Written by Kathy T.

10 Jun 2016

There was one summer where everything changed for me. It seems like I blossomed overnight and went from a skinny tomboy(who nobody was interested in..), into a sexy young girl with a sexy shape! All of a sudden, the attention I was getting from boys and men was so hot!! It was like a sexy game and I loved playing back at them. My girlfriends started calling me a prick tease and maybe I was.

Anyway, my parents had their annual summer pool party where I decided would be my “coming out” party. I slipped on my favorite two piece bikini that always fit me fine, but now as I look at myself in the mirror, it’s super tight everywhere and my boobs are practically falling out!! Its so tight on my ass that the bottom of my cheeks are exposed! I look just like the sluts I see on music videos or TV.

I join the party and the place is pretty packed. I could feel every eye on me! I could hear people say, “Who is that!” or “Look at the body on that hottie!!” It was intoxicating and I was getting so turned on! I laid out by the pool and practically every boy(and man!) came over to talk me up and flirt with me. All my older brothers friends, my parents male friends, men who work for my dad…everyone! While they would talk to me I would see their eyes feasting on my young body! I was going crazy!! Then, every time I would quickly jump in the pool to cool myself off, there would always be one or two guys all over me! Splashing and playing around….grabbing and tossing me. I kept checking with my parents to see if they were watching all this and they weren’t! No one really was, except some of the older wives. When their husbands would rub up against me their wives would yell at them to get out of the pool. It was funny.

After a while of sexy fun, the party started to wind down and a lot of people were either leaving or heading inside our house, as it was getting dark. I grabbed my towel and was also headed inside when I heard our Jacuzzi start up. I looked over and one of my dads best friends Oliver was getting inside. I hadn’t seen Oliver in a few years and I could tell by the way he was eyeballing me, he liked what he saw. He’s around my dads age and gotten a little heavy, big and black. We were practically alone in the backyard as I said hello. “Little Kathy.. what a wonderful surprise.. You have all grown up now, haven’t you….My gosh. Mmm mm. You have turned into quite the young lady, haven’t you. Let me get a good look at you….” I was blushing as I smiled and did a quick spin for him, letting him see all of me in my bikini. He held his hand out and asked me to join him in the hot tub. I got in and had a seat and he sat right next to me and put an arm around me, squeezing me tight into him. I’ve know him my whole life so I didn’t think this was strange, though I did look around to see if anyone was watching.. no one was. Then he shocked me by whispering in my ear if I’ve had my share of hard cocks yet and how many boyfriends I have. “Oliver! You are a dirty old man! What if daddy heard you talking to me like this? Oh my gosh!” Right then my mom is standing right in front of us! “You two ok out here? Olly take care of my little girl and we’re going to start Karaoke in the den soon, ok?” and she turned and left. Embarrassed and a bit angered at being called her little girl, I must have mumbled something because right then Oliver tells me I shouldn’t be upset with my mom and that its totally evident that I’m no little girl! That was sweet. I quickly get back to the sexy mood I had been in all day, relaxing next to my parents old black friend. He started again, asking me sexual questions and how far I have gone. He could tell my inexperience(I guess) and tells me he has a business proposition for me. He says if I’m not interested, I could say so and it will never be mentioned again. He tells me that I will be soon going away to college and none of those boys want a girl who doesn’t know what she’s doing. So, he says, if I’m interested and if I don’t want to be known as a stiff or a bitch at college, he would take the time to instruct me on the ways of hot sex. What did he just say!! Again, I’m shocked and cant believe what I’m hearing. He’s looking at me very seriously, causing me to actually think about his offer. “You don’t have to answer now. Think about it and get back to me. Not only will you be popular at school but I bet you’ll really enjoy my valuable instructions because….. You know what they say about black men right?” I didn’t… and he knew it! “You see.. You might need me more than you think!” He gave me a peck on the cheek and got out of the water leaving me there alone, with my mind going a million miles a second! This really does sound like a great business opportunity. A lot of what he said was right. I wish I were more experienced. There was a lot I wasn’t sure of. One thing for sure, I was super turned on and when I went to my room to change, I spent a little time with my hands down my panties playing with myself. I couldn’t do this, could I? If my parents would ever find out…..OMFG! The more I thought about it, the more I wanted that old black man to tame this young horny white girl! I quickly got dressed and hoped Oliver hadn’t left the party yet. At first I couldn’t find him and I thought I lost my chance but as I walked aimlessly around quite sad, Oliver walked in the room! When our eyes met from across the room, he knew! We both wore huge smiles as we met by the chips and dip. He tells me(firstly), that there is no way my parents could ever know. That we both have to be super careful and super discreet. Then he asked for my cell # and said he will call me in a little while and for me to be locked in a room and alone so we could further discuss this plan. I was dizzy and felt like I was in a movie or something. Was this really happening? I’m not attracted to old Oliver in the least bit, but at that moment, looking up at him and thinking about what we’re about to embark on, I wanted to thank him by throwing my arms around him and kissing him…right on the lips.. With tongue… with tongue? My hormones(or.. whore moans! lol) must be completely out of control!! Wow, I really did need his help! I ran upstairs to my room and locked the door while I lay on my bed… waiting by my phone and playing with my wet pussy!

Oliver calls me to inform me that he has rented a hotel room for the entire coming weekend and I should start thinking of excuses to be away from them. I agree and cant wait till the weekend! There is no doubt that I will be getting sexed very soon but I cant shake that comment Oliver made about the whole black thing. What did he mean? Are black men different somehow? I’m sure I was going to find out pretty soon.

Debate season was here and I told my parents that a few of us girls were going to practice most of the weekend at Clair’s or at Monica’s house or at school, high intense practice. Ok honey, have fun was all they said. I drove over to the hotel and was so anxious and so nervous and so damn horny! This is so bad, so taboo, so wrong and I couldn’t wait!

I got to the hotel and it was a run down dump on the other sides of the tracks!! When I asked him later about that, he said that he would rather take me to a 5 star, top of the line resort, but the chances of running into someone we know or that know my parents is much greater at a place like that. Somehow, being so naughty feels better/raunchier in a dump like this one. I walk in the room and he sticks right to the instructor/student roll by shaking my hand and telling me class will start very soon. I tell him I’m very excited. He tells me that first we’re going to watch a couple to a few hours of adult films. With a lot of discussion and Q and A. I asked him what was after that. He says we will go over everything oral, then class will end till tomorrow. I was hoping class wouldn’t be as boring as its sounding! But it was exactly that! $ to 5 hours of watching, talking, asking, and yes, a lot of learning but I expected more “hands on”.

When class finished, he almost rushed me off quickly! I was so confused? Had he changed his mind because of his closeness to my parents? Was this what he meant all along? Or worse(but I thought impossible!)maybe he doesn’t find me sexy in that way…I was depressed that night but it didn’t stop me from being super aroused and playing with myself all night!! I went to class the next morning and this time, when he answered the door, I was floored! First of all, he was naked and out of breath. He was mean, telling me to get in here! He grabbed me and pulled me into the room quick! I asked him what was the matter and he told me to shut up as he shoved me to my knees in front of him. “Grab my cock girl, now. Use everything you learned yesterday till you make me cum! And hurry!” I was a little scared and very confused until I reached out and touched his massive black cock. Then I was intrigued and wanting. I slowly started rubbing and stroking his hard black cock as I looked into his eyes and asked him what was wrong with him. He starts to slightly moan and calms his breath as he explains how he has been a mess since I left yesterday. How he let his confusion ruin what he wanted so badly. How he barely slept a wink(all night!), just thinking about me and laying next to me watching porn. I told him I felt the same way as he chased me out. He told me he only seemed to rush me out because he had such an enormous hard on the entire class and just wanted to jerk himself off. I smiled up at him, still stroking his hard as steel black cock and told him, “Well I’m here now Sir.. And I’m going to take care of you… you and this huge beast you have here..” And I gave it a kiss right on his huge mushroom head. “Oh goddamn Kathy. Oh yeah, that’s it.” I pushed his cock up straight and still locked onto his eyes, I went to his hairy black balls and stuck my tongue out far! His facial expressions were priceless as he stares down at me! I start licking his balls, then sucking them into my mouth. He moans to me, asking if I learned this yesterday and I nod yes to him. He tells me he needs to have a seat but orders me not to stop licking him. He walks slowly backwards towards the bed, holding my hands in his as I crawl on my knees with him till he reaches the bed and sits. Now I’m really ready! I grab that huge black cock and put it into my stretched opened mouth! “Fuck Kathy!” he says as he grabs a fist of my hair. I’m sucking my second cock EVER, and its huge and black and old but I’m loving every second. I love what this is doing to me. I feel more confident, mature, knowing. I start sucking hard and fast and trying to go down as far as I could, but this is no easy task. I know that one day(soon!) I will be able to take him all the way, but for now, it’s a struggle. He’s moaning louder and louder, and just watching my every move which is making me feel almost like I’m about to orgasm! Can this happen by itself? I find out seconds later that it can! When Oliver realizes what just happened, he stands up, yelling “Fuck Kathy” real loud and over again as he pulls out of my mouth and shoots his hot cum all over my face and down on the carpet of the room. When he finally stops gushing cum from his mushroom head, he collapses back onto the bed and is so out of breath and satisfied(hopefully!)that I cant even understand what he’s saying. I get up and dash to the restroom to clean all this thick cream off of me. When I return, old Oliver is out cold, snoring. He mentioned how he didn’t sleep last night. A huge smile comes across my face that I cant get rid of! Standing here looking down at a naked, spent older black man, whose a close friend of my parents, who I just pleased with my young white mouth. I hope the smile never goes away! I hope this new feeling never goes away! I’m so happy that I climb on the bed, and cuddle up close next to Oliver. I cant help myself and I take hold of his (still huge) soft black cock in my tiny hand and just study it for a while. Touching, sliding my hand softly up and down it, cup his huge balls, then I notice the huge black hibernating bear begin to shuffle and awaken. “Good morning Instructor Sir..”. He tells me he was afraid it was all a dream and he didn’t want to wake up. Awe, how sweet. I tell him that this is very real as I feel him growing in my hand. I squeeze his black cock hard and ask him if this feels real. Smiling, he says “I need for you to get up…. And I need you to slowly take every inch of clothing you have on your young hot body….OFF!” “Yes sir. Anything you say” I tell him as I stand before him and slowly show him everything I have. He makes comments to me as article by article of clothing hit the floor, but by the end, he’s very pleased. I think my old black bear is still spent. He hasn’t moved as he guides me by hand up onto his body. He keeps pulling till I finally rest over his face! “Look at that beautiful pink pussy. My, my my.. Kathy, can you please have a seat.. Make yourself comfortable.. ”

Oh my gosh. Nobody yet, has licked me down there. It felt just like I imagined it would! Even better! I was beginning to be real familiar with orgasms! I was still learning a lot! He pushes me slowly off of his face and guides me down his body when I’m met with a brick wall, his hard black cock. He tells me to put it inside me and to take as long as I need to get used to it, at my own pace. I don’t remember him being this damn sweet! I don’t know how long it took, and I had to work there for a minute, but I was getting more and more of him inside me and the uncomfortable kind of pain was being replaced by the most incredible feeling ever! I looked down at him and became overwhelmed by all these new feelings and emotions. “Can I please kiss you, sir? Please…” I ask him but it felt more like begging him. We had discussed the prior day the difference between sex or fucking, and making love. Up to this point, it has all been business like, but at that moment I knew I wanted more. He asks me if I’m sure I want to do that and I don’t even answer him, I just bend to him and kiss him like I’ve never kissed anyone before! We both got swept up in it all and we were both humping each other pretty good and hard. I kept having climax after climax! In the heat of all this passion, we both told each other that we loved one another. I’m pretty sure I said it first. It felt really good hearing him say it back. I was melting inside! Although I was completely loving every feeling I was having at that moment, I had absolutely no clue to why or how it was happening. I just figured that would work its way out(or not L)later. After that eye awakening weekend, I thought I was in love and told him so. Oliver told me that he so dearly wished I was but it was the entire experience that I loved. He explained to me that he was 3 times my age, and we would have to be hiding ourselves from the world and that’s not the type of relationship that comes from love. He told me that there are going to be hundreds, if not thousands of boys around my age that are going to want to be with me. And to choose wisely, remembering again, the difference between love and sex. I was crying the entire time we spoke but deep inside I knew he was right. He did say that we could continue our classes whenever he or I wanted…..and we did for a few months. I’m really glad I took him up on his learning lessons and teaching because I learned a lot about men and sex. But most of all, I learned most about myself.