Written by collins

26 Jun 2012

I have had a hard on since I received a text from Jay. My wife is away for a few days and Jay and I can get together again. Jay is my wife's sister. Jay is younger by four years.

Her text read 'Wet & waiting in our bed.' It took me five minutes to close my office and ten minutes to drive home.

I parked the car in the garage and showered in the downstairs boot room. I put on a toweling gown and set off upstairs to the guest bedroom.

Jay lay naked on the bed. Her long blonde hair spread on the pillow. her blue eyes sparkling and her lips smiling in anticipation of our few days together.

My eyes traveled to her breasts. Twin orbs each with its strawberry aureole and its brownish nipple. Her stomach was still flat despite two pregnancies. Her hairless mount rose between her thighs. She didn't need to shave she was naturally hairless. She opened her legs and I could see the glistening of her juices in her slit. She had been slacking off whilst waiting.

She was always ready for me as our first coupling was fierce and without foreplay.

I dropped my gown and lay on top of her. Our lips met and she reached for my already distended cock. I raised my body slightly and she slipped it in to her crack. Her labia parted and she rubbed my cock against her enlarged clitoris. The touch made her groan. She slid upwards against my cock and it pushed into her canal. Tight warm and wet as usual. I let it rest there whilst we kissed.

Suddenly and without warning I thrust it deep into her. She screamed her delight. She crossed her legs round me and I thrust into as deep and as hard as I could.

I knew from past experiences that she would come quickly and I would soon follow. It was just the way it was between us.... always the first frantic fuck ever since I took her virginity when she was just eighteen.

Her juices were hot round my cock as I shot string after string of cum into her. We were both roaring our pleasure. I collapsed onto her and my cock slipped from her. She rolled me off and kissed me deeply.

We had our usual glass of champagne and settled down to enjoy each other more gently.

She took my cock in her mouth and brought it back to life and the climbed on me and took me cowboy style. I sat up and sucked her nipples and she slowly swiveled her hips. Her breathing became tortuous as she reached her climax. She flopped forward and nuzzled my neck. I could feel the build up in my balls but knew i could hold off a while longer whilst she worked herself up again. This time we both climaxed together shaking and shuddering and gasping for breath with the intensity of it all.

She was always a better fuck than my wife. I don't know why I didn't marry her instead. Still we do have two delightful children. My wife doesn't know they are my children she just thinks her sister is a slut. Well perhaps she is for cheating with another woman's husband. What the hell, this state of affairs has been going on for twelve years and we hope it will continue for many more.