Written by harpo431

21 Oct 2009

Part 4

After we had both climaxed she regained her composure and continued with the commentary on what had happened earlier that evening.

She felt his thigh muscles tense and new he was close to climaxing so she increased the speed and soon had a feeling of warm liquid filling her mouth as she swallowed for all she was worth but some managed to escape and dribble down her chin, he picked her up in his arms kissed her gently on the lips and carried her tenderly towards the bed and laid her down gently, removed her coat and started kissing her neck and carried on down to her breasts paying particular attention to her erect nipples giving each one equal time. He continued down to her mound and as his tongue flicked across her clit she had a massive orgasm and clamped her thighs together trapping his head, when her spasms subsided he resumed his tongue action but she grabbed his head and pulled him up towards her face, kissed him passionately and whispered “I want to suck your cock” to which he replied “this night is about your needs and desires and not about me” (take note chaps this is the way to a woman’s heart) he resumed licking and sucking her clit and worked his tongue into her fanny and down to her anus alternating between the two. Then he gently lifted her legs and placed the head of his prick at her entrance before very slowly pushing just the bulbous head into her causing a gasp and then forced his entire length inside, he started slowly then gradually built up his rhythm until he was pumping for all he was worth until she gave a scream as her climax gripped her body and she went rigid he also went stiff as his climax overwhelmed him and he collapsed on top of her. They both lay motionless whilst the sensations subsided, he kissed her gently on the lips got up, dressed and left.

That is when I got the text ordering me up to the room to clean up the mess she had got herself into, after she had finished telling me this we made love for a long time and fell asleep in each others arms safe in the knowledge that although a stranger had been intimate with one of us we are still very much in love.