Written by harpo431

21 Oct 2009

Part three:

To continue where I left off last time….. We were relaxing on the bed in the hotel room where just an hour ago my up till then devoutly faithful wife had been entertaining a complete stranger in a sexual encounter that I thought would never happen (in her words) “never in a million years”.

She recalls a moment of panic when this good looking stranger suddenly walked past her spying her charms on display at the bar and then stopped next to her and ordered a drink, he then leaned closer and asked could he buy her a refill whilst she was waiting for her date to arrive and she responded by saying how did he know she was waiting for a date, he went on to explain that such a good looking woman was not surely sitting in a bar drinking alone and again offered her a drink.

She then raised her glass to the barman and accepted his drink adding that her date must have been delayed, they chatted for a while and she remembers that he was charming, attentive and more interested in her than trying to impress her with tales of himself. He asked about job, her life and her aspirations looking all the time into her eyes and listening to her every word, after a few more drinks she confided in him that she had probably been stood up and would just have to retire to her room alone and he said it was such a shame that a beautiful woman should be alone and asked if she would join him for dinner she replied that she had to visit the little girls room and would he excuse her, he stood up and took her hand to help her off the stool and she headed for the ladies which is when she passed me and demanded the key.

After she returned to the bar (with the room key but minus her thong) she merely said to him follow me and headed for the lift, once they were in the lift she kissed him deeply and he being the perfect gentleman held her shoulders and responded with his tongue exploring her willing mouth. They arrived at the floor and she led him by the hand along the corridor to our room and again being a gentleman he took the key from her and opened the door and ushered her inside, once inside she virtually attacked him taking off his jacket, tie and shirt then sank to her knees and released his now erect prick from his trouser and started to kiss the tip working her way down his shaft before taking it fully into her red lipstick framed mouth and he just collapsed back against the wall for support.

At this point in her recollection I could contain myself no more and rolled on top of her and forced my very hard erection into her dripping pussy and began to pound for all I was worth, no finesse just pure unadulterated lust…….to be continued.