Written by Emily Baxter

17 Aug 2017

I am a 28 old married woman. I am fortunate enough to be in a relationship where my husband loves me to have sex with other guys. In fact it really spices up our own sex life. Last week I had a great experience. I was invited to a dinner party at a local restaurant bar for a friend´┐Żs nineteenth birthday party.

I went looking and feeling sexy. I had on a mini dress, hold up stockings, high healed knee length boots, a very sexy bra and a mini thong, and I was newly shaved and smooth. I had had a few drinks before I left and my husband dropped me off. from the moment I arrived I could see my figure was getting a lot of attention from a lot of the men, steve who is the 38 year old husband of kate who is the birthday girls mum, was paying me lots of attention, buying me drinks and complimenting me on my sexy outfit he could barely take his eyes of my big tits, much to kates obvious disgust I must say he is a very attractive man,

athletic, fit dark and god looking. He soon had his hand stroking my bum, and squeezing it when he did not get any objection and whenever his wife was not looking!. When we sat down to dinner, he sat next to me and stroked my leg, he ended up finding me stocking tops, and fingering my by now very wet cunt. Kate was sat opposite giving me dirty looks but completely oblivious to the fact her husbands hand was burrowing deep inside me (naughty me) He kept telling me how much he had always fancied me, that I had amazing boobs (I know),

and did I know how many of the guys fancied me? When we all left the table he was with me at the bar I had my back to the wall and his hand was up the back of my skirt, he whispered that he had to fuck me. kate hurriedly came over and took a disappointed steve away to dance. At the end of the evening kate took the birthday girl and a few of her friends home and Steve offered `to take me and another woman home in his car kate wasn't happy but he promised to hurry home. He has a very posh four wheel drive BMW. He dropped the other woman off first and instead of taking me home he took me to a deserted car park, where he parked switched off the engine lent over and French kissed me, unzipping the back of my dress and groping my big tits soon he had my top half naked,

bra on the floor and my tits in his hungry mouth, knickers soon went and he was finger fucking me. I had a massive orgasm on his fingers. He sat up and I moved my head towards his crotch and I unzipped him, i had bit of difficulty pulling out his massive hard cock, he was a good ten inches long and very thick, I took as much as I could into my mouth and blew him until he came down my throat, he was telling me what a great cock sucker I was, and how much he fancied me. After I swallowed, he sent my seat flat and licked my wet cunt for a while and then got on top of me I wrapped my legs around him he was feasting hungrily on my tits, I pushed his lovely cock into my cunt and he fucked me with everything he had, it wasn't long before he had emptied his balls inside me, we lay there still entwined kissing

for ages his hands still exploring my body, steves mobile started ringing it was a very concerned sounding Kate asking where he was and telling him to get home asap. we fucked once more before he dropped me home, we exchanged numbers and I ran indoors to tell my hubby all about my naughty night out. Me and steve are meeting again tonight and if anyones interested I will put it in writing for you to enjoy