Written by Kathy T

18 Jul 2012

Letters to my Ex 1

My names Kathy and I’m 29, have brown shoulder length hair with blue eyes and I’m 5ft 7in and weigh 118lbs. I’ve written here before. My story, basically, is that my high school sweetheart (Dave) got me into experimenting in our sex life (even back then) but we broke up my senior year. So my whole senior year I truly missed the kinky world he introduced to me. I only masturbated re-living our experiences because I was either too scared to do the things alone or couldn’t find a kinky guy like Dave. All the boys who asked me out seemed too scared or shy because my reputation at school. I was the “innocent rich girl” or teenage model so guys stared, but rarely approached. Anyway, fast forward 10 years, and Dave and I re-connected. It wasn’t long that he was teaching me more kinky things that I was loving. It was such a turn on knowing that everyone around would never believe how much of a slut I was deep inside and Dave was bringing out. There was a lot of “smoke” involved which got me/us so horny late at night that I would do almost anything Dave suggested. Everything from porn, to taking sexy pictures or video, to role playing, to flashing and sharing. We mostly played with strangers but sooner or later, it switched to people we knew which Dave said would be our demise and he was right. We got into a huge fight and he left and his friends(or even strangers on the net) swooped in and took over where he left off, getting me so high that it all happened so fast and there was no turning back. Even though Dave warned me of what was going to happen, I was so him that I ignored him. During our relationship, Dave would always say that even if we broke up, we could keep on playing our sex games by me calling him and telling him everything I was doing. I agreed at the time but was so pissed at him I always hung up on him when he would call asking about it. A lot of time has passed and now Im going to write him these letters which he wanted back when we broke up. I will try to keep them in order.

Dave, Im sorry how things ended up but we both are to blame for it. I started to believe everything everyone was telling me about you not loving me anymore and how I should have a man that would protect me and not flash me or share me with anyone else. But I see now that they were just telling me things to get closer to me and take advantage of me. Your friend/dealer Eli was the first one to come around. The night you left, I was in the room crying when he comes in with a ton of “smoke” and locks the door and we pretty much didn’t come out for four days. I know I know, you told me he would do that and he did. First he was telling me that you were cheating on me then he was telling me how better off I am without you, the whole time getting me higher and higher. The first night I was crying on his chest while he was hugging me and telling me if I was his girl, he would take care of me and love me properly and I didn’t even realize he was pushing my head slowly down onto his rock hard cock inside his pants. I was so high and falling for his every line/lie, that the shock from feeling his hard cock against my face turned into lust as I began rubbing my whole face and mouth against it. I could actually feel heat coming off of it and I started biting down on it. I couldn’t take it anymore and I ripped away at his pants and zipper like a starving slut and when I freed his hard cock, I sucked on it like a woman possessed and he came all over my face and in my hair. I remember showering afterwards thinking he would be gone but playing with my pussy under the hot water thinking about what just happened. I came quickly and couldn’t stop playing with myself when the shower curtain opened and Eli joined me. He must have been watching me because his cock was rock hard and I grabbed him by it and pulled him to me. I turned around and bent over and he grabbed me by the hips and shoved his cock in me hard and deep and fucked me that way, making me cum a few times before he yelled out he was about to cum and emptied himself deep inside me, making me cum even harder. He kept smoking me out every 40 minutes or so and we were fucking just as often for four days. I remember you calling once and me hanging up on you right as Eli was eating me out. I know I should have told you about it and let you get off at the sounds of it all and the tale I should’ve told you but I was still really you. Anyway, at the end of the third day, Eli wanted to see me play with all the toys you got me and watch porn together. When he found out all my toys were big and black and most of our porn collection was interracial, he flipped his lid calling me a black cock slut and ho and after using them on me roughly(and seeing how much I came and love BBC) he angrily left saying he couldn’t believe I was a ni@#$*lover and slammed the door. He must have been so pissed at me that he told another dealer friend of yours(Tory) all about it because a couple hours later, Tory was ringing the doorbell.