Written by Mark

15 Mar 2015

Kathy and I have been married now for 6 years and are very much in love,however last year we had a difficult patch which culminated in Kathy having a brief fling,and it is this which I want to write about today.

Perhaps I should start by telling the reader about Kathy and our life together.

We married 6 years ago,Kathy was 29,I was 31,we'd been going out together for years and I always considered myself a very lucky guy.Kathy is very attractive,a full figured,curvaceous brunette,the kind of girl who turns heads,that said Kathy is actually very modest and quite shy,she dresses rather conservatively though stylishly,I've never known her to flaunt her curves though even the baggiest of jumpers cannot fully conceal the roundness of her her large breasts (36G if you must know)neither can a pair of ski pants or tight trousers hide her very peachy backside.

Well anyway,last year I put in an awful lot of time at work,and my work involves a lot of travel,I was doing it for us and the home,we do plan to have children too in the near future,I was feathering our nest so to speak but somewhere down the line I lost perspective a bit.I was hardly home and when I was I was not much fun to be with,I realise now just how left out and rejectad Kathy felt and I've ensured a compromise at work has been put in place that takes away the need to be away so much.

Anyhow during that time Kathy spent a lot of time with her old friends and it was through a friend of Kathy's that we had first met George.

George was a neighbour of Jill and Carl,a couple of our own age,and he had become a good friend of theirs despite of being in his late 60's.

We often laughed about him,he was very much a ladies man,always well dressed,well spoken,and charming,he looked for all the world like one of these debonair Dick Van Dyke type, white haired smoothies,he could charm the pants off of anyone...Including it seems my wife!

To cut a long story short and to spare the reader from all the boring stuff,George chatted up and dated my wife,all very innocent of course,just a bit of company,two lonely people together...etc,you get the drift,imagine the suave spiel he used,I can.

Kathy was scared that Carl was going to spill the beans to me,Jill had told him and he hadn't approved in the least,So Kathy tearfully confessed to me,I was shocked at first then I was absolutely flabberghasted when I heard the name George.

I almost laughed despite the betrayal,however Kathy was very upset and contrite.I forgave her of course,this was in part my fault.

However I couldn't get it out of my head,and disturbingly I found myself getting turned on by my imaginings about the 3 month tryst.

I wanted to hear all the salacious details from Kathy's own lips,it was masochistic I guess,but god the thought of George fucking her turned me on.I knew I would have to be very honest,I didn't want Kathy to think I was morbidly raking up the past or trying to punish her by making he talk about it,I had to admit to the erotic charge the whole thing gave me,

Kathy and I have a good sex life and we are open with eachother,although when I explained to Kathy she raised her eyebrows a little,however she eventually agreed to reveal all.

We were in bed,it was midnight and Kathy wore a white nightdress that was cut low and showed her deep cleavage,she wore her short dark hair swept back showing her pretty face,then she asked me shyly what I wanted to know.

Kathy was wanking my cock as I watched her breasts jiggle beneath her nightie.I asked Kathy if George liked her big ones?

"He liked to play with them" Kathy replied.I told Kathy that I would like that too,she smiled and lifted her nightie over her head to reveal the big white globes and her wide pink aurolae and turgid nipples.I was soon groping them feverishly as my wife wanked me.

Kathy thrilled me by telling me about how she was seduced by the old charmer and why she had been attracted to him.When I asked about his cock Kathy became very shy (this was something that had very much been on my mind in my fantasy world)."Size isn't important it's how you use it" replied Kathy unconvincingly,when I pressed her her on the subject Kathy tried to make me drop it,saying that I shouldn't ask things about which I might not like the answers.This only intrigued me more and eventually she relented.

"He has got a bit of a reputation for having a big one,Jill told me because she knows some of the women that he's dated and y'know,they can be quite gossipy,but I don't see why it's important".

I gulped and felt my cock twitch,then I asked her again...

"Oh Mark! Ok..Yes he does have a big penis,are you happy now?"

I don't know if happy was the right word but I was seriously aroused,My cock is about average I suppose and Kathy has a wonderfully tight little cunt,I wondered how she'd coped with something bigger and Kathy blushed shyly and smiled at her own thoughts.She had sucked it too,sucked the old lechers big cock, many times.

I was beside myself by now,listening and imagining the scenes that must have took place in the privacy of Georges detached home.

Three months of fucking my beautiful,shy,butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, Kathy.

Kathy admitted that George was an experienced lover but that he was a bit of a "pervy" in some ways,intrigued by this comment I eventually got to the bottom of it and had my mind blown completely.

By "pervy" Kathy meant that the sly old fox and charmed her into letting him put his big cock in her virginal arsehole!Kathy would have had a fit if I had ever suggested it,and yet there she was while I was away taking it for that old smoothie George.

"He talked me into letting him put his thing inside my bottom" said Kathy "It felt strange and it hurt and felt nice all at once...But it was too big".

It couldn't have been that bad mind you because it seems Kathy was more than happy to go along with it..On many occasions.

So there you are,Kathy and I are happier than ever now,we do sometimes still discuss the "fling"and I have even hinted to Kathy that as long as it doesn't come between us,perhaps she could occasionally still see George.But that's another story.