Written by anon

14 Jun 2009

It wasn't long before I was naked and he was holding me in his arms. The heat and passion of the moment made it electrifying. His fingers reached underneath the bed where we were lying and he pulled out a red leather whip. He corressed my breasts gently and I sucked his big black cock. As I deep-throated him, he stop coressing my breasts and hit me with the whip. The inital shock made me gasp, but after that it just hit me how pleasurable it was. I stopped sucking his cock and pulled the whip out of his hand. I jumped on top of him, forcing him to lie down on the silky bed linen. I thrusted myself towards him, my vagina engulfing his hard strong penis. Inside me, he came. We both gasped with pleasure. The rythmic thumping continued for hours... until we were both too shattered to even speak. We fell asleep and three hours later woke up with the alarm of the hotel room. As soon as I woke up, I remembered the events of the night/morning. Suddenly feeling particularly horny, I grabbed the vibrating dildo I always had in my bag. My wet pussy opened easily and the cock slid inside me perfectly. He lay there, watching me and found the experience extremely erotic.. so much so he spunked all over the duvet. Before long I'd thrown the dildo onto the floor and we were once again shagging. My pussy was so wet, his cock was flooding with cum and together we completely ruined the bed sheets! He picked me up and we had sex everywhere we could in the room; the dressing table, the bed, the floor, the window sill, the sofa.

Then the phone rang and we pulled ourselves away from each other and I ran to pick it up. Breathlessly I said into the phone, "Yes?" "It's reception... we've been recieving complaints from nearby guests. They're saying there's some very loud noises coming from your room.. all night." Blushing I put the phone down and told Him. He just laughed and we got back to our erotic pleasures. He suggested we try something a little diffferent... by now we'd been at it all night in all sorts of positions. I didn't know what he meant but just nodded breahtlessly.

He threw me to the floor and began to smother me in a small tube of liquid he'd pulled out of the top drawer. Then, he began to lick it off my every curve.. His tongue darting in and out of everywhere.. along my breats, sucking my nipples gently, then to my vagina which was already wet and i even squirted all over his face. His lips curved to a smile.

An amazing night that we now do every weekend..