Written by Gwen

5 Jan 2015

I've put this in the Romance category. I think it is but I'm sure Neville was with me at the time so was it really a 'Swinging' story or a traditional Xmas Ghost story? Maybe you can decide and let me know?

Hello, my name is Gwen. My late husband and I used to enjoy reading the adventures and stories on this site. We didn't partake but we enjoyed reading them enormously, thank you all. I never told Neville but I feel I can now tell you that I was a bit worried about the amount of pleasure sex gave me. I thought I was a bit 'different' but when we discovered SH I realised I was also one of the very lucky ones. Many many thanks!

Neville was my first and only love. He was three years older than me which worried my mum but he did have a proper apprenticeship which pleased both my mum and my dad. Boys of my own age only wanted to kick a ball around or 'hang around and boast'. Neville didn't want any of that. He wanted to be with me, preferably on the back seat of his 100E Pop, which is exactly what I wanted. Within a few weeks of us meeting he had taken my cherry but only with his fingers. I still loved it though. I also liked 'toys' but in those days, without internet or even computers 'toys' were virtually impossible to get so we used his tools. I particularly liked his selection of screw drivers with different sized and shaped handles and my very favourite was the ratchet handle of his socket set. It was so long, hard and cold! It felt absolutely wonderful when he slipped it inside me on a winters night.

We first made love in a field, in a tent, in Devon. We had been going out for over three years by then. He was very good at fingering and using his tools to pleasure me and I was a dab hand at stroking his cock and making him cum but he refused to make love with me until I was over eighteen. He said I was too young to be a mum if it went wrong and he wouldn't be able to support us until he finished his apprenticeship. No pills in those days either! As soon as I reached eighteen I worked on my mum trying to get her to let us go on holiday together. Neville had just finished his apprenticeship and I'd been patient far too long. Eventually she agreed as long as I stayed in a B&B. Neville camped. We built up a stash of rubber jonnies which we hid in the springs under the back seat of the car along with a sleeping bag that zipped into Neville's. We set off for Devon on the Friday night, after Neville had finished work. Mum made us sandwiches and we drove all night getting there about six in the morning. We set up camp as quietly as possible, zipped the two sleeping bags together, got in and fell fast asleep all cuddled up.

I awoke first and started to stroke his willy which woke him up. It was nearly lunch-time. He started to stroke me and as he got harder I got wetter. He helped me roll a rubber jonnie onto him then he got between my open legs and rubbed it up and down my vagina. I whispered that he should put it in me! I can still remember the indescribable joy as I felt him slide into me for the very first time. I didn't want it to ever stop. We had stashed away twenty four jonnies and in the week long holiday we used them all. I did stay in a B&B, every night and in the morning after the earliest possible breakfast I went to the camp site and got into the sleeping bag with Neville. Mum never asked to see the B&B receipt but I have it to this day.

After the holiday there was no stopping us and the back seat of the little car got well used. We had a place we used to go, very quiet. We always ended up there no matter what we had been doing. One night Neville was teasing my pussy, getting me nice and wet and I had got his willy out making him nice and hard when I noticed a movement at the window. Somebody was watching us through the steamed up glass! My whole body tingled with excitement. It didn't even cross my mind that I should be upset. I didn't mention it to Neville either I just tried to climb onto his stiff cock. We were getting quite proficient at fucking in the little car but it was always a struggle. Once in position I started to get my tits out for Neville to play with them, we both enjoyed that. I always looked out for our Peeping Tom after that and if he was around I tried to give him a show.

Months later the store-man where Neville worked, and where we got our rubbers, wanted to sell his car. A great big Austin Westminster with a big, comfortable back seat. Perfect for fucking. It was quickly christened up in our quiet place. I was able to put on quite a show for Peeping Tom.

We hadn't had 'Parliament' for more than a few months when I was laying on the back seat, legs wide and tits fully on display waiting for Neville to slip inside when he paused “Your friend is here!” he announced then pushed his cock into me for the first of many times that evening. “Let's give him a proper show!” I put my ankles behind him and pulled him on board. My God how he fucked me that night. The windows got so steamed up Neville wiped them clear so PT could watch more easily.

On the way home much later, he admitted that he had spotted PT long before I had and he didn't say anything as he wanted to see how I reacted when I noticed him. Then he said “You are a rude girl! I think I'll have to marry you before somebody else steals you away!” I think that was a very romantic proposal and following day we told Mum we were getting married. She looked very relieved but also a little worried. I told her not to worry, I wasn't pregnant!

The next time we saw PT watching Neville wound the window down a couple of inches. After a while it was fully down but he never put his hands inside or attempted to touch or join in. He watched, we enjoyed and he was the witness at our wedding.

Our wedding was a very simple affair. Julie was my Maid of Honour, married to the Best Man. She said she was too old to be a Brides Maid. On the night before she helped me get things ready.

“Shaved your legs?” she asked. “Yes!” I replied.

“Shaved your pussy?” she questioned.

I looked at her. I had trimmed my pussy because it looked nice and Neville enjoyed it but I had not considered shaving it. “No, do you think I should?”

“Men love smooth pussy! Trust me, I know these things!” she announced then continued, “C'mon, into the bathroom I'll show you how to do it.” As she shaved me she told me how to get the best finish then right out of the blue she asked, “Do you spit or swallow?” I must have looked puzzled because I was. “You suck his cock?” it was more a statement than a question. I nodded, too embarrassed to say 'yes'. “So, when he cums in your mouth do you spit it out or swallow it?”

“He never cums in my mouth! I just make him nice and hard so we can fuck.” I think I surprised myself with my candour. Julie wasn't at all put out.

“Tomorrow morning Neville will make you his wife, the biggest compliment any man can give a woman. It is said that men want their wives to be angels in the kitchen and whores in the bedroom. That's so wrong! Men want their wives to be able to cook and whores everywhere and anywhere. Tomorrow night you must show him you are very happy to be his whore. Suck him off and swallow every last drop! And lick him clean after you have fucked! Always do that and he will never stray.”

The best piece of advice I have ever received!

Regrettably Neville passed in early October. Actually this past year has not been good for our little road what with Neville going and the two Asian gentlemen down the road loosing their wives. Young Andy, across the road, lost his wife of forty something years only a few weeks after I lost my Neville. I wasn't looking forward to my first Xmas alone.

On Xmas Eve I faced the prospect of the next few days alone, searching the TV channels for programs that I hadn't already seen far too many times. I decided to go shopping for windows. I didn't need anything I just needed somebody to talk to. A shop assistant, an old acquaintance, anybody? I took the bus but it had only gone a few hundred yards when I saw Young Andy, striding out headed in the direction of town.

I liked Young Andy, although 'young' he wasn't. Certainly no younger than I. He was a terrible flirt, especially when Neville or Mags, his wife, was around, always called me 'Babe' and gave me a peck on the cheek. If Neville was around he would say 'If she ever wears you out Nev, give me a call and I'll help you out.' And Neville would always reply 'I will, and tell Mags if you are no longer up to it she can rely on me!' Neville and Young Andy were very much alike, always teasing us girls something rotten. I'm surprised we never called their bluff.

I got off the bus at the next stop and waited for Andy. 'Hi! Babe!' were his first words, then he gave me a quick peck on the cheek. 'Just popping into town, how about you?' I told him 'sort of' and over the next mile and a half we talked and confessed that we were both just looking for somebody to talk to. At that point he stopped and turned to face me.

“What have you got organised for Xmas dinner?” I told him. “Babe! It's Xmas! You can do better than that. Why not pop over to mine? I've got the smallest turkey crown I could find, feeds 3-4, far too much for me. Loads of veg. Do you like Xmas pud?” he said.

“I do,” I replied and turned my cheek towards him. He looked a little surprised, “you always give me a peck on the cheek when you call me Babe!” I grinned. “Have you got lashings of cream and brandy butter?” I added for devilment.

I turned up for work at eleven Xmas Morning ready to help with preparing Xmas dinner for two. My stipulation. I wasn't really needed, Andy was clearly a good cook and he sent me home just after one to get into my party clothes with the warning that if I wasn't back in half an hour my dinner would be getting cold. I had had a wonderful morning. We teased and chatted and were perfectly comfortable together. The meal was excellent and afterwards I kicked my shoes off and snuggled up to him (yes, you read that correctly) on the settee. The Queen talked while we chatted which I thought was terribly rude. At sometime during her speech his arm went around my shoulders, I don't know exactly when but I do know that I snuggled closer.

After a while he murmured “I'd offer to get us a drink but I don't want to stop cuddling you.” so I told him that I'd still be here when her returned. He kissed my head and it felt good so I turned my face towards him and gave him a peck on the cheek. He listed a whole menu of alcohol and I asked if he was trying to get me drunk so he could have his wicked way with me? To which he replied that if he needed to get me drunk then he wouldn't want to have his wicked way with me then offered Tea? Coffee? The devil was now in me 'No hot chocolate?' I asked innocently.

“Hot chocolate is for bedtime.” I was informed.

“Maybe later then,” I giggled, “Tea please, I don't want to wake in the morning and wonder what I've missed.”

Christmas evening we had cold cuts and salad, some of which I had brought with me. I offered to wash up but he wouldn't hear of it. “You are my guest.” I was told so I asked if I could be excused so that I could go and 'freshen up a little' while he did the dishes. I had to promise to return to which he added 'bring your nightie if you wish.' I told him he was 'saucy' and that he should never change.

I showered and shaved. I hadn't shaved since Neville passed but I shaved Xmas Night. Dressed in the sexy red undies, my best Xmas blouse and matching Xmas flouncy skirt, both of which matched my undies perfectly I pulled on a warm coat and almost skipped across the road to Young Andy. There was a tingle running up and down my body and I had the oddest feeling that Neville had been watching my preparations and approving. Almost as if he knew that now he needed a bit of help Young Andy would give him a hand. In a funny way I hoped that he had found Mags now that Andy could no longer please her.

I was very pleased with Andy's reaction when he removed my coat. He said I was his Xmas Santa and a perfect present and I asked him what he liked in stockings. He said I would do nicely.

We snuggled on the settee as before but I put my feet up and he cuddled me close. Before long he had both arms around me and mine were around him as we kissed. I laid with my head in his lap, I could feel a stiffness and looked up at him. “I'm getting a stiffness in my neck!” I told him.

“Are you surprised?” he retorted, “You've been rubbing your head across my cock for the last few minutes! And anyway your nipples are nice and erect and I've not complained about that.” To prove it he rubbed the palm of his hand lightly over my breasts, over my blouse. “There! Y'see? Little organ stops!” we both laughed. I turned into his hand as he lifted my mouth to his.

“I don't normally wear a nightie!” I told him after coming up for air. After that it all got a bit frenetic. My blouse was quickly undone and removed. He smothered me with kisses and I him. He complimented me on how wonderful I looked in my skimpy red bra, then I helped him remove it. Somehow my knees were suddenly bent allowing my flouncy skirt to slide down my legs and expose my stocking tops and bare thighs. It didn't quite show my tiny red panties but Andy soon remedied that and I lifted my bum obligingly. They were swiftly removed. I undid my skirt and Andy removed it. It took no time at all to be laying across his lap naked but for a pair of red hold up stockings. I put one foot on the floor and swung the other leg towards the back of the settee offering him unrestricted view and access to my smooth and rapidly flooding pussy.

Then we were on the carpet. Andy was naked and I was knelt over him with his cock in my hand. I looked up and I'll swear that Neville was looking down at me and smiling. “Go for it girl! Enjoy. I'll look after Mags!”

I lowered myself onto Andy's cock and we started a long fuck session. It started on the carpet then moved to the bedroom and lasted all night. We had a lot of fucking to catch up on. I awoke late on Boxing Day. Andy was stroking my poor swollen pussy so I opened up for him and we made love tenderly and slowly. We spent all the Xmas holiday together, a lot of it in bed or only partly dressed.

We finished 2014 with a bang and me with a pussy full of spunk. We stopped to watch Queen then started 2015 with another bang and I got a lovely mouthful about 3am. It was well worth the wait. We are off to Barcelona for a few days later this month as a Xmas present to each other.

2015 looks to be a great year! I hope yours is as enjoyable as I suspect mine will be.

Happy New Year!

Love Gwen xxx