Written by harpo431

20 Oct 2009

I had arranged to meet my wife in the bar of a local hotel as part of our new found roll play, the plan was that I would be sitting in the easy chairs away from the bar and she would walk in looking sexy and find herself a stool at the bar and order a drink. All the time she was drinking she would glance across at me exposing a fair amount of leg and cleavage, then I would approach her and buy her a drink and chat her up eventually ending up in my room for great sex. This is what actually happened!

I was seated across from the bar with a drink when in walked this vision of sex on legs, dressed in a long coat with fur collar and cuffs, boots that disappeared up beneath the hem of the coat and the neck of the coat open enough to reveal a stunning cleavage with just a hint of lacy bra. I could not believe that this vision was my wife and that she had walked into a bar alone looking like that, I was in a state of instant arousal and looking forward to a night to remember but I didn’t know at this point just how memorable or enjoyable it was going to be.

This vision ignored me and took up her position at the bar and ordered a drink, whilst she was drinking she kept swivelling on the bar stool opposite me and each time this happened her coat parted a little more revealing at first a hint of stocking top then a bit more of the lacy bra which was only just managing to restrain her ample breasts, as the drinks flowed and the swivelling became more pronounced and more and more of her milky thighs became exposed until there was the merest hint of a matching lacy thong. The bar was almost deserted being midweek mores the pity as I would have loved for other men to witness the sexual display that I was being treated to, after about half an hour of this wonderful display the lift arrived at the ground floor and the ping sound distracted me for a moment out of the lift stepped a good looking man in a business suit aged about late 40’s, as he walked past my wife on his way out of the hotel he almost did a double take as he must have seen a good deal of stocking top peeking out from beneath the coat and stopped at the bar and ordered a drink. He said something to my wife that I couldn’t hear but it must have been “can I buy you a drink” as she raised her glass to the barman who promptly refilled it, they chatted for a while but with her back to me I couldn’t make out what they were talking about or more importantly I was not getting any more flashes of her body.

After what seemed like hours and a few more drinks she left the bar and headed in the direction of the ladies which meant her having to pass the table that I was seated at, as she passed very close to me she whispered “I want the room key on the way back”, I was gobsmacked as she had always insisted that she was not interested in having sex with anyone else and wouldn’t ever entertain the idea. I was as hard as I had ever been at this time and just got the key out of my pocket and laid it on the table, when she walked back past the table she picked up the key and deposited her thong in its place and whispered “I will text you” then they both disappeared into the lift and I just sat there with my mouth open as I could not believe what had just happened, I picked up her thong and felt that it was soaking wet and smelt of pure sex.