Written by Kathy T

28 Jul 2012

Letter to my Ex 2

When we broke up and your buddy Eli moved in, he couldn’t take the fact that I was so into BBC. He says he remembers you telling him all about it but he thought you were lying. He kept saying, “No way!! Sweet innocent Kathy… a fucking black cock whore!! No way!! Why Kathy, why!!” and he cursed me some more and left. He must have been so angry that he told Tory (your other dealer and black as night gangster) all about it because Tory showed up that night. I answered the door and told him I was still pretty sad and didn’t really want company as he walked by saying I probably needed a little smoke to help me forget. I knew he was right but I knew how smoke made me feel, especially after what just happened with Eli. We sat on the couch in the living room as he lit up the pipe and exhaled a massive cloud and handed it to me. I took a deep hit also. Right then Eli called my cell but I didn’t answer it and it went to voicemail. We kept smoking as I checked the message and Eli was apologizing saying he never should have said everything he said and that he was very sorry and wanted to see me. I laughed it off as I kept smoking with Tory. Eli kept calling and his messages were in a jealous rage saying I better not have anyone over and he was on his way. I couldn’t believe what happening and when I told Tory about it, he said he had to make a couple drop off’s and if I wanted to get out of the house, I could come along. I was thinking about it when he said I could smoke all I want for free, and I got up and said ok. I didn’t realize his driver was in his car the entire time as we got in the back seat of his Escalade and started smoking some more. The rap music was loud and my head was back in the clouds. I kept catching his big black driver staring at me through the rear view mirror and it instantly got my mind and body back into my sexy/horny ways. We pulled up in this alley and Tory lowered his window and some black gang member put his head in and handed Tory some money and Tory handed him a baggy. The guy looked at me and said, “Damn T. Who the fuck is this fine white bitch! She one of your ho’s? Damn, I give you one G now for this bitch, damn!” “Na this is a friend of mine man, maybe next time.” Tory told him then we were off driving again. I asked Tory what was that all about and he told me that guy would have paid a thousand dollars for one night with me. I said he must be kidding when he told me how hot I was and if I ever wanted to make some quick cash, I could bring home more than a thousand in one night. I began to blush at his compliment and I said no way, but I couldn’t stop thinking about his sexy offer and I was getting a little wet in my panties. I was high and horny when he asked me if I wanted to smoke more and when I said yes, he said ok but give him a quick kiss first. He was smiling and it could have been a joke but I said, “Ok, one quick kiss and I kiss you.. You stay put.” He just smiled and I bent towards him and slowly brought my lips to his big black ones and slowly tapped one sweet kiss, then another, pulled away, then another small kiss on his lips then he grabbed me from behind and pulled my body tight to his as he shoved his tongue in my mouth and found mine as we french kissed wildly in the back seat. I put my hands on his chest and pushed away as he let me and he started laughing. I told him, “Hey, one quick one Tory!” He said he knew and couldn’t take my sweet kisses any longer. He handed me the pipe and we smoked some more as we drove around. As we smoked I saw that Tory kept quickly grabbing his crotch and when I looked down, I saw what he was grabbing at. He had a massive hard on in his pants. I kept looking at his crotch when I thought he wasn’t looking and he asked me if I have ever kissed a black man before. I shyly looked to the ground and before I could answer he said, “I know you have baby. I know you love black cock too! Dave told me all about you!” I looked at him shocked with my mouth open and he said, “Well there’s one way to find out for sure.” He lowered his pants to his knees real quick and grabbed a hold of his huge hard black cock and waived it back and forth right before my stunned eyes. He said, “You see. A girl that doesn’t like black cock looks away in anger and tells me to take her home immediately! A girl who is a black cock slut does what you’re doing.” I can hear his driver laugh a little to that one. I start to say that I’m just shocked and I didn’t expect…, and he grabs me behind the neck and brings our lips back together and we kiss while he grabs my hand and lays it on his hard black cock. When I slowly start jerking on it, it confirms what he believes. He pushes my head down an orders me to suck him. I’m so high and turned on that I don’t even know where I am! I get on all fours in the back seat and start sucking his big black cock like a hungry slut. I hear the rear view mirror buzz as I look up and the drivers big black eyes are on me, turning me on even more! I’m sucking and playing with his balls when I feel the car stop and the back window opens again. I’m about to panic and pull away as Tory holds me there and another guy comes to the window. “Keep suckin Kathy!” he tells me as I cant see the guy at the window but he says, “Goddamn, is that Dave’s girl, Kathy?” Oh my, he recognizes me! Tory says, “Its Kathy but she ain’t Dave’s girl no more. She’s my new girl for sure! Right Kathy?” The guy laughs and I’m frozen with my face buried in Tory’s black balls as they complete the deal and the window closes as the car moves again. I start sucking again and Tory starts slapping my ass telling me that he needs a girl just like me and he can keep me happier than any man ever has and he asks me what do I think of that. I can only mumble and nod yes with his huge cock in my mouth. The car stops and is turned off and I get up quickly and notice we are at Tory’s apartment. I tell him I need to get home soon and he says he just needs to get a few things and they will take me home. He holds my hand as we walk upstairs and his driver is right behind us and I can feel his eyes on my tight jean covered ass. Once inside, Tory guides me to his bedroom and as soon as we’re inside, he has me against the wall and his tongue is down my throat. He pulls away and asks me if I’m going to be his first white girlfriend and I tell him he’ll be my first black boyfriend and he smiles at me and gets down on his knees in front of me and undoes my pants and pulls them and my panties down to my feet and I step out of them. He stays there and says, “Oh my shit!! What a fuckin beautiful white pussy baby.” and starts licking away at my pussy. I spread my legs apart to give him more access. He’s licking my clit and sending waves through my body as I reach down and hold his head in my hands. He’s licking so rough that I cum quickly on his face. He then pushes me on his bed (on my back) and puts his head back between my legs and starts licking away again! I remember thinking, I thought black guys hated licking pussy, not this black guy. I grab his head again and tell him not to stop. I cum two more times like that. He then comes up and starts kissing me again and I could feel his huge black cock jabbing at me so I reach down and grab it and guide it right to my soaking pussy. He asks me again if I’m his girlfriend and when I say yes, he shoves that fat hard black cock deep inside me. It feels so intense and so good that I lock my feet behind him so he cant escape. He starts pounding and we start kissing while I keep cumming on his massive black cock. I’m completely out of it, in heaven and don’t even remember getting in doggy position, but he’s pounding me again and I’m losing it again. Right then another hard big black cock is in my face and hitting me. I don’t even think about it as I open wide and start trying to please this beautiful monster black cock. Tory tells me to suck that big black cock as he keeps pounding me from behind and shoves a finger in my ass, causing even more intense feelings. All of a sudden Tory pulls out from behind and cums all over my ass. The cock in my face pulls out of my mouth and he starts jerking it right in front of my face and then it explodes all over me. Im laying on the bed almost passed out when I hear Tory ask me if I really want to go home or I could spend the night with him. I don’t know why but I say I need to go home. He looks kind of pissed and tells me to wash up and his driver will take me home. While I’m in the bathroom, I could hear women’s voices in the apartment and as I enter the living room, there are four white girls there, smoking and laughing it up with the two guys. Two girls are all over Tory as he see’s me and gets up to walk me to the door. “Goodbye baby. See you tomorrow.” and he kisses me on the cheek. He could tell by my reaction that I’m upset by what’s going on but tells me, “Hey you’re the one who wanted to leave, baby. You can still stay if you want to.” I look at the slutty girls and I tell him I don’t want to ruin his party, and I walk out the door. In the car I sit up front. I’m looking out the window and I’m pouting and feel like I’m going to cry. Just within a couple of days I’ve had the best sex I’ve ever had and I’ve had two break-ups and the one guy I thought I was falling for has whores all over him. The driver(I find out his name is D)asks me what’s wrong. “Why would Tory keep bringing up being my boyfriend when he obviously has lots of girls around?” D says, “Those are his ho’s, his working girls.” “Does he fuck them?” I ask. “Yeah, all the time but none of them are his girlfriend like you can be.” I tell him I will have to think hard about this as we arrive at my place. He asks me if I’d like to smoke a little to feel better. I say sure, and he says we should get in the back seat. Parked right in front of my house, we get in back and he lights the pipe and hands it to me. I notice his eyes are all over me and he’s undressing me in his mind. I start getting hot again. What is it about this smoke and black men that drive me so crazy? I smile at him as I keep smoking and he says how hot I looked earlier through his mirror and how hard he had gotten just watching and how he thought he was going to cum in his pants. Hearing that made me super horny as I blush and tell him, “Why thank you D.” He saw how it worked earlier for Tory, so he did the same thing. “Just as hard as you’ve made me now baby” and he quickly pulls his baggy sweat pants down to his knees exposing his super fat and super hard big black cock to me. I start coughing smoke out and kind of laughing as I ask him what does he think he is doing? At this point, I cant even hear what he’s saying to me and I’m just staring down at his lovely black cock. I put the pipe down and look around to see if any neighbors might be able to see us/me, but notice all the windows are tinted very dark. He’s still talking as I reach out, seemingly in a black cock trance, and wrap a hand around it. It’s so fat and feels so burning hot as I jerk on it. I ask him if he thinks Tory is doing one of those girls at this very moment. “I know he is” he says, which puts that little jealous anger back in my mind as I bend forward and take D’s fat black cock in my mouth. He starts moaning loud and telling me to suck his black cock and I do. I can only get his huge head in my mouth as I stoke his shaft and play with his fat hairy balls. I start thinking how his super fat black cock must feel deep in my sweet white pussy and how I should mount him right now and let him stretch me more than I’ve ever been stretched, and right then he holds my head down hard on his black cock as he erupts his hot cum in my mouth. I cant believe it but I swallow him all. I was about to invite him in so he could use me with that fat black tool when he says he has to get back and he’ll see me soon. I’m still sitting in back when he pulls up his sweats and gets out and gets behind the wheel again. Feeling frustrated(not to mention a little used), I get out and head to my front door. I don’t know what time it is, but it must be early in the dark morning. My head is spinning and I feel like I’m in a dream. I try to think back on the last 24 hours and its all a sexy/kinky blur. Dave, I remember thinking (at that very moment) how much I missed you and wished nothing bad had happened between us and when I open the front door, you will be there waiting for me. I begin wishing hard for that to happen, almost in tears. I get to the door and am stunned when I see Eli sitting there waiting for me. I then realize you are really gone. Eli asks me where I’ve been and says he’s been waiting for hours. Why couldn’t it have been you waiting there for me, Dave. I open the door and Eli comes in after me, locking the door behind us.