Written by bcands

12 Aug 2008

I'm sitting naked on a sofa, I'm a little buzzed with alcohol and sex, beside me on the sofa is a friend of ours, small, blonde with a tight little body. She's layed back on the sofa, her head against my shoulder. A trail of my spunk lies across a rather neatly trimmed brazilian, just above her glistening pussy. My cock lays battered into submission, cum and pussy juice making it feel cool and damp between my thighs.

Opposite, my beautiful, sexy wife sits between our friend's boyfriend and a pal of his. She's laying back, lolling on the sofa, her hips are thrust forward, her ass is nearly on the edge of the cushion, her legs are spread wide, her legs draped over the legs of the guys on each side of her. Her shaven pussy is fat from exertion, the lips puffy and a little darker in colour. A thick trail of cum is oozing from her cunt, dripping slowly across her anus before reaching the cushion. Laced across her gorgeous perky tits is a trail of spunk, several thick globs are on her left nipple. The guys on either side of her are done, their cocks soft and flaccid. My wife takes a finger and runs it up and down the puffy lips of her cunt, she slips it inside her and extracts a finger wet with cum, brings up to her lips a nd savours it and swallows, she smiles at me, I smile back. She takes the finger again and collects more spunk from her nipple, she swallows again and smiles.

With the other hand she starts to open up her cunt, the fingers of the other hand are dancing over her clit and she groans out another orgasm, I watch her smiling and feeling my worn out cock stirring slightly.

Whenever I need an image to wank to, on my own, I can think of her smiling, I can think of the cum on her glistening pretty cunt, I can think of her cumming.