It was Larry! Which was still odd because he cleans the office late after everyone was gone? That was it! I raced home and couldn’t wait to tell Dave what had happened. When he got home and found me in bed playing with all my BBC toys, he knew something was up. “What happened today sweetie?” he asked with a sexy smirk on his face. When I told him, he went just as crazy as I did and we played all night, talking about it. Now, in reality, Dave said I should report him and get him fired(at the least) or even thrown in jail! But we both knew there was too much sexy fun to be had, at least for now. Dave suggested that from now on, I only wear the sexiest of underwear with garters and stockings. I agreed. For the next couple of weeks, I impatiently waited for Larry to arrive but he began sticking to his actual schedule and cleaning while the office was empty. He must know, that I know, and he’s in fear, I thought. Although this was discouraging, Dave and I still played every night, using him as our main subject. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it, but then Dave suggested that I should stay late at work, as if catching up, then see what happens. I almost came on the spot. Dave was a genius when it came to our lifestyle. We waited till Friday to put in our new plan. That day I had a short black skirt and black stockings on, with white lace French cut panties with heels. I got no work done that day with all the teasing and flirting of all the guys in the back, with all there sexy comments and looks. I was tempted all day to let one of them ravage me in the warehouse, but chose to use my “restroom breaks” instead. Finally, everyone had left for the weekend and I was all alone. I was on the phone with my bf when I heard Larry arrive. When he entered the office, he had a stunned expression when he saw me. He thought he was about to get fired(or worse!).He looked like he was about to panic when I said, “Hello Larry. How are you? I hope you don’t mind but I have some work I need to catch up on.. If you don’t mind working around me, hon.” His expression was priceless! So relieved he could barely talk. “Uh… uh…. Yes Miss Kathy.. uh.. thank you.. uh.. no problem.” I smiled at him and noticed him, noticing me, in my sexy outfit. He went about his business and I sat back down and called my bf. Damn Dave was getting me so worked up. Finally Larry came in to vacuum and asked if it was ok. I said sure, and as he did, I began walking around the office and putting files away, or grabbing things high up and real low on some shelves(I’m such a tease!). I would glance at him from time to time, and he would get so busted staring at me. It was funny(and so damn sexy). A couple of times I would (accidentally) almost bump into him. That’s when I noticed he was breathing hard and sweating, with a huge tent in the front of his pants! That made me so hot, that I went to the restroom hoping he might follow to his viewing spot! Even if he didn’t, I needed relief fast. I stood leaning back against the wall, and with my eyes closed, I reached down and slowly pulled my skirt up to my waist, exposing my garters and soaking white panties. I was so turned on! I was on fire! I peeked at the hole and couldn’t tell if I had an audience or not. At this point, it really didn’t matter because I believed I did. I reached down and started rubbing on my hot pussy and clit and knew I could cum like this within a minute or so, but instead I turned around, bent a little forward, and slowly pulled down my panties to my thighs. I thought I might have heard something, but I was so gone, it could have been my imagination. I buried two fingers inside me and fucked myself hard. It didn’t take long, and I was cumming in that restroom for the fourth time today! But this one was best! I fixed myself up as quickly as I could and raced out to my office. Larry wasn’t there! He must’ve caught the show! I didn’t know for sure. I sat at my desk when Larry entered and he had the guilty look of someone who just blew his load in a storage room while he peeped through a hole!! He couldn’t even make eye contact with me. He really did look spent. I smiled at him and said goodbye as I raced home to keep playing with my bf. During all this, Dave would mention how cool it would be to catch him in the act and how I could blackmail him into giving me all the BBC I wanted. That sounded sexy and fun, but catching him would be tough. That’s what we thought, until the following week. It was Friday again, and I was dressed up for another overtime at the office/filthy strip show when I noticed Larry come in to work early. He kept walking by the office and I’d catch him spying on me pretty often. Guess he couldn’t wait for the show either! Around 4ish, our young receptionist Carol got up to use the restroom and I noticed Larry quickly disappear down the hall towards the storage room. Was he peeping at everyone? I almost felt jealous(I think I was!). I stood outside the storage room and made sure no one saw me, then I stormed in! There he was. Busted! He tried pulling up his pants and explaining himself when I went right up to him and put my finger on his mouth and told him to shhhhh. Alost in a whisper I told him, “What do you think you’re doing, Mr.! You are in big trouble sir. You know you can go to jail for something like this?” He looked at me terrified. I think I saw his dangling black cock from the corner of my eye and I didn’t want to look down but my hunger for him had become too much. I glanced down and my knees almost gave way as I saw this old black mans beautiful softening cock. “Meet me in here after work to discuss this further or expect to surely get into some deep trouble, Mr.!” I said as I turned and stormed out of there pretending to be furious with him. I was so turned on as I called Dave to let him in on what happened. He asked me what I had in mind and I told him I wasn’t sure, but to be ready for anything when I get home. I waited till 5:15 and made sure everyone had left and all the doors were locked. I entered the small storage room and Larry stood up. I shut the door and walked over to him, standing directly in front of him(about a foot away) and said, “Well, Mr. I’ve had some time to think and I’m not really sure what to do. Consider yourself lucky, for now. I want you to answer every question honestly to me, and do whatever I might ask, without question. Understand? Or this can still get ugly for you. Got it?” He nodded as he stared to the floor. “How long have you been doing jerking off your big black cock while looking through that tiny hole at women from this office!” He didn’t answer quite quick enough. “The truth or the police Larry! Now, how long!” “Sorry Kathy.. Uh…like a year, year and a half.” I paced the small room. “You bad boy. Now the truth, remember. Have you peeked at me through that hole?” He hesitated again and I said this was his last chance, and he said yes. “What have you seen?” “I’ve seen you play with yourself a few times, Miss Kathy. I’m sorry.” “Its too late to be sorry Larry! I was doing very private things in there. Now its my turn to spy on you, Larry. Its only fair. Now, do what you do when you look through that hole. You’re going to know how it feels. Now, Larry! Quick!” He looked unsure but he reached down and undid his pants and pulled them(and his boxers)down to his knees. I stood with my back against the door and stared at his flaccid black cock as it hung down past mid-thigh! It was still pretty thick and looked so smooth and nice with curly black and grey pubic hairs and two huge hanging hairy balls just behind it. My mouth was watering, I’m sure. He then grabbed it with one hand and lifted it, almost pointing it right at me and jerked on it. I know I let out a moan, but I don’t think he heard it. I was burning between my legs and wanted so badly to touch myself, but I didn’t. After a few moments, it wasn’t getting any harder and realized this was too much pressure for him. “Will this help, Larry. You pervert.” I turned around and started to shake my ass from side to side. I looked over my shoulder at him and he started to smile. I looked at his BBC and it started to grow! I lost it and started doing a seductive strip for him, pulling off my skirt and taking off my blouse. When I was just in my thong and a lace bra, his black cock was beyond hard and dripping from its pee hole. I walked up to him and turned my back to him and leaned up against his body, grabbing his hard black cock in one of my hands. “I want to finish the job, is that ok with you Larry?” He couldn’t speak! Poor guy. He nodded yes and was chuckling to himself. “What’s so funny Mr.” He said he couldn’t believe what was happening and hopes he’s not dreaming all this. How sweet. “Does this feel like a dream you old pervert!” and I bent forward a little and dropped his massive black cock between my ass cheeks as I grinded back and forth and from side to side against him. He lost it and started saying, “Fuck… shit.. Goddamn!” and he grabbed my hips and started pumping against me. I smiled back at him and was about to tell him to stop and let go, but he screamed out loud and his body started to jerk as he shot three or four streams of hot cum straight up in the air(still from between my cheeks) and landing all over my back. It felt so good on my skin. It looked so sexy! His jerks and moaning had me laughing up at him. He was so cute! I stood and reached behind me, getting a nice amount of his cum in my hand, and turned to him, showing him and saying, “You see, this is lube. Kind of.” I pushed him back against the wall and reached for his slowly shrinking black cock and started sliding my filthy hand up and down on it, covering it with his cum. He started moaning again as he put his head back, closing his eyes. I just stared down at his hot, beautiful black cock in my filthy white hand and started to touch myself with my free hand. This was becoming quite the task, so I grabbed his hand and brought it to my panty covered pussy. He looked at me in shock. “Your turn Larry. You think you can make me cum? Actually, you better make me cum old man.. or else!” He nodded and started rubbing me all wild and rough, which was feeling pretty incredible. Now I was moaning! I wondered how this must look if someone walked in. How naughty have I become. And how great was I feeling! He began to breath harder and harder and I felt his huge cock on the verge of exploding again and I stopped jerking on it making him look at me angrily. I told him he doesn’t cum till I have, and he roughly pulled my panties to a side and shoved one of his long black fingers inside me. Now it was me with my head back and eyes closed, moaning wildly. After a minute or so, I began working on his cock again which pleased him. I was getting close and he had his face buried in my neck, kissing all over and licking in my ear. I was totally loving it and it kept getting me closer and closer! He kept trying to kiss my mouth and I wouldn’t let him. Just then it felt like he was going to shoot again, so I stopped again causing him to get real me again. “You know the rules Larry..” He put three fingers in his mouth and started licking all over them, then reached under me and started fucking me so hard with them, that he was actually lifting me off the floor! I came really hard right then. It felt incredible! When I came back to earth, I grabbed his huge black cock in both of my hands and began jerking on him hard and fast. I knew it wouldn’t be long, and it wasn’t. I jerked his massive cock downward and he shot another huge load on the ground and a little on my leg. I told him not to move as I quickly gathered my things and was ready to leave. Before leaving, I walked up to him and told him that the hole in the wall better be patched and fixed by Monday morning. Adding, “You wont be needing that anymore and we need our privacy back, understand?” He had his eyes back on the floor, like a child in the principle’s office, as he nodded yes to me. “Secondly Mister. You better not tell anyone about this, you hear. NO ONE! Or else. Understand Larry?” He nodded again and I looked down at his totally soft and spent black cock, still covered in drying white cum and I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed it in a hand as I got up closer to him. I could feel his whole body react as it moved in my hand. I couldn’t believe this old black man could go again for the third time in less than an hour! I slowly jerked on it as he began to moan again. I whispered, “Have a nice weekend Mister. Goodnight.” I let go of his growing black cock making him angry and frustrated again as I left and drove home knowing that he was probably still jerking on that beautiful black beast, cumming all over that storage room. When I raced upstairs, Dave was waiting for me on our bed and had all of my huge black toys out with an interracial DVD on the huge screen. He had drinks and smoke waiting too. I quickly ran into our closet and grabbed some sexy/slutty lingerie and told him I needed a quick shower. When I returned, I crawled up on the bed and got between his legs and took his cock out and slowly started to play with it as I told him every single detail of what just happened. To my surprise, Dave came four times before I was through telling him! Than we drank and smoked and played all weekend, going over the details over and over. We both couldn’t wait to see where this might lead us.