Written by Mark

2 Mar 2016

Last year I posted a story about my beautiful sexy wife Kathy,and her affair with a much older man named George.Please see my previous contribution to learn how the seemingly unlikely affair came about and how I learned of it.Sorry it took so long to give an update,I hope readers find it enjoyable to read.

I would perhaps never have learned of the affair but for the fact Kathy was afraid that a friends husband was displeased enough that he was all set to tell me what he knew,Kathy circumvented that situation by telling me first.

What Carl (the husband) did not know is just how much of a masochistic buzz I got from the thought of my voluptuous little wife being enjoyed by a suave sophisticated old ladies man,who (so it was rumoured) had a big penis (quite how Carls wife knew this titbit of info I do not know-for it was her who imparted it to Kathy.I think now perhaps,that this minx may well have succumbed to Georges charm too.No wonder Carl was so angry,Jealousy perhaps.)

However let me get back to the present.Kathy was and is very fond of 68 year old George and it was only her concern for our marriage that caused her to stop seeing him.I realised this quite early and gave the relationship my blessing-But of course I wanted my lovely wife to share all the heart stopping details with me as she had the night she told me all.

Now I have to say George is a perfect Gentleman and takes Kathy for all manner of nights out,going to shows that I would probably not enjoy,perhaps a glass of wine in the bar after,it would be fair to say that the relationship between them is of genuine fondness and not simply sex.

George has of course visited our home many times and he has openly congratulated me on my" generosity of spirit" in allowing Kathy to do what makes her happy.He also quite openly confessed that Kathy had told him how much I enjoyed hearing of their sexual encounters (which usually took place at Georges home.)

"I understand".he said to me with a knowing smile.

Kathy is such a loving wife that I do not fear she will leave me for her lover for one moment.

As I have written before it turns me on no end to have my wife wank me slowly as she tells me all about her overnight stays at Georges house,hearing of what the experienced and adventurous George has done to thrill and delight my wife.

As we lay together the other night Kathy lovingly stroked my cock and asked me with a serious face "I hope you don't feel inadequate when I talk about George,size isn't everything you know that-but yours is so dainty looking compared to Georges-He has such a big penis! Even the head of it is like a big huge plum,it's all veiny and thick too."

I tell Kathy how much I like to hear her say these things and she laughs "pervert" she says smiling.

"We went to the seaside at the weekend while you where away and I wore that cream trouser suit that you like,the one that you always say shows my bum off-George loved it-he kept giving my bottom a little squeeze when no one was about".

I ask Kathy what knickers and bra she chose for the day?

"The nice matching set I bought in town recently,the pretty full cut beige ones with the underwired bra".

I have seen Kathy wear this ensemble before-George would have had such a treat when she no doubt undressed at his home-the sturdy bra fully lifting and supporting Kathy's big g cup breasts-the tight panties showing the outline of her neatly thatched mound and the full swell of her fleshy buttocks-the buttocks he had craftily that day fondled at the seaside.

I imagined his delight as her large breasts swung free from the constraints of the brassiere.

I asked Kathy if she had sucked his cock that night after the seaside trip when she had stayed at his home? With her pretty face feigning shock,Kathy replied "Really Mark,what a naughty thing to say-well if you must know-when we snuggled up in bed-George wanted me to play with it and then I did suck it for a while and he suggested we make love."

My mouth dry I asked the question I always ask Kathy-"Did he put it in your bottom again?"

More incredulity followed from the lips of my play acting temptress of a housewife."Mark! Pleeease!..."

Of course I knew from Kathy's shy blush-the way her face reddens at such improper talk-that the sly old fox had yet again plundered my wifes arsehole-no doubt through sweet talking her and gently dismissing her objections.IKathy has never let me try anal sex-And yet this smooth talking dirty old man is able to persuade her to take his awesome cock in her arse.

I imagine my pretty wife with her face blushing furiously lying in Georges arms as he makes the outrageous suggestion-I imagine her frown as he smiles at her and dismisses all her protests-Shyly she will bend over on bed-her round cheeks bare in the cool air of the room-Would she look fearfully back in expectation eyeing his large penis as he lubricates her small opening?-I can so easily imagine the scene.

Would Kathy have cried out the first time "oh it's too big-it hurts" before under his expert strokes the experienced seducer had his full length deep in her rectum-slowly getting her used to it?Would her complaints have turned to groans of pleasure as his big penis did its happy work before shooting wads of spunk deep in Kathys arse?

Sharing Kathy with George is a way of life now.