Written by eric_ball1

19 May 2007

Well hi again Juliette I assume you are here for your next golf lesson. I must say you look extremely sexy, I know it is a hot day but you look half naked. That top shows your tits and those hot pants!! Wow! You will give the older members a stroke (maybe thats what you are after). Shall we concentrate on your grip today. Show me what you have remembered from last time." I remember how good your cock was when I sucked it, here is this how to grip" . With that my flies are undone in an instant, my erect cock is released and Juliette hold it firmly, gently wanking it. You are one horny lady, we haven't even hit a golf ball yet. Its no good I have to fuck you "about time". Juliette pushes my cock towards her urgently now, she slides it under the edge of her sexy little hot pants and its obvious she has no pants on. She is so so wet and ready to receive my aching cock. It slides straight into her hot little pussy. WOW WOW WOW what a woman, a real sex pot. Juliette pulls us both onto the ground thank god there is no-one around again as we begin to fuck furiously. I am pushing my cock into her passionately, speeding up all the time. At this rate it will not be long before I explode into her pussy. Juliette is panting now , I sense her orgasm is not far away. Suddenly she grips my cock with her pussy muscles and explodes in a wonderful, noisy climax. She is shuddering. My cock continues to pump in and out of her pussy, my own orgasm is nearly here, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! fucking hell, I explode all my spunk into her, she in turn explodes into another shuddering orgasm. Our desire is complete, we lay down exhausted at our efforts. Golf completely forgotten. Same time next week Eric! I really feel my golf is improving all the time!!!!!!!!!