Written by pusskins1Spain

17 Aug 2012

My lover to be lead me by the hand from the dining room. We walked in silence both knowing that finally we were going to spend the night together, both wondering what the night would bring. We reached the room and locked the door behind us and at last we were together in our own world where passion was our god.

He kissed me gently on the lips and soon our tongues embraced. He deftly removed my dress and admired my ample breasts. I removed my pants and stood naked before him. I unbuttoned his shirt and he pulled me close so that his chest caressed my breasts. I unbuckled his belt and helped him to remove his trousers and underpants.

I pulled back the bedcovers and he swiftly joined me. We held each other tight exploring each others bodies. He had not made love or masterbated for more than 10 days and I knew he needed me badly. He was my master, he was my lover and he was my world. We had waited for so long.

He kissed my body gently and his fingers explored my vagina. I was becoming wet and I marvelled at his hardness as my fingers stroked his erect cock. I noticed it was not straight but thick and curved and I imagined what it would feel like inside. He was shaking with emotion as his tongue darted inside me, making me quiver. then with his fingers inside me I felt myself squirting.

Then I took his glorious cock into my mouth and my tongue worked its magic, flicking the very tip, then sucking and sliding and working with my hands at the same time.

Then he instructed me to lower myself onto him and straddle him. He entered me easily as I was very wet and I gripped him hard as I felt him inside me. I moved slowly then increased the pace. He had self control and I knew that he could keep himself from coming for a long time. I rode him faster and felt myself coming again. Then I dismounted and he slid his hand between my legs and we tasted my cum.

I showed him a position that he had never tried before, our legs scissored together but both comfortably lying on our backs, that way he was able to penetrate me deeply.

we tried many positions, he was tireless, he was my bull, I was his submissive taking care of his every need.

He told me that he wanted me to truly belong to him and I wanted it too. He had to put his seed inside me to make me truly his.

We made love for 3 hours till eventually the tension had built to a crescendo when he had to have me. He carefully laid me onto my back and slowly slid inside me. he then began to work with rythym pumping faster and faster and harder and I knew this time he was going to cum.

I felt him cum inside and climaxed myself. For me it was a night of so many firsts and I felt like a virgin. I truly fell in love with my lover and although we are once more many miles apart he is right there in my heart.