Written by Kathy T.

30 May 2016

When my boyfriend and I broke up, I was kind of crushed and lost for a little while. I didn’t want to talk to anyone or have anyone over. To top it off, I couldn’t find my box of sex toys! Did my ex take them or something? Why? Could he be that big of a dick? Sure he can!

I was so depressed and angry. I couldn’t believe he would do that. After all, it was him who turned me into a slut in the first place! A BBC slut too! Without my toys, my orgasms were small and boring(if that’s possible). They were ok but nothing compares to the mind blowing orgasms a BBC gives a girl(even if it’s a toy)!! Its just a different sexy level! I was just going to have to work up the courage to go to a porn shop alone and buy new ones. The thought of that scared me. What was I going to do? I fantasized for a second….. wouldn’t it be nice to find a real black cock and make him my new boyfriend and live happier ever after…. Then I wouldn’t need a BBC toy. No, I will always need BBC toys. Every girl needs BBC toys! This is an obvious fantasy because in the real world, my family would kill me if I had a black boyfriend!

About a month later, nothing had changed and it happened to be my birthday. I guess no one really knew because only my parents sent me gifts and mentioned it at all. I started to drink alone to get rid of the lonely feeling I was having.

At around 10 pm, I had a nice “drunk” going on when there was knocking on my door. I couldn’t guess who it might be. I opened up and standing there was my ex’s(and I guess mine too….but not really)black friend Larry. I haven’t seen or heard from him since before the break up and wondered what he was doing here. He had a gift wrapped box in his hands and asked, “Well, it is your birthday, isn’t it Kathy?” How did he know? Apparently no one knew. I said yes and quickly welcomed him in. We sat on the couch and he had some crystal smoke and we started smoking. I kept thinking how sweet it was for him to have remembered my birthday. Then, sitting alone with him and smoking started to make my mind and body get hot and I started thinking my usual naughty things when I smoke this stuff. We were both nice and dizzy and he handed me my gift and told me its what every girl needs, especially now that you‘re single. Puzzled, I ripped it open and there in my hand was the fattest, biggest, blackest lifelike sex toy I have ever seen! I just stared at it in awe with my mouth open and in shock. How could he have known? That’s too weird? He thought I was somehow offended by his gift and started to apologize and tried grabbing it back from my hands but I pulled it to me and held it tight, telling him to get away! I cant believe this guy gave me the gift I needed and wanted the most in the whole world(and saved me the trouble of having to go to a porn shop)! I was overcome with emotion(or was it because I was drunk and high as a kite!!)and I thanked him with a long hug and a kiss on the cheek. When I began to back away, he pulled me back tight in his arms and began kissing me on my neck and face. I hadn’t been kissed and held in a while. It felt so good that my eyes closed and my head rocked back, enjoying the feeling. He told me he was glad I liked my present and I told him I couldn’t wait to use it later! Then he said, “Don’t wait. Try it now! C’mon birthday girl! I swear I‘ll only watch. And I wont tell anybody, promise.” I stood back, staring at him, again in awe with my mouth open and all I could think about was how incredibly sexy that sounded. Without thinking, I grabbed him by the hand and quickly led him to my room, reminding him that he promised he wouldn’t tell anyone and he again said he wouldn’t. I pushed the couch from the wall to about 4 feet in front of the bed and told Larry to have a seat. I went to my closet and grabbed a few things and told him I’ll be right back as I ran off to the bathroom. I hadn’t had this sexy rush in a while. I washed up and slipped into my purple lace teddy with garters and stockings with a black thong. I put on some lipstick and went back to the room. When Larry saw me he was besides himself! “God damn Kathy! It must be my birthday too! You look fine girl! Again, Damn!!” I thanked him as he held up the pipe, offering it to me again. I walked over and sat besides him on the couch and we smoked more.

My ex had also turned me into quite the exhibitionist and showing off (in my outfit)in front of this black man while we smoked, sitting right next to each other, was driving me crazy(him too!). I could tell because he had the biggest bulge in front of his pants! He saw me staring so I asked him if his black cock was smaller or bigger than the one he bought me and he said he thinks he’s bigger and better in every way. I smiled at him as I got up and lay on my bed with my new toy. First I started licking and kissing it all over, getting it nice and wet. I heard Larry telling me to slap that big black cock all over my pretty white face and I did just that. I peeked over at Larry and he had his black cock in his hands stroking himself while looking at me!! I almost died!! He looked so hot and so did his BBC! I couldn’t take it anymore and slid my thong to the side and my black cock toy right up against my aching pussy. Slowly I started pushing it inside me. It felt so good that my body was shaking and I was finding it hard to breathe. How I miss this feeling! The feeling of being stretched and filled with BBC!! Only a third or so of that fake black cock was in me when I had the most powerful climax in months! With my eyes still shut and my body jerking, I hear myself say, “Larry… Come here. Show me your real black cock! I want to see a real black cock.. I want to feel a real black cock…please? Can I? If this fake one makes me feel this good..…Oh my God! Please.. Show me..” Pleading, I opened my eyes and he was already on his knees next to me on the bed, stroking his magnificent looking cock inches from my face! I smile up at him as he tells me to stick out my tongue. When I do, he starts slapping my mouth and tongue with his hard, hot BBC! I felt so nasty!

He’s so hard and so turned on that his cock head is dripping sweet clear juice that I suck into my mouth. I tell him(between slurps)that he tastes much better than the fake cock and he starts pounding my mouth harder with his black cock. He reaches down and takes hold of my toy and starts fucking me good and hard with it as I starts losing it and suck as hard as I could on his big black cock. I start cumming again as he starts talking dirty to me. I tell him that I love my new toy and he pulls it out of me and quickly gets between my legs to replace it with his hard black cock. I’m dying from anticipation as he slowly shoves his black cock head inside me. It feels so good and I tell him so. He brings the cock toy to my lips and tells me to taste my pussy on it and I open my mouth wide as he puts it in. He starts fucking my mouth with the toy as he fucks me hard with his black cock, asking me which one feels better. I tease him by saying that the toy made me cum twice and he takes that as some sort of challenge and increases his pounding of me! I start to explode! Again and again! He’s very pleased with himself as he keeps asking me who’s better now. I can barely speak as I mumble that his black cock is the best cock ever and he tells me to say that over and over and when I do, he blows his huge load deep inside me! This is something I’ve rarely experienced and it sends me to another massive orgasm as I wrap my arms and legs around him and squeeze him tight, never wanting to let go. We start kissing as we both try to regain our composure. Still in a complete daze, he asks me if I liked his black cock and I tell him that I love his black cock. Happy birthday!