Written by Nudeboy

1 Mar 2008

I have not posted for some time on here. I should follow my last story about our friends Nigel and Julie, more specifically my wife Mary’s very sexy, BBW, best friend Julie (40DD with large brown nipples, brunette, shaved pussy, mmm… ). We did not holiday together last year as normal due to circumstances too boring which was a shame after my last fling with Julie I wanted more. Anyway after they returned from hols in the summer Mary sent me round to with some carpet cleaner to Nigel and Julie’s, while Mary went to town shopping.

Lucky me, Nigel was making up some time at work and Julie was on her own looking fantastic after the holiday, we soon started flirting and joking and I asked how the tan was and reminded her of our last fuck. She asked if I wanted to check her white bits and I said of course, she replied “you know I never have any” so I said “how about I check your pink bits then”. She got up and headed out the lounge door and as she passed she said “you coming, big boy…” I was up like a shot and getting hornier by the second.

We went straight to the bedroom and Julie’s ordered my to get my cock out….if you get out of your clothes you know I will, I replied. Anyway we soon stripped off double time and got down to some serious kissing and tongue fighting on the bed, I was fingering her nice bald wet pussy and she was masturbating me.

I came up for air and asked her to steady on I was close to shooting…she just told me to hurry up and get my cock in her she wanted to get my spunk and get me ready for a second go before she was letting me go home. So duty bound I put her ankles over my shoulders and slipped up her luscious puffy pussy and pounded her…sorry to say I only lasted a few thrusts before coming. We were both sweating in the glow of the midday sun through her bedroom window, from the frantic sexual exhaustion, as my cock popped out of her slippery slot; I rolled off and lay along side. Then Jule’s the filthy cow started t play with her sloppy slit and fingered herself while purring and cooing about how nice it was and how much she needed some cock and how she had missed us on holiday. As she did this she scooped my spunk and her juice out of her pussy and licked her fingers.

After getting my breathe back I sat up on the bed and Julie rested against me still fingering herself while I put my arms around her and fondled her lovely boobs, they are wonderfully full with fantastically big brown nipples that can make her come when sucked and stroked.

As we sat there in the glows of the initial sex she asked me rather coyly if I fancied her, a curious question I thought, which of course I did, we had now fucked twice. Then she asked if I thought it was strange that we had sex as both couples were friends…I enquired why…she then said she needed more sex than Nigel was giving her, but only in a casual way and Mary was her friend. I replied I was very happy about it and we talked about Mary had set us both up….then she asked if I would be interested in having “recreational sex with her occasionally when it suited us both”, “you bet I replied…” thinking what a lucky sod I am. “Great lets have some tea.” She said getting up and going to the kitchen. I just stayed put thinking about what we just agreed.

A couple of minutes later Julie returned with two mugs of tea and we sat on the bed naked chatting about her holiday and the people they saw on the beach and she spoke a bit about a guy she saw regular that she fancied and how she got wet. She told me that she had sucked off Nigel in the dunes, but he had only managed a semi hard on as was his norm these days, but she had started to get him to give her more cunnilingus lately and she had bought a rabbit just like Mary had so the could play with it together.

Anyway as she talked Julie played with my cock and it started to come back to life, and she eventually said, I think you are good enough to try a bit again. What a hungry bitch, she could not wait. So as the sun shone through the window I pulled her round onto her knees on the bed and I stood by the side and pounded her doggy style, with the sun on my ass spurning me on and her lovely ass shining up at me. I could not resist and spat on my fingers and pushed my index finger up her ass while fucking her, she growled out that she was coming, I told her to hang on I was bit away she just said “fuck off let me get on with it…” so I inserted two fingers up her ass and stroked my cock into her sloppy pussy which was clenching and releasing my cock. Julie started to wail, she was always a noisy mare when she was coming, and in fact it is never a secret when she gets her rocks off. I just carried on fucking her and as she subsided a bit I pulled out and flipped her on her back, she grabbed my cock and pulled me into her from the front as we started to get back into the rhythm again. After a couple of minutes she told me she wanted to climb on top and straddle me, so we rolled over and she climbed on board. I was holding up after having come earlier but with her on top and milking my cock with her pussy as she ground on to me as I played with marvellous her tits and her engorged nipples I started o feel the sap rise again. I was nearly dying from the sweat and exhaustion of the exercise when she started to moan again, then as she ground on my sore cock she started to come and that brought me off as I shot my second load into her pussy and she flopped down on me.

We lay in the afterglow for a few minutes and she said, that would be on her own Thursday nights when Nigel was out with his brothers at the club, and she knew that my wife Mary would be at her part time evening job.

So for the next six months, nearly every Thursday evening I enjoyed the most fantastic sex, unfortunately it kind of fizzled out around Xmas as we could not meet every week and we all got caught up in changes of circumstance. Mary and I still see Julie and Nigel as friends, I am sure Mary knew I was seeing Julie too but she never said, mind you Julie and I suspect she was secretly seeing her boss, I checked Mary’s panties and a few times they showed some stains and I had not been in there. Who is to complain, Julie and I had some good sex and Mary and I were enjoying our sex life with each other too. Can’t fault it, but it does wear you out, and I do realise it is not for everyone, some folks just could not handle it. It seems I had found a mistress to keep me occupied with recreational sex and still enjoy married life and domestic sex too.